Crystal Healing Practitioner Course

It’s time to raise your crystal healing abilities by completing this 5 week course with Loretta Carraro herself. Nourished Energy’s creator and she is also a Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner and Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki Master.

Crystal practitioner

In this Crystal healing practitioner course, students learn how to use crystals as a powerful energy healing modality.

Students are held in a sacred space, empowered to navigate their way into the enchanting world of crystals. To truly understand and work with crystals in an effective, safe and magical way.

If you’re ready to use crystals as a powerful healing modality, this course is suitable for you. It is perfect for the beginner wanting to dive deep into crystal healing, but also for practitioners of other modalities within the health and wellness space such as Reiki, coaching or beauty therapy, wanting to learn how to add crystal healing as an effective and powerful tool to shift energy.

Crystal healing is an ancient modality of energetic medicine. Using Mother Nature’s gifts as a source of healing power to align, clear and transform. In this 5 week course, you will learn to the art of crystal healing and how to become a crystal practitioner.

Here Is What You Will Learn

Pre course work is also included in this course and a lifetime access to 20+ hours of crystal healing resources including videos and more.

  • Crystal communication
  • Sacred synergy
  • Ancient practices
  • Understanding energy healing and energetics
  • How crystals really work and how to get them to work for you
  • Advanced sacred geometry + gridwork
  • How to select crystals for clients
  • Using crystals to balance the Chakras
  • How to use crystals with other modalities
  • Cutting cords with crystals
  • Crystals and deities from other realms (faery, angels, goddesses and more)
  • Crystals for children
  • Storing, placement of crystals and taking care of them
  • Crystal divination such as crystal gazing/scrying and pendulum reading
  • The healing session + consultation
  • Common treatments and crystal prescriptions
  • How to use crystal wands + other tools
  • Practitioner support
  • Using wands and other tools
  • Practising your new abilities
Crystal practitioner

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Crystal practitioner

You Will Recieve The Following

  • 5 x live 90 minute training calls (weekly) and a private group for support throughout the course.
  • Over 20 hours lifetime access to library of resources
  • Certificate of completion
  • Comprehensive guidebook
  • “Introduction to crystals” and the “Crystal Gridding” online course
  • “Lightworker’s Lab” online business course
  • Chakra cards and crystals pack
  • Crystal healing wand
  • Wooden grid and journal
  • A private session with Sarah from Moon Dance Healing – Akashic Records journey to help you remember and uncover your ancient connection to crystals.

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