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How to Attract Love

How Do You Attract Love?

Hmmm. Before we can answer that, we first need to explore how much of your love are you giving to yourself. So, grab onto a Rose Quartz and keep reading…


What’s Self-love Got to Do With Finding a Partner?

If you give yourself an abundance of love, then you can openly enjoy and accept everything else in your life. You will open yourself up to receiving true love because you’ll feel worthy of it. If you don’t feel worthy of your own love, you will not feel worthy of someone else’s.

Self-love also allows you to give completely because you have so much of it. You cannot give if there is nothing in the tank – it’s time to start feeding yourself some self-loving fuel!

The same principles apply even if you have been attracting some form of ‘love’ into your life, but they haven’t been the best choice in partner.

Once you start choosing to love yourself, your whole world will shift to improve and expand to meet you at that higher level.


How Do We Attract Self-Love?

True love is unconditional, which means without condition. We are all created from Divine unconditional love. So we should feel a natural unconditional love towards everyone and everything. If only it were so simple.

Instead, we get caught up in placing conditions (or expectations) on people and things in our life. And for many of us, we place the harshest conditions and expectations on our own self – battling with the disappointment of not being or doing what we expected.

The relationship with our self should be the easiest person to love because we are in complete control of it. Although you may not always feel like it, you control the outcome of your life. But we are the first to punish ourselves when those outcomes don’t go as planned.

We attract self-love by shifting our focus on others or the things in our life, to our inner self. When we start to look inward at the battle against our self, it becomes clear that we are the only ones who can change it.

And the good news is that you have access to the most powerful weapon – Love. By choosing true and unconditional love towards yourself, you will succeed. Unconditional love will release you from the burden of expectation. You will begin to have more compassion to yourself and to forgive yourself.


A Little Self-love Exercise

Take a moment to think about your dream partner (if you’re in a relationship, this may not be your current partner!). Think about what it feels like to be with your dream partner – what does this dream relationship offer you?

Some examples might be:

  • trust
  • respect
  • acceptance
  • security
  • freedom
  • forgiveness

Ultimately, it feels GOOD to be loved and in a relationship with your dream partner, doesn’t it?

Now replace the words “dream partner” with “myself”.

You have total control over giving yourself these feelings. Remember, you were born from Love and somewhere along the way you have taken a detour.

If you’re ready to make the shift back towards self-love, it would be an honour to connect with you and see how we can work together.


In love and light,
Loretta x

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  1. ❤️ This!! I needed this. Thank you. I hopped up, grabbed my rose quartz and it was a beautiful post. Thank you xx

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