Crystal Healing Practitioner Course

It’s time to raise your crystal healing abilities by completing this one-day course with Loretta Carraro herself. Nourished Energy’s creator and she is also a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki Master.

Crystal practitioner

In this course, you will learn many things, including the fact that all crystals have their own unique healing powers. As you become more adept, you will learn how to combine these powers, layering them successfully to generate a flood of Life Force Energy. These energies, when aligned correctly, can lead to a much clearer state of mind and transformed spirit.

Nourished Energy’s Crystal Healing Practitioner course is a standalone course. We commence this with the assumption that you have little to no knowledge of crystals. The lessons will allow you to progress to the level of a competent and well-informed Crystal Practitioner. This is the perfect course for you to deepen your understanding and knowledge of crystals so you can work with them in your professional practice as a Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Kinesiologist, Nutritionist, Naturopath, Coach, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and more…

Here Is What You Will Learn

  • Energy healing, its benefits, uses, and more
  • The Chakra system
  • Sacred Geometry, crystal gridding, and other relevant information
  • The power of crystals and how they work
  • Selecting the right crystals for yourself and other people
  • Using crystals to treat common conditions
  • Performing a healing session (with the complete guidance of a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner)
  • Using wands and other tools
  • Practising your new abilities
Crystal practitioner

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Crystal practitioner

You Will Recieve The Following

  • A certificate for completing the course
  • An all-encompassing workbook to guide you during and after the lessons
  • Booking this course gives you access to the Online Crystal Healing Introductory Course, which is required before you proceed.
  • Crystals kit
  • Small grid
  • Chakra cards
  • A crystal healing wand

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