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Healing Practitioner Tips

10 Business Tips I Learnt in 2021

Here are 10 of my most favourite points of business advice I’ve received.

Be the type of client you want to attract and work with

Do you cancel appointments too often? Do you pay on time? Do you expect to be fixed by someone else? Do you take on the guidance you’re given? When you set the standard and be the type of client you want to work with, you attract the type of client you want to work with. As well as setting a great standard, you’ll find you’ll build better relationships with people who are giving out a similar energy to you. 

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Reiki Tips

Let it flow

Let it flow and then let it go.Your feelings exist for a reason so let them flow; let them flow and then let it go

If you feel it come up, that’s not a signal to hide it, ignore it or suppress it. It’s an invitation to allow yourself to feel everything you’re feeling and find a way to release it.

Many of us have been taught from a young age that feeling isn’t acceptable – not just for our own discomfort but it can make others feel uncomfortable too. When we were young we heard things like ‘don’t cry’ when we were crying, or ‘it’s okay’ when things felt as far from okay as they could be in that moment.

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Crystal Healing Tips

Using Reiki to manage anxiety

Anxiety is the body’s response to a perceived threat. The definition is deliberately broad because we all experience anxiety differently. But when we break it down, even if the cause – the perceived threat – is not real, the experience of anxiety is very real. It can cause much pain and suffering, affecting people on all levels; having an impact on the wellbeing of a person’s mental, emotional, physical, even social, sexual and spiritual life. Due to the unique nature of each person’s experience, the management of anxiety takes time because it depends on what is causing it. In this article, I discuss the management of my client experiences of anxiety using Reiki.

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A Reiki session with Stefanie
Healing Practitioner Tips

Reiki Music

Reiki is an ancient technique that is now practised in several countries worldwide, including Australia. The popularity is undeniable since its emergence in the 1800s.

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