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Despite what the shopping centres tell you, this time of the year isn’t always considered “wonderful”. It can be the hardest time of the year. We are reminded of loved ones who are no longer with us, the stress of families and friends, travelling and the overwhelm of gift-giving, keeping up traditions etc.

To help you get through the holidays, I share my survival kit of crystals…


Lapis Lazouli

Carry a Lapis Lazouli for gaining respect from others and keeping negative energy away. But it also allows self-expression and releases any repressed anger you may be holding. This is my pick for speaking your truth with family members!


Clear Quartz

Place them in clusters in the room and it will create harmony and peace. Cluster points direct energy around the room. Try adding a cluster to your Christmas table setting.



For inviting more joy and passion into your life, orange coloured crystals will help you experience and invite more joy. Sunstone is a natural pick-me-up, drawing on the warm energy of the sun, it will raise your confidence and absorb negative thought patterns.



Keep calm during this busy time with Turquoise. This tranquil crystal will help you re-center and rebalance during this busy and often overwhelming time. It really is the most efficient healer. Wearing Turquoise will help you restore vitality and lift your spirit. It also doubles up as a protective talisman during your travels.



Along with Turquoise, you can also keep a Malachite with you while travelling. Malachite is basically the guardian for travellers. It offers protection from all kinds of accidents and will absorb any environmental negativity and pollutants. It’s also useful for travel sickness, eliminates fears associated with travelling, and beneficial for jet lag.



It’s also a time where we can be missing loved ones. Sugilite will support you during this time by helping to dissolve any emotional trauma and disappointment. It will teach you to live in your truth. Whenever you feel all is lost, Sugilite will nurture and comfort you, creating a peaceful space for you to heal.


Rose Quartz

Drink a crystal elixir made with Rose Quartz to attract more love into your life. You can do this by adding the crystal to a jug of filtered water (make sure your crystal is clean first. Rose Quartz is safe to use underwater). Keep it on your window or outside to absorb the Moon energy overnight and then sip on it throughout the day. Not only will this attract a lover, but will encourage self-love too.



If you have a partner already, try keeping a Moonstone in the bedroom to calm over-reactions to situations (and will help to keep the peace). Emerald is also a great crystal for successful relationships. You don’t have to buy the precious stones (although it could be a good excuse for a gift!), the raw kind is just as powerful for stability, by encouraging romantic bliss and loyalty.



My pick for a broken heart is Rhodonite. Lay down and place one on your chest area to heal your heart. Rhodonite will provide you with the grounding support you need during this painful time and will also give your soul the love required to heal.

gold candle with quartz crystal and two bottles of essential oil

And a few essential oils…

  • Grounding oils like Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Douglas Fir, Spikenard and Arborvitae applied to the soles of the feet, or intentionally inhaled through cupped hands, can help you stay present.
  • When you have to see multiple families in one day, try keeping Peppermint, Spearmint to keep your vibe and energy up.
  • Wild Orange for attracting joy.
  • Keep your heart and home open to love and connection with Rose over the chest area to balances the masculine and feminine.
  • Lavender will help you communicate clearly and confidently.

If you’ve got any more tips to add for the holidays, feel free to comment and share them below.
Hope this list provides you with some guidance during the holidays.

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful time, and may it launch you into a most abundant new year!

In love and light,

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