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Feeling Safe – by Eve Milford

In the past year, I have committed to working on myself and also to deepening my practice for my clients. After completing my Reiki Mastership with Nourished Energy, I then completed Trauma Therapy (TRTP) and I am currently studying to become a coach in sex, love and relationships with the courageous and inspirational, Layla Martin. Throughout my learning, the theme of safety has continued to come up. What I have learnt is that to move freely in the world, safety is key.

In the coaching course, the following questions are asked:

“What does safety mean to you?”

“What does safety feel like to you?”

“Where can you feel safe in your body?”.

I was so miffed by these questions. I wondered if anyone else could answer them? I just could not answer, I closed my eyes and tried my hardest to define what safety meant to me, what it looked like and how it felt in my body…and…nothing.

I understand why, I understand that sadly there’s been a lot of trauma that I’ve moved forward in life from one toxic situation to the next and so understood that was how life was and didn’t know safety was available to me or what it looked like. Constantly unsafe, so constantly attracting low vibe people, places and things.

Moving through the course I put those questions aside with the hope that one day I’d get to answer them. I’d never been asked that before and it was quite confrontational not knowing what it was like to feel safe. How terribly sad.
So there it was living in fear was my normal, my life…only that just couldn’t be so these days?!

How could I not know what safety means to me? Not only did I join a community a number of years ago that took me under their wing and loved me back to sanity, but they also connect with me every single day and they care for me like I didn’t think was possible, they saved my life. They keep me safe from my own abuse and the stories and the conditioning I hold.

How could I not know what safe felt like after building a beautiful relationship with my parents? How could I not know where safety sits within me with these wonderful connections I’d made through the spiritual work that I do? Only I didn’t, I was avoiding it, I was numb.

Working through the course time and time again these questions popped up and I kept avoiding until I opened up my workbook and there it was for the third time. I’d skipped it so many times before, it was time to face it and gently ease myself into the fear of what I might discover.

I’d received some beautiful artwork and every time I stared at it, it became something else, it had so much depth and as I watched a friend’s beautiful music video which hit me with a deep sense of spirituality I went within and out of the blue, the answer was there.

What does safety mean to me? It means freedom from the bondage of self, it means being unapologetically, authentically me, it means to trust and it means faith.

Where does safety sit in my body? There it was in my Third Eye and Crown.

How does it feel? Starting from my Crown and flowing all the way to the tips of my toes, extending out to my arms penetrating through my heart into my lungs, stomach, thighs and knees it spread. To me, safety feels like…Reiki.
From the Divine, Reiki spills into my body through love and there I feel safe and held and connected to faith and trust and abundance.

It’s so important as part of my practice to provide a safe container for my clients, to give them the support they need and to introduce Reiki to each and every one of them just how it was shown to me with so much love and compassion by Loretta Carraro from Nourished Energy. Through my intuition, I set intentions for inner peace and stillness as and when it’s ready to be received.

Be kind, live in peace, breath in grace, breath out humility and always, always choose love.

This is a guest blog by Eve Milford, one of Nourished Energy’s Reiki students and currently completing her mentorship under the guidance of Loretta Carraro. You can find Eve on Instagram @e.v.erhealing

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