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Reiki Tips

Let it flow

Let it flow and then let it go.Your feelings exist for a reason so let them flow; let them flow and then let it go

If you feel it come up, that’s not a signal to hide it, ignore it or suppress it. It’s an invitation to allow yourself to feel everything you’re feeling and find a way to release it.

Many of us have been taught from a young age that feeling isn’t acceptable – not just for our own discomfort but it can make others feel uncomfortable too. When we were young we heard things like ‘don’t cry’ when we were crying, or ‘it’s okay’ when things felt as far from okay as they could be in that moment.

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Reiki Healing is also known as Reiki massage.
Reiki Tips

The Science Of Reiki

In my years of teaching Reiki, I have noticed that the gap between spirituality and science is getting smaller. However, there are still many people

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Reiki Tips

How to Balance Your Chakras

Each Chakra governs distinct aspects within these three states, but no one is more important than the other as they rely on synchronisation to work effectively. If there is an imbalance in one Chakra, it may affect your whole system. To reach your true potential and lead a wholly fulfilling life, it is important to know how to cleanse each and every one of your Chakras so that you can maintain this balance between them.

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