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Crystal Healing

What is crystal healing?

You may be surprised to know that the modern world is built on the magic of crystals. They are found in every electronic device you use and operate. But crystals have been used since the beginning of civilisation, revered as healing tools and adored for their magical and enchanting beauty.

Crystals are beautiful treasures from Mother Nature that have been gifted to us to help us along our journey here. To embody light into the Earth and into our lives. Crystal healing offers us the opportunity to connect with their gifts on a deeper level to cultivate a life of our dreams.

On a basic level, crystal healing is an ancient modality of energetic medicine. Crystals work with ourselves or our client’s to cocreate an alchemy of magic to align, clear, restore and transform energy. To help bring us back to our optimal state.

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The Benefits of Crystals...

To understand the benefits of crystals, we must first understand that everything is energy. Your thoughts, a crystal, your car, water, everything! Everything has its own frequency – the state the energy is measured in. Some things are high and some are low.

In simple terms, what makes crystals so special is that their energetic state does not change. The way they are energetically formed is in a way that their energy is constant. While our energy, conversely, is constantly changing. We can be up and down within moments. Crystals help us to stabilse and bring us back into harmony and to be in greater coherence.


Crystals take millions of years to develop and form into what you come into possession of.

Over this time they are acquiring and storing ancient wisdom that help guide us on our path. Just by having crystals in our space or home can be enough to affect us. But by truly learning to connect with a crystal is to open up to receive this wisdom and support. This is why I am so passionate about teaching others about crystals and how to harness their magic.


Crystal healing can be learnt to practice on others but of course, we are our greatest healers and so to learn how to heal others, we must also learn to heal ourselves.

There are a range of crystal courses available for the beginner or the more advanced. But one thing they have in common is that you will not learn what crystals you should use or the meanings. But instead you will be empowered to connect and listen to the crystals themselves.

Loretta Carraro, creator of Nourished Energy has been playing with crystals since she was a little girl and is passionate about teaching others how to use crystals safely and effectively. She draws on her extensive experience as a Crystal Healer but also on ancient healing methods used in Atlantis and Lemuria.

Crystal Healing is more than just placing crystals on the body, but it is about unifying your own energy to the crystal and allowing it to be in complete coherence with you.

Receiving its beauty, its wisdom and its magic so that it can help you step out of who you think you are and step into who you truly are. When we step out of the way and allow the crystal to work through us, this is where we allow the transformation to occur.

Our Available Courses:

Explore the range of crystal courses available below. Suitable for beginner to advanced crystal lovers.


Introduction to Crystal Healing (self-paced)

This introductory course gives you a basic understanding of crystals, their uses, how to look after crystals, connect to them, and much more.


Crystal Gridding (self-paced)

This training course teaches you the basics of sacred geometry, how to create grids and choose the most suitable crystals for specific intentions.


Crystal Consciousness Healing Practitioner Training (live training online)

A course like no other that empowers you to become a certified crystal healing practitioner to heal yourself and others.


Are you looking for a more customised learning experience or to experience a healing one-on-one, find out more here.

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