Human Connection

Reiki induces relaxation and other mental and emotional health benefits, involves the use of hands. The Practitioner typically lays their hands on the receiver of energy. For a long time, this technique has become a source of comfort for many people.

Distance Healing has also always been a part of the practice. Whether you are in another part of the world, you are creating a connection with the Practitioner.

The human connection does not always have to be about touch. It can be sharing your time and communicating with a likeminded person. Creating that connection is comforting because you feel heard, supported, and understood by another individual. It gives you a warm feeling that is significant in your overall emotional, mental and even physical health.

But that connection should stem from people you truly want to be surrounded by. If you have difficulty finding your “tribe,” this blog will guide you on how to forge friendships and relationships that last.

And speaking of relationships, we know this subject can be complicated. If you want to attract love, you will be interested in reading this post. It’s as challenging as finding the strength to let go of someone or something you have a deep connection to. Letting go is not disconnecting yourself from other people; it is about accepting the situation and trusting yourself that you will be better as you move on.

Having an empathetic brain allows us to create connections with other human beings. Learn how to nurture and protect those connections with our blog.

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