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Nourished Energy is proud to present their newest offering – Holistic Soul Coaching Level 1 – Created by Nourished Energy Founder Loretta C & mindset + business coach Amanda Leigh Walker it is an introduction to HSC and is based on the principles of traditional life coaching and NLP models combined with the deeper aspects of inner work engaging the Soul in transformation.


An Overview

Holistic soul

This complementary course is created because of the gap I have noticed in the effectiveness of how practitioners are practising. They come to me and ask, “I feel like I want to do more for my clients – and I know I can do more for them. But how can I achieve that?”
At that moment, they do not have the certification or qualification as a counsellor or coach, for example. But being a practitioner has never been about giving advice to clients; it’s about helping them heal themselves.

Coaching is the perfect way to do that because it provides the framework, models, and tools. That way, you empower your clients, and they get the results they so desire.

As practitioners, most of what we do is hold the space for clients. In contrast, this coaching course is about combining the already existing expertise and skills as a healer or practitioner. In doing so, you can effectively take that to a whole other level, and actually help clients move forward.


Who is This for?

This course is for everyone – both for my students and non-students. Are you a Reiki practitioner or a Crystal Healer? Perhaps you are a practitioner in health and wellness such as kinesiologist, naturopath, or nutritionist.

There are no prerequisites, except wanting to have a greater impact on the client with whom you are already working with or want to work with in the future.

If you desire to have a more significant impact on the client through the proven tried and tested principles and skills of coaching, then this course is for you.

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The Benefits

Holistic soul

By doing the Holistic Soul Coaching Program, you can enjoy a number of benefits:

  • You gain the ability to separate your business and practice from competitors.
  • Clients will come to you, giving you their trust. They know you will help them with things that are going on in their life on a much deeper level through coaching.
  • You acquire a greater and deeper self-awareness.
  • You develop real, genuine confidence that shows and radiates through. Whenever a client shows up, you believe in yourself that you can really help. As a practitioner, you know how valuable this magical feeling is. After all, you are in this line of work because your main priority is to help people. This course enables you to take it a step forward.
  • With your confidence in yourself and your practice, people will want to come back to you. It’s beneficial for the business side of healing and being a practitioner.
  • Finally, this course gives you guidance to coach properly and correctly. At the end of the program, you will walk away with the confidence to say, “I coach people.”

The course consists of 12 modules to be studied weekly for over 3 months. Each week we focus on one module.

Every module comes with prerecorded video content, a workbook for your soul work, journal prompts & rituals.

We meet each week for a live session online over zoom with you & the group of Holistic Soul Coaching Students. The live coaching session is facilitated by Loretta and/or Amanda.

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Our Social Community

You can then join the online discussion on the Facebook group where you can also raise questions in between. In order to gain your certification, at the end of the course, we require the students to submit proof of their real-life coaching sessions. These can be a recording with a practise partner, pro bono client or existing client.

Course Outline


You will understand what Holistic Soul Coaching is and how it’s different from traditional coaching. Understanding the power of becoming a Holistic Soul Coach. Why it is the missing piece in the coaching industry and how it is essential for energy and light workers to add it to their tool belt to create transformation. We dive into our gifts & genius, our why, our mission, our purpose and connect with each other.

Effective Communication*

Building rapport and having deep effective communication is essential as a Holistic Soul Coach. It is the foundation for presence and service. We show you how to build powerful rapport and trust with the client through being a good conversationalist and more importantly, as a true listener.

Understanding Where Your Client is At*

Meeting your client where they are at is an essential skill as a Holistic Soul Coach. We will share with you how to assess the stage of spiritual awakening, understand their ability to take responsibility for themselves & detect their level of self-awareness and willingness to change.

As and HSC you will become powerful at understanding and detecting when the client is engaged in the web of limiting beliefs. you will learn how to recognise them and tools on how to shift them.

Topic Limiting & Empowering Beliefs

It’s all about the subconscious and the superconscious.

The Ego*

In the fith week, you will learn how to help your client limit their beliefs and move through them.

Shadow Work*

Learn how to do Shadow Work. Help your clients reclaim their authenticity and their love and acceptance for themselves as a whole being.


For this lesson, you will learn how to navigate the clients’ boundaries, bring awareness to their boundary issues, and help them create better boundaries.

Shifting Fears*

We’ll move on to understanding fears and things that hold us back. Then, you will learn how to work through them, which you can pass to your client.

Inner Child Work*

We all have childhood whims and unmet needs that we still hold on to as adults. They show up such as adult tantrums, violent aggression, and perhaps even evil deeds. For this lesson, we’ll delve deep into ways on how you can assist clients in learning about their inner child and how to let it go.

Goals and Future Pacing*

The purpose of this lesson is for you to help clients set their goals, if appropriate. You will know how to help them visualise what they want to achieve.

Creating and Understanding Session Structure

This next session is about how you can work with your client and create a complete session structure for coaching. We will also talk about how you can weave what you have learnt into your current sessions or treatments.


We wrap things up with relevant administrative affairs, such as contracts and even how to answer client questions. It’s all about the business behind coaching.

*From Week 2 to 10, we have topics that help clients do the inner work. We provide models and framework that will teach you beyond what each subject means. We take them further and give you tools that you can use for yourself, your practice, and your clients.

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Registrations opening on 11th November and course begins early 2021.

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