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At Nourished Energy we are dedicated to empowering you. You have the tools and strength within you to live a fulfilling and meaningful life that you love, all you need is the guidance on how to use them.

That’s where we thrive.

Take a look at the list of current events below – for workshops, courses and private events.

Events, Workshops & Courses

Our content is dedicated to helping you reach your full potential in every aspect of your life; including business, love, personal goals and your day to day physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Workshops are a way of connecting with like-minded individuals, learn and share in a fun and nourishing environment. Using refined healing and coaching techniques, we will give you the tools to open your heart and mind, overcome obstacles, heal and transform into a better you.

Reiki & Crystal Healing

Reiki is a transformative healing process that allows us to amplify our connection to the Universal Life Force; a powerful positive energy that invigorates and sustains us.

Reiki teaches us to open ourselves to this energy, reconnects us to our higher consciousness and helps us shed deep-seated negative energy.

Reiki originated in Japan, over one hundred years ago, where the healing method was pioneered by Dr Mikao Usui. Dr Usui taught three levels of Reiki: Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden, with each level being more complex than the last.

As a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Nourished Energy’s founder, Loretta Carraro is proficient with the techniques of all three levels and readily shares her learnings through Nourished Energy Reiki courses.

Learn more about Reiki with Nourished Energy here

Private Events

We love co-creating sacred ceremony and ritual to acknowledge your special occasion. Get in touch to discuss your conscious birthday, hen’s or baby shower/blessingway, and more. No matter the intention or occasion, we are happy to use our expertise to create a nourishing event for you.

Private events
  • Sacred circle: choose a theme such as femininity, the shadow and ego, stepping into soul purpose, spiritual connection, living consciously, Chakras, etc. to create conscious connection with your tribe.
  • Crystal workshops: tailored to the group’s knowledge and needs, also includes creating elixirs or crystal grids, etc.
  • Conscious Creations: cultivate closer connection through by making something together such as art work or crystal bead necklaces etc.
  • Healing: Let us help you relax and unwind with Meditation, Sound healing, Reiki and Crystal healing.
  • Readings: Provide Tarot/Oracle Card Readings, Crystal and Chakra Energy Readings for your guests.
  • Yoga: Move and Mind events which include yoga, crystals and meditation and the option of healing too.
  • Children’s crystal parties: We have crystal fairies who are available to help co-create the most magical and memorable day for your your little one.

Get in touch for a free consultation so we can start creating love and magic.

Private Events

Workplace wellbeing and training

Loretta has almost 10 years of experience in organisational and corporate training. As a life and wellness coach and mindfulness practitioner, Loretta now works with many clients who work in the corporate sector, she helps them to manage things such as:

  • stress and anxiety in the workplace
  • feeling unmotivated and lacking passion
  • getting out of the ‘blame game’ and victim cycle
  • protecting their energy at work

She is also passionate about helping organisations cultivate a culture of wellbeing in the workplace and often works with teams about things such as understanding energetics, conscious leadership and communication, trusting your gut and mindful based stress practices.

Guest Speaking

Guest Speaking

If you are part of a committee or an organisation that is looking for speakers on wholistic health and ways to achieve your best life, then reach out to Nourished Energy’s founder: Loretta Carraro.

Loretta is a certified Crystal Healer and Reiki Master who has inspired and motivated audiences at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, various retreats and countless other venues.

Loretta is also a Certified Wellness and Life Coach with experience offering guidance and support to people of all life stages and professions; from CEOs of large organisations to new Mums.

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