Crystal Gridding
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Are you ready to amplify your crystal energy? If so, this course is for you. You may already know how powerful crystals are on their own. But did you know that you can augment their abilities? By creating crystal grids, you can! Crystal gridding will allow you to manifest anything your heart desires.

We will start with how you can tune into the energy of your crystals. From there, you will know how to combine different crystals and have a particular intent and focus.

This course will let you create crystal grids that are effective and will allow you to work towards your purpose. You will learn how to let the energy flow through so you can experience its magic.

Crystal grids are not as complicated as they seem. With the right teacher, you can easily incorporate them into your practice.

Crystal Online

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Here Are the Things That You Will Discover in This Course

Crystal Online
  • The definitions of often confused terms, such as cleaning and cleansing or charging, activating, and programming
  • How the ancient science of Sacred Geometry works
  • Understanding the Crystal Gridwork Systems
  • How to select the right grid designs based on your intention
  • Choose the best crystal combinations
  • Where to place the grids
  • The art and science to manifest love, relationships, career, abundance, healing, protection, and more
  • When to use crystals based on the phases of the Moon
  • Perform crystal body grids for yourself and other people

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