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Crystal Healing Tips

Using Reiki to manage anxiety

Anxiety is the body’s response to a perceived threat. The definition is deliberately broad because we all experience anxiety differently. But when we break it down, even if the cause – the perceived threat – is not real, the experience of anxiety is very real. It can cause much pain and suffering, affecting people on all levels; having an impact on the wellbeing of a person’s mental, emotional, physical, even social, sexual and spiritual life. Due to the unique nature of each person’s experience, the management of anxiety takes time because it depends on what is causing it. In this article, I discuss the management of my client experiences of anxiety using Reiki.

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A Reiki session with Stefanie
Healing Practitioner Tips

Reiki Music

Reiki is an ancient technique that is now practised in several countries worldwide, including Australia. The popularity is undeniable since its emergence in the 1800s.

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Reiki Healing is also known as Reiki massage.
Reiki Tips

The Science Of Reiki

In my years of teaching Reiki, I have noticed that the gap between spirituality and science is getting smaller. However, there are still many people

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Reiki Benefits

How Reiki Can Attract Abundance

Reiki is Universal Life Force energy, Source energy. In other words, it is the energy from which all is created. There is no limit when it comes to Reiki – an infinite resource that in fact expands the more that we use it! There is never any limitation to how much is available to us. A powerful healing tool, Reiki melts away blocks that are stopping us from opening up to a higher consciousness. Giving us greater access to all that is available to us – a wonderful reminder that abundance is always available to us and it is only limited by ourselves. 

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