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Holistic Soul Coaching

Develop your skills as a practitioner with Holistic Soul Coaching.

Created by Nourished Energy’s Loretta Carraro and special guests, Holistic Soul Coaching is a foundational course that supports Lightworker’s in the health and wellness space who are desiring a deeper level of knowledge to become a greater catalyst for change. Based on traditional life coaching, NLP models, energy healing, and spiritual development combined with the deeper aspects of inner work, HSC is a course that offers a unique methodology for energy healers to take their practice to the next level.

This live, 12 week course has been created to help support practitioners become masterful Lightworkers. The magic of holding space for clients where they are currently at, but also helping them move forward to where they want to be.

This course is for the energy healer or wellness practitioner who is ready to advance the way they support their clients. Helping them to make life-changing shifts.

As practitioners, most of what we do is hold the space for clients. In contrast, this coaching course is about combining the already existing expertise and skills as a healer or practitioner and grounding it into a transformational container. In doing so, you can effectively take that to a whole other level, and actually help clients move forward.

Holistic Soul Coaching weaves the transformational magic of shadow work, inner child, higher-self journeying, somatics, archetypes, divine masculine and feminine, quantum energetics and wraps them in a coaching framework to support clients on their mind, body and soul path.


Imagine for a moment...

Waking up every day with the excitement and joy of having built your ideal wellness or healing practice. Where you are attracting your soul mate clients – the ones committed to working with you on the next level of their transformation and who have a deep desire to own their worth and manifest their dreams.

Holistic Soul Coaching gives you the practical skills and knowledge to help your clients on a much deeper level than ever before. Cocreating a more significant impact through proven tried and tested principles and skills of coaching, embodiment and soul-transformational methods. Designed to elevate your client success stories to a whole new level. But doing so in a unique way, that honours your authentic self and gifts.


A new paradigm of supporting clients

The Holistic Soul Coaching Program is designed to help you take your practice to the next level:

Gain greater confidence in supporting your clients to take their transformations to the next level by learning real and practical coaching skills to weave into your practice.

Learn to a create deeper sense of trust and rapport with your clients, to understand and meet your clients' needs more effectively.

Acquire a greater and deeper self-awareness. The ability to manage your own triggers, help support yourself on your own healing journey.

Develop stronger skills in supporting clients in the practical and grounding soul-work such as exploring the shadow, inner child, limiting beliefs, fears and more.

Create more meaningful and purposeful programs and offerings by adding the elements of coaching and soul work to your suite of services.

Build coaching programs and service offerings that reflect your authentic gifts and attract your soul mate clients.

The course consists of 12 modules to be studied weekly for over 3 months. Each week we focus on one module which includes prerecorded content, a workbook for your soul work, journal prompts and rituals/practices. 

The group is kept to a small cohort to ensure you are fully supported through the 3 months. Meeting each week for a live session online over Zoom facilitated by Loretta and/or special guests. In between the live sessions, students are fully supported through a private What’sApp group. 


Course Outline


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Applications are now open for next course beginning Septmeber 2024

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