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Crystal Consciousness

Healing Practitioner Course

It’s time to raise your crystal healing abilities by completing this 7 week course with Loretta Carraro.

It’s time to amplify your crystal healing abilities by completing this 7 week live training course with Loretta Carraro – creator of Nourished Energy, Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master and Soul Coach.

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Crystal healing is an ancient modality of energetic medicine. Using Mother Nature’s gifts as a source of healing power to align, clear and transform. In this 7 week course, you will learn the art of crystal healing and how to become a crystal practitioner or add crystal healing to your energy work. 

A crystal course like no other:

Channeled and guided by the ancient practices of Atlantis and Lemuria, during this course you will learn to cultivate and develop a deep resonance with yourself and your crystals. Learning to trust our own intuition and wisdom as well as attuning to crystal consciousness is where your evolution takes place.

In this 7 week program, students are held in a sacred space, empowered to navigate their way into the enchanting world of crystals. You will be empowered to truly understand and work with crystals in an effective, safe and truly magical way. 

If you’re ready to use crystals as a powerful healing modality,  this course is suitable for you. It is perfect for the beginner wanting to dive deep into crystal healing, but also for practitioners of other modalities within the health and wellness space such as Reiki, coaching or beauty therapy, wanting to learn how to add crystal healing as an effective and powerful tool to shift energy. 

You’ll be empowered after this course to really own your crystals as your energy healing tools. Your sessions will never be the same again…


What you will learn in the course:

Pre course work is also included in this course and a lifetime access to 20+ hours of crystal healing resources including videos and more.

What's included?


becomE a Crystal Consciousness Healing Practitioner.

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