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7 Steps to Master Self Doubt

Self-doubt is a major challenge to living a meaningful and fulfilling life. But, that inner voice that tells us we’re not good enough to achieve really does have the best of intentions. It is there to protect us from making mistakes or from a dangerous situation.

Logically, we may know that we will succeed, but self-doubt is there to remind us that we’re not invincible. Ideally, self-doubt plays an advisory role in our life. But for many of us, it has a much stronger influence and can lead to anxiety, depression and a list of other health issues.

Self-doubt shows up when we have failed at something in the past. Our past experiences have formed our present belief systems. But just like anything we have learned, we can replace and shape these belief systems to help move us forward.

Our minds are still quite primal and we are trained to think of the worst-case scenarios. Getting rid of self-doubt is not that easy and it’s going to require some work. But nothing ever worth doing is easy, right?

So, roll up your sleeves and follow these 7 steps to master your self-doubt:


1. Name It

Next time that little voice starts asking, “What if” questions that make you doubt yourself, you need to call it out for what it is – self-doubt! Be thankful that it is there to protect you but acknowledge it for what it is before the thoughts develop beyond your control.


2. Write Down the Facts

Often self-doubt is a great example of how imaginative your mind can be. But unless you’re writing a novel, we want to focus on the facts. Write down a list of what you know relating to the situation. This will help you to focus on the reality of the situation and not the story you’re telling yourself.


3. Remember Your Successes

It’s now time to reason with self-doubt. It has been created from times you have failed in the past. Instead, remind yourself of all the times you have succeeded and counter this negativity.


4. Learn From Your Weaknesses

Self-doubt can bring your attention to your weaknesses. This is actually a great learning tool for our self-awareness. It might be an opportunity for you to develop skills or make changes to areas of your life that will help you increase your self-confidence.


5. Get Comfortable With Imperfection

Focusing on your flaws will only hold you back from achieving anything. You will never be able to create a perfect situation because there are just too many parts to life’s puzzle that you cannot control. Release yourself from the impossibility of perfection and just focus on action!


6. Surround Yourself With Positivity

Now is not the time to start looking at social media images of all those amazing people you wish you looked like or could be like. Get out of the house or out of the office and do something beautiful for you. It might be walking in the park, or watching a movie, etc.


7. Explore Your Past Experiences

Getting to know why you doubt certain aspects of your Self is a great step to changing your belief systems. After a situation of self-doubt has passed, analyse what you were feeling and where you think that might have stemmed from. Of course, these belief systems can be deeply ingrained in us that doing further soul-nourishing and healing work on ourselves can help to bring these up and deal with them.

Hand holding paper with scissors cutting through


Most of all, remember to be kind to yourself! The language you use will shape your life. If you’re not treating yourself like your best friend, then you need to work on your relationship with yourself first. Once you have this self-love as a foundation to rise from, it will be easier to make friends with your self-doubt.


In love and light,
Loretta xo

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