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3 Steps to Access (and Strengthen) Your Intuition

Intuition is the ability to know something without evidence. Whether you believe it or not, we all have this ability to be intuitive. It’s just that some of us are just better at using this gift than others.

Here, I share my tips on How to Access (and strengthen) Your Intuition:


1. Find Out Your Intuition Type

You can’t access your intuition if you don’t understand what this gift looks like for you. Cyndi Dale describes four categories of intuition. Even though you may resonate with more than one of these types of intuition, one is likely stronger than the others.

This is essentially how you are intuitive – how your ‘higher guidance’ is trying to speak to you:

  • Feeling: If your body physically feels different when you are tapping into your intuition, then you have a Feeling type of intuition. You may notice that when someone tells you something is happening to them physically or emotionally, you feel the way they feel (e.g. when they are tired you feel tired when they have a backache you feel it too).
  • Hearing: When you hear messages in your head, read hidden messages in books or hear it in a song etc. then this is described as a hearing gift.
  • Seeing: This type of gift is described when you actually see images in your head or see revelations outside in pictures, colours, shapes, etc.
  • Spiritual: This one is hard to describe, but it’s just a ‘sense’ you have about a person or situation. You just ‘know’ something in a particular moment.

2. Learn to Listen and Trust Your Intuition

Once you’ve figured out what kind of intuition you have, it’s time to strengthen it. Your intuition is truly a gift, a unique gift that will guide you, protect you and help you make the best choices. But, you must learn to trust your intuition for it to help you.

So, how do you do that?

The best thing you can do to tap into your intuition is to learn the difference between your intuition and your Ego. Finding ways to relax and meditation help along with any activity that enables you to quieten your mind (colouring in, exercise, mindful walking, etc.). This will help you to hear your intuition.

Each day, practise using your intuition by taking note of how you feel when you walk into space or see someone. Are you feeling different or getting messages? Do you sense negativity or positivity? If you feel comfortable, try sharing the information with someone to validate what you’re picking up on.

As you become familiar with your intuition, you will get better at interpreting the information your receive and responding to it.

Trust your inner capacity, because you have infinite potential. The only limitation you have is yourself.


3. Never Stop Learning

It’s important to continue to grow and develop so that you become the best version of you. Not only does this make you a more confident and stronger person, but it will also strengthen your intuition. Your intuition can only go as far as your mind can take it.

The more that you work on yourself and keep learning, the more you increase your level of consciousness and raise your vibration. We know that the more we can do to raise our vibration, the more we are likely to attract circumstances and people who are also at our optimal level.


And… Top 5 Crystals for Your Intuition

This would not be complete without my Crystal picks for opening the intuition (Third Eye).

  1. Lapis Lazouli is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth.
  2. Labradorite strengthens natural energies from within and will awaken your intuitive abilities.
  3. Sodalite opens the door to universal truth.
  4. Moonstone encourages intuitive recognition.
  5. Azurite stimulates the Third Eye Chakra.

Holding one of the crystals above, try this activity to help you access your intuition:

Imagine a deep blue/purple colour of spinning light in the centre of your forehead. This represents the opening of your Third Eye Chakra – the energy centre that governs your intuition. Feel that light expanding and filling up your entire body. Its beautiful energy filling you up with love and giving you access to your inner truth. Now think about your question that you need help with. See the words in front of you and ask for assistance in finding the right answer. Notice any signs, colours, messages that come up and also take note of how your body feels. Remember what has come up for you in this visualisation and use your crystal whenever you need it to help guide you.

In love and light,
Loretta xo

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