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How to care for your crystals

Crystals are a blessing from Mother Nature’s spirit, Gaia. We are simply guardians of the crystals we come into possession. As their guardian, it is up to us to take care of them and in return, crystals will take care of us. When prepared properly, crystals can guide us, protect us, teach us, assist in communication, improve our spiritual wellbeing, and help us to accomplish our goals and live our dreams.

Crystals that are taken care of and are kept in a high vibrational environment can also physically change – crystals can grow and change, and if they are dull their colours may become more vibrant when they are looked after.

You may read various contradictory methods about how best to take care of your crystals. Here is a simple guide to break down how to cleanse or clear your crystals and also how to charge and program them so that they are working as you want them to. But, always be guided by your own intuition and find methods that resonate with you.


When you first purchase a crystal, you may need to clean it or you can usually ask a crystal shop owner to assist (usually they have cleaning machines) if you feel it has a lot of dust, oils from being handled, or dirt. Otherwise it can also be cleaned at home simply by rubbing it with a jewellery cloth. You can also use water to clean your crystals, as long as it can withstand water. If you’re not sure then it’s best not to use it as some crystals will be damaged or dissolve in water.


Crystals, like everything else around us, are made up of energy and vibrate at their own frequency levels but because it is impossible to separate frequency waves, they can become entangled in the vibrations from people, things, thoughts, events, etc.

When crystals come into contact with lower frequency levels, it can lower its own frequency level. We want our crystals to be operating at their highest possible level, or to be balanced, so that is why it’s important to be cleansing them of any ‘low vibes’.

When do you know to cleanse them?

You can cleanse your crystals anytime you feel you need it. The more that you get to know your crystals and the more you strengthen your intuition, you will begin to feel when they need it. In the meantime, here is a basic guide:

  • When you have been given or just bought a crystal
  • If you have had a negative experience with someone and your crystal was nearby
  • Your crystal breaks or is damaged

How to cleanse them?

There are many ways of cleansing or clearing your crystal of negative energy. Remember, that your crystals are from Mother Earth so they possess physical properties that may not be able to stand certain elements. It’s really important to know your crystals before you try different ways of cleansing them.

Whichever method you decide to use, always say something like, “Please release any negative energy from these crystals and allow them to vibrate at their highest frequency.”


Water is a Master Cleanser and this also applies to crystals. Hold your crystals within the natural running water from the ocean or a river. If you can’t get them to a natural water source, you can also leave them in a glass or metal bowl overnight in some filtered water with a pinch of salt. Be sure to rinse off the salt from your crystals. After you’ve finished, flush away the water. This method should only be used with crystals that can withstand water and/or salt.


You can either immerse your crystals in dry salt and leave them there overnight (and rinse the salt off in the morning), or you can place your crystals in an empty glass and sit the glass within a bowl of salt. The salt will still be able to absorb the negative energy through the glass. Discard of the salt once you’ve finished with it.


Light a Palo Santo stick or some Sage and allow the smoke to smudge your crystals and clear out any negative energy. Be sure to open a window or the door if you can’t smudge your crystals outside. It’s important that the negative energy leaves the room.

Essential oils

Similar to smudging, you can use an essential oil diffuser to cleanse your crystals. Some essential oils I like to use are Sage, Cedar (for new crystals in particular)

Full Moon

The Full Moon is all about releasing and it’s the perfect time to cleanse your crystals. Just put them outside (if they can stand their elements) or on a window-ledge to soak up the purifying Full Moon energy overnight. You might want to write your intention for clearing them on a piece of a paper to and place your crystals on top.


Bury your crystals in the Earth to help cleanse them – they come from Earth so it is a wonderful way to bring them back to their Source. Just be sure you’re choosing crystals that can be exposed to outdoor elements. If you have a healthy plant, you can also place your crystals in the pot’s soil. It is okay to put your crystal in a container or a bag to protect it from getting dirty, this method will still work. Leave crystals here for about 24 hours.


The healing energy of Reiki is super powerful and perfect for clearing your crystals of any negativity and restore them to their optimal state. If you have completed Reiki Level 2 and above, you may use relevant Reiki symbols to cleanse them.


Bells or Singing Bowls can be used for cleansing your crystals. Just play the instrument over the crystals. If you have a Quartz Crystal Bowl, place your crystals around it and the sounds will vibrate through to your crystals.


Simply hold or place your hands over the crystal and visualise a white light entering your Crown Chakra and down through your hands, clearing any negative and unwanted energy that the crystal has been holding.

Other crystals

Crystals such as Selenite, Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Kyanite and Amethyst can be used for cleansing other crystals. It is believed that these don’t absorb negative energies but always trust your own intuition if you feel like a crystal needs cleansing. To use these crystals to cleanse, first program them so they know what you want to use them for and then place your crystals on or nearby them and leave them as long as you feel you need.


If you choose to use the wind to cleanse your crystals, the west wind (blows from west to east) is the best as it is the most gentle. The west wind is associated with renewal, balance, and growth. Place your crystals in a position where the wind will first blow a flower and then over your crystals. The early morning wind is the best time to do this practice and leave them for about 30 minutes.


Just as important as cleansing, you may need to charge your crystals – which is like giving them back their Life Force. The best way to know if you need to charge your crystals is to hold them and see how they feel.  They should feel vibrant and energetic.

New Moon

Placing your crystals overnight to soak up the The New Moon energy will reenergise them and set them up with their new purpose. Placing your crystals by the window or outside is a beautiful part of yourNew Moon ritual.


The masculine energies of the sunlight will energise and program your crystals. Leave them from sunrise to sunset. Some crystals will fade if they are exposed to sunlight too often. You can place them in the shade if you’re unsure.


Reiki energy is also powerful for programming your crystals to ensure they are working how you need them to. If you have completed Reiki Level 2 and above, you may use relevant Reiki symbols to charge them.


Hold or place your hands over the crystal and visualise a white light entering your Crown Chakra and down through your hands, and repeat to your crystal or in your head the intention you are wanting for the crystal to help you with.


Once you feel like your crystal has been cleared and charged with energy, then you can tell it exactly how you want it to help you. Just like us, a crystal works better when it has a clear understanding of what is expected. Although crystals each have their own unique properties, they still require focus. By aligning the crystal’s Universal Life Force with our intention, we are able to get a better result.

Programming refers to a function without human contact. For example, using crystals in your home for Feng Shui or in teh garden.

Aligning means to align an intention with an actual person. I.e. protection or using crystals in meditation.

Dedicating is to honour or assist others such as during a crystal healing.

As above with charging, you can either use the Sun, Moon, Reiki or Meditation to give your crystals their purpose. Whichever method you choose, be sure to first write down the crystal’s purpose and either say it aloud or leave the paper nearby or underneath.

If you’re wanting more information about the safest method to cleanse crystals, take a look at this list from Hibiscus Moon. And, if you’re wanting to learn more about crystals or Reiki, contact me for the next course and workshop dates.

In love and light, 

Loretta xo

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