If you are an empath or a sensitive soul, then you have a tendency to feel others’ thoughts, emotions and even physical pain.

Why could this be a bad thing? Our emotions are indicators to help us understand how to navigate our life. If you are constantly feeling stuck by other people’s emotions, you may be missing out on your own messages which are trying to point you in the right direction.

You can’t change the fact that you’re an empath but you can learn to use your beautiful gift in a way that will benefit rather than burden you. Below is a list of tools to help you through this process…

A scared space: It’s important you have a space inside or outside where you feel safe and able to fully express and let go. It should be a pleasant environment. If you can’t physically create a space then work on creating it in your mind – think about a place where you feel most comfortable – by the sea, on another planet, a healing temple… the options are endless because it is all up to you.

Cleansing your environment: Make sure you are smudging your home regularly to cleanse any negative energy. 

Nature: For anybody who is feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, nature provides the best form of energy healing available. Make time to be among nature at least once a day to recharge and ground you, eliminating unwanted energies from your body. It might just be waking with your shoes off on the grass or touching some trees.

Differentiating your emotions: The key to using your gift as an empath is to become aware and learn how to differentiate your emotions from those of others. If you are taking on other people’s emotions, then you need to work on clearing these and creating a boundary to protect yourself. When you feel something ask yourself:

  • “Am I feeling this emotion because something has happened to me?”
  • “Am I feeling what someone else is feeling because something has happened to them?”

When you are feeling particularly overwhelmed, take some time to actually go through all of your emotions one by one – yes all of them! You can either sit and imagine these emotions are all written on folded pieces of paper in front of you or you can write them down. As you pick up each one, ask yourself, is this mine or is this someone else’s? You don’t need to try and fix anything right now, but just acknowledge them without judgement and put the paper down and then move on to the next one. This process of just acknowledging your feelings can help your process what you’re feeling and allow you to get some clarity.

Cutting ties: Because you are so good at relationships and people love you, they also take your energy away from you. If you know someone, whether it be from your past or present who has had this impact on you then you need to spiritually cut the emotional cord with them. This won’t affect the relationship you have with them negatively, because as an empath the last thing you want is to hurt that person.

This activity simply let’s that bind between you and that person go. If you do not have the intent and the willingness, then this will not work. Try it first with people you are cutting the ties with first and then assess how you feel. All you need to do is visualise yourself cutting a cord that is connected with them. Say a prayer to bless that person, sending them love, protection, wisdom and blessings.

Crystals: Using protective crystals can help you stay focussed and aware of what’s going on in your life. As an empath you need to be constantly aware of your energy and crystals such as Black Obsidian can help you remain on top of your energy and fend off ‘psychic attack’.

Find ways to express yourself: Art, journaling or music or any other kind of creative expression can be a great form of release for empaths when feeling stuck or out of balance.

Clear your negative thoughts: As an empath you pick up on negative thoughts. These thoughts can manifest and remain in your energy field.  Then you attract situations, people and experiences that are aligned to this negativity without your conscious awareness. You need to check in frequently to see if you have picked up on any negativity and consciously let it go. As you practice this you will become better and quicker at doing this exercise.  Try visualising your aura being cleansed by a white waterfall and choose one or more of the affirmations below that resonate with you:

  • “I am in control of my mind, my emotions and my body.”
  • “I am willing to feel only the energy that is mine, and I let go of all that is not mine.”
  • “I receive energy that is of the highest good for me, and I am protected from all other energy.”
  • “My aura boundary is strong.”
  • “I am always safe and divinely protected.”
  • “I attract only kind and gentle life lessons and relationships into my life.”
  • “I understand the divine plan for my life. I have a passion and energy to fulfill it with joy.”

Cleanse your Chakras: Making a consistent effort to regularly cleanse and re-energise your Chakras will bring you back into alignment. A quick practice for this is to visualise the 7 Chakras as spinning wheels, associating the Chakra’s colour to each one. Take in a deep breath as you go through each chakra, starting at the Root and working your way to the Crown. With each breath think about breathing in the colour of the Chakra, imagining it as positive energy entering your body. As you breathe out you are breathing out negativity. By the end, you will feel energy centres flowing and circulating in perfect balance and harmony.

Meditation: A little meditation activity you can use when you’re feeling overwhelmed and you’re unsure if it’s your own or someone else’s emotions is to imagine you are standing under a waterfall of white light. As this powerful waterfall of light pours down over your physical body, it penetrates your emotional and mental bodies, washing away anything that does not belong to you. See this unwanted energy falling away and being absorbed into the Earth. As you continue to breathe, imagine the white light absorbing into your skin as though you are a sponge. Feel it cleansing and refreshing your entire being. Now that your entire physical body is glowing white light from the inside out, bring your awareness to your Heart Chakra (the centre of your chest). Start to imagine a fountain of pink light emanating from your heart. With continued deep breaths, allow this loving fountain of pink light to grow stronger and flow faster as it fills your entire body. Once your body has filled with this pink light, allow it to expand past your physical body to a distance of about 3 feet. Visualise a barrier of golden light on the outer edge of your pink bubble. Take time to deeply feel that this golden barrier is strong without any openings or weak points. For a few breaths just imagine this pink bubble with a golden shell, and affirm to yourself that:

  • this is your energy
  • no unwanted energy may enter into your space without your permission
  • it is possible to send energy out of this bubble as you wish, and
  • it feels good in the safety of your own loving, cleared, and protected energy.

Take a few moments to bask in this fresh, new, loving space that you have just created. Check in with your emotional state by bringing your awareness to your emotions. Acknowledge whatever you might be feeling now that you have completed the activity and if an uncomfortable feeling is still hanging around, then it’s likely yours and you’ll need to investigate it further.

If you would like some further help with dealing with the overwhelming state of being an empath, I would love to work with you, to help you gain clarity and use your gift for your highest good.

In love and light,
Loretta x