Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystals are beautiful gifts from Mother Nature that act as healing conduits. The opportunity to connect and feel their energy is a blessing. Together, they work like instruments in an orchestra with the ability to produce an environment that thrives in relaxation and physical healing. Beyond that, crystals can help with your journey towards emotional clarity and the achievement of a more amplified spiritual connection.

The Benefits of Crystals

Crystal Healing

Crystals take millions of years to develop, which is believed to imbue them with energy-holding abilities.
To understand the benefits of crystals, you must first see that everything in the universe, including us humans, are made up of energy. This energy is known as Prana or Life Force Energy, which connects and nourishes us.

Crystals can serve as a strong bridge that links us to Prana. When harnessed successfully, crystals can amplify our Life Force Energy connection, opening the channels in our body to eliminate the negativity within. Without lingering negativity, we can heal not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Crystal healing is a natural and holistic therapy that you can practise alone or with other treatments, such as Reiki. It has different purposes, depending on the person practising.

But what it mostly does is that it helps stimulate energy within our body. This energy is crucial in removing blockages, which will then lead to balance restoration and achieving the ever-elusive peace of mind.

Learning how to use crystals in healing can invoke a process involving a spiritual awakening and transformation. Students learn to connect with their true self and intuition. From then on, they can operate from a state of being that is finally self-aware, present, and conscious.

When learning about crystal healing, you will need to choose the right crystals. They all have unique properties. And their powers are heightened with a crystal layout or grid, such as over the body or just by holding them in your hands. You will need to discover how you can integrate these crystals when repairing your energy field. This way, you can create and live in a secure and supportive environment.

Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing

Some crystals, when used together, can emphasise the results of the healing sessions. They are typically chosen based on the person’s Chakras. Other times, practitioners simply select the crystals that they are most drawn to. Others use the crystals as part of their passage towards healing and clearing emotional pain.

You’ll want to learn about crystals and their abilities because they work. This healing technique is based on a system that revolves around energy. Therefore, it relies on the fact that we are all made of energies that can become unbalanced or stagnant. When it happens, we can become unwell – mind, body or spirit. Crystals are a treatment to remove those blockages and regain the balance we once had. Then, we can effectively direct energy where we most need it. This method gently supports the body to feel and experience the therapeutic benefits, which leads to healing.


Nourished Energy Crystal Healing Courses

There are many different crystals, and everyone has different intentions in using them. The best way to deepen your knowledge and practice with crystals is to get support and learning from a bona fide teacher.

Loretta Carraro has a long-time experience with crystals and their healing prowess. She has completed training and is a Certified Crystal Practitioner who also committed herself to become a Reiki Crystal Master, Life and Wellness Coach. These qualifications allow her to grasp the universal power of these blessings fully.

And now, she is ready to share her knowledge with those who want to learn about crystal healing.

Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing

Nourished Energy courses do not have a target student. Anyone can join, including men and women who have just started discovering their healing potential. You can also participate in our classes even if you are an absolute beginner with no formal experience with using crystals whatsoever. Perhaps you are a Reiki practitioner or another wellness practitioner and you want to incorporate crystal healing into your practice.

Whichever group you belong to, we can give you the training and background information to jumpstart your crystal healing journey.

Our Available Courses

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing Practitioner Course

Start your journey towards becoming a certified practitioner with Nourished Energy’s Crystal Healing Practitioner course. Learn about the fundamentals of crystal healing, including its benefits, formulations, and how it works.

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Nourished Energy

Introduction to Crystals (Online Course)

Crystal healing is an ancient therapy that harnesses the natural power of crystals to help improve health and well-being. This introductory course gives you a basic understanding of crystals, their uses, meanings, history, and many more.

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Crystal Healing

Crystal Gridding
(Online Course)

Improve the effects of crystals through our Crystal Gridding course where we help you learn how to amplify crystal energy. This training course also teaches you how to choose the most suitable crystal combinations and the designs for specific intentions.

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