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Creating Close Connections Through Reiki Distant Healing

Like all Reiki healing, Distance Healing soothes all the way to the source of suffering by cleansing and nourishing the energy at your essence. Energy healing is an extraordinarily complex but beautiful and adaptable treatment. It works wonders, even when you are not physically present, because everything, including us, is made up of energy, which exists independent of space and time.

Distance Healing is an energy healing treatment, also known as Absent Healing. Distance Healing allows practitioners, like me, to carry out tailored healings on recipients who may be thousands of kilometres away. Using an initial consultation over the phone/email, I create a connection that allows me to tailor my approach and then carry out the healing that is just as effective as a face-to-face session.


How Does Distance Healing Work?

To understand how Distance Healing is just as effective as face-to-face sessions, we must look at the science underlying the healing process.

Essentially, we are all, at our most basic level, made up of energy. Energy is consistent throughout everyone and everything. However, time and space are illusions based on our personal point of view. As such, Energy Therapists, who work solely with energy, can heal regardless of time or space, or distance.

I know that’s a lot to take in, so let’s break it down to the three factors at work here: time, energy and space.

1. Time

Despite general perception, scientists know that time is fluid. Right now, it is flowing backwards and forwards simultaneously. In fact, everything is happening at once, there is no past and no future, only the present moment. Try to think about it with the Law of Attraction; how our thoughts can shape our future. The fluidity of time is why that works. So, never underestimate the power of your intention!

2. Energy

Energy is the essence of everything in the universe. It is what we consist of at our most fundamental level and it is a Reiki practitioner’s blessing to be able to connect with and direct this energy for the benefit of others. The energy that Reiki practitioners utilise for healing is the invigorating energy that sustains all living creatures; the Universal Life Force.


3. Space

The illusion of space makes it seem like objects are separate, even though they are not. Logically, because we are all made up of the same energy that flows throughout the universe, we are all constantly connected by that energy.
So, regardless of perceived time and distance, the recipient of a Distance Healing will feel the positive change to their energy as soon as the practitioner instils that change.


Preparing for a Distant Healing

During Distance Healings, practitioners direct the Universal Life Force through your energetic body and/or Chakra channels to dislodge the negative energy that has built up as a result of physical or negative pain and events. At the same time, the Universal Life Force will nourish you with positive energy that will reinvigorate you and encourage healing.

I begin every healing journey with a consultation so that I can become more familiar with the parts of you that are hurting the most. Like any treatment, for a Distance Healing to be as effective as possible, it must be tailored to you.
I also use crystals, alongside the Reiki techniques, to amplify the results and to strengthen my connection to you and the Universal Life Force. If you are thinking of carrying crystals on you during the session, then let me know so that I can make the most of them throughout your healing.

I will tell you when I begin your healing, in case you decide you would like to take part by meditating or finding a quiet place to sit or lie. This isn’t necessary though; the healing is just as effective if you go about business as usual.


Giving Through Distant Healing

To begin a Distance Healing, I connect to the Universal Life Force through a deep meditative state, before directing that positive energy to enrich each of the four layers that create your overall energy:


1. Physical

This is the layer at which physical health is addressed. If you are feeling any pain or discomfort due to injury or illness, it may be soothed during this stage.


2. Emotional

The second layer addresses your overall wellbeing, with a focus on the things that are making you particularly happy or sad. The Emotional Layer is bathed in peace, joy, love and contentment.


3. Mental

The Mental Layer is all about promoting clarity of the mind and de-stressing. After healing, well-planned ideas may come more easily, worries may fade and solutions to complex problems become clear.


4. Spiritual

The final layer heals your spiritual energy. I reconnect you to the higher power that you look to for guidance, nourish your spirit and reinvigorate your passion for the beauty of life.

After the Spiritual Layer has been revitalised, your healing is sealed with light and love to prolong the session’s positive effects.

When the session is finished, I will let you know it is complete and then follow up with you to discuss what you experienced. A follow up can be a comprehensive email, phone call or a video chat, depending on your preferences.


Receiving Through Distant Healing

Reiki treatments, including Distance Healing, heal holistically and you will feel the benefits throughout your mind, body and spirit. Distance Healing can:

• Ease physical pain
• Strengthen your immune system
• Accelerate healing
• Give clarity and mental calm
• Spread feelings of relaxation and joy
• Reinvigorate you
• Empower you
• Leave you feeling guided and supported


Is Distance Healing for Me?

If you are too busy, ill, or unable to access our location in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda, Reiki Distance Healing is a wonderful chance to reinvigorate and heal your mind, body and spirit. You can and should be enjoying the awe-inspiring beauty that is life! If you’re sick of negative energy or pain stopping you from fulfilling your potential, then don’t be afraid to organise a free initial consultation and begin the exhilarating journey toward your best life. You can book in for healing here.

In love and light,
Loretta xo

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