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Crystal Gridding Course

Are you ready to amplify your crystal energy?

If so, this course is for you. You may already know how powerful crystals are on their own. But did you know that you can augment their abilities? By creating crystal grids, you can! Crystal gridding will allow you to manifest anything your heart desires.

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Crystal grids are not as complicated as they seem and anyone can learn how to harness their magic! Crystal grids can also combine the sacred and powerful universal patterns of life – Sacred Geometry. You will learn more about this in the course.

The lessons include:

We will start with how you can tune into the energy of your crystals. From there, you will know how to combine different crystals and have a particular intent and focus.

This course will let you create crystal grids that are effective and will allow you to work towards your purpose. You will learn how to let the energy flow through so you can experience its magic.


What you will learn in this course:

Looking for more?

If you wish to participate in a more immersive crystal healing course or workshops for beginners, you can be a part of our public events. We also run customised crystal courses and programs for workplaces or private bookings.

Take your crystal knowledge to the next level

This online course is suitable for anyone who already understands the basics of crystals and is ready to step it up a level. It covers all the fundamentals of working with crystal grids and sacred geometry and how to apply that to your space or even on yourself and others.

Practical and expert advice

Developed by Loretta Carraro – Crystal Practitioner, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master-Teacher, this course is based on years of research and experience. This is everything you need to know to use crystal grids confidently and effectively in a practical and easy-to-understand course.

Step-by-step at your own pace

Each one of us is on our own unique journey. This course is designed to be followed at a pace and time that suits you.

Lifetime access

A one-time payment ensures you have a lifetime of access to this course. Keep it as a reference to use whenever you need.

Live your own life

Whether you are wanting protection, support, healing or to attract something into your life, learn to use crystals to manifest the life of your dreams with gridding.

Begin your journey with Crystal gridding.

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