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10 Business Tips I Learnt in 2021

Here are 10 of my most favourite points of business advice I’ve received.


Be the type of client you want to attract and work with

Do you cancel appointments too often? Do you pay on time? Do you expect to be fixed by someone else? Do you take on the guidance you’re given?

When you set the standard and be the type of client you want to work with, you attract the type of client you want to work with. 

As well as setting a great standard, you’ll find you’ll build better relationships with people who are giving out a similar energy to you. 

Build a business that feels good for you

You can absolutely build a business that feels good for you (and your clients), but while you’re doing that remember your purpose; don’t neglect what you want and need too.

When we’re doing what we love, it’s easy to get caught up in it. We do need to remember it is a business though, and look after it properly – which means not neglecting the things we need to do (even if they don’t feel as good as the rest of it!)

Don’t underestimate working with a coach or mentor that inspires you

Working with a coach or mentor that inspires you or is where you want to be can be invaluable, because being in their vortex energetically helps you to access that vibe and they share how to get where they are without making the same mistakes (collapsing time).

You’re not for everyone

…and that’s okay! You are for some people and that should be your focus. 

Those people are the ones who will understand and value most what it is you are doing. They’ll be the ones who will learn the most from you, whose energy matches yours, and the ones who remind you why you are doing this!

Hustling will only get you so far

Working on the best version of you will get you further. 

When we are at our best, we will give our best – and attract the best. 

Social media metrics don’t matter

Your metrics don’t matter – but your impact does and sometimes that isn’t measured and sometimes you’ll never know how you’ve changed someone’s life.

It’s easy to compare ourselves to others, and despair over why some social media accounts with similar content to ours are getting thousands of views compared with ours which may only have a dozen. 

But it’s so important to remember that your impact is not measured by social media metrics. Maybe only a few people saw that authentic post you wrote from the heart – but maybe for one of those people it was exactly what they needed to hear at the time and was the trigger point for a profound change in their life. 

Be consistent and keep showing up

It doesn’t matter if you’re not feeling it a hundred percent or know everything. People need you exactly where you are now.

Your business is not you

Your business has its own vibration. So it’s performance is not an expression of your worth. But you are in a relationship with it, a co-creator, so if something isn’t working you can change it.

Often we can get caught up in our vision of how we think things should be and subconsciously create ‘rules’ in our own minds about how we need to do things. These rules don’t actually exist, so change whatever isn’t working.

Your soul purpose is bigger than your fear

Get clear on your why, your mission. Remember why you started.

That fear can be overwhelming at times, but your soul purpose is bigger than it. Always.

Have fun and play

Find ways to experience pleasure in your business.

We are inundated with the romanticism of ‘busy culture’ – of people working too many hours, being too busy to do anything but work, and playing ‘stress olympics’ with each other. Sometimes it feels like whoever works the longest hours, with the least amount of free time and the highest level of stress is the winner, so no wonder it doesn’t feel intuitive to experience pleasure in our businesses.

But when you’re doing something you love, you’re going to enjoy it – so have fun with it!

If you’re interested in learning more about business mentoring with me, please get in touch here.

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