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How to Balance Your Chakras

The seven Chakras within you are a powerhouse working to channel the vital Life Energy that nourishes your physical, spiritual and emotional states of being. Each Chakra governs distinct aspects within these three states, but no one is more important than the other as they rely on synchronisation to work effectively. If there is an imbalance in one Chakra, it may affect your whole system. To reach your true potential and lead a wholly fulfilling life, it is important to know how to cleanse every one of your Chakras so that you can maintain this balance between them.


How do the Chakras relate to one another?

Your Chakras are found along your spine, beginning at the base and finishing on the crown of your head. The first three Chakras; Muladhara, Svadhisthana and Manipura, are known as the physical Chakras because they govern the parts of your being that are more physical. The fourth Chakra, the Anahata, is the first spiritual Chakra and acts as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual Chakras. Vishudda, Ajna and Sahasrara are the final three Chakras, each of which works to govern the parts of your being that are more spiritual. To find out more about each Chakra, read the previous post here.

If you work through your physical Chakras first, you will find accessing your spiritual Chakras much easier. Moreover, strengthening the connection between the physical and spiritual will increase their synchronicity and amplify the strength of all seven Chakras. This is when you will be capable of your greatest feats. The following techniques will help you to balance and open each of your Chakras so that you can achieve your true potential and lead your best life.



Your Muladhara, or Root Chakra, is the centre that governs your connection to your physical body, others, the Earth and your environment. Located at the base of your spine, your Muladhara encompasses your bladder, colon and the first three vertebrae. Issues in these areas or feelings of insecurity and fear may be an indication that you need to open and balance your Muladhara by:

  • Meditation: Ground yourself by meditating in a place where the sounds and smells of Mother Nature surround you. Visualisations of Muladhara energy are commonly red, but if another colour resonates with you more, always go with your instincts.
  • Crystal Healing: Hold on to Garnet, Red Jasper or Tourmaline or place one of the crystals at the base of your spine.
  • Reconnect: Use meditation, prayer or another activity to connect to your higher power. Your trust in this power will help you regain your sense of security.
  • Yoga: Asana poses such as the knee to chest pose, squatting pose, head to knee pose and lotus flexion will assist healing.
  • Mantra: The ‘lam’ sound corresponds well with Muladhara.
  • Affirmations: ‘I am at peace with my surroundings, with people and the events that may occur. I make choices that are healthy and good for me. I am a divine being of light and I am peaceful, protected and secure.’

After cleansing your Muladhara you will feel secure, confident, grounded and in harmony with the world.



Your Svadhisthana, or Sacral Chakra, rules your physical manifestation, creativity and the way you see yourself in the physical world. Located just below your belly button, your Svadhisthana also oversees your pleasure, intimacy, sensuality and your connection to others. If you are having trouble with your relationship with yourself or others and are struggling to establish healthy boundaries, you can cleanse your Svadhisthana by:

  • Meditation: Choose a place that has a lot of natural water, like a river, lake or ocean. Visualisations of Svadhisthana energy are commonly orange.
  • Crystal Healing: Orange Carnelian or Orange Calcite will support your intention to open and balance your Svadhisthana.
  • Yoga: Asana poses such as butterfly pose and cobra pose are great.
  • Examine Emotions: Take time to catalogue your emotions so that you can process anything you are holding on to in a healthy way.
  • Healthy Sex Life: Establish boundaries that make you comfortable and communicate openly with your partner.
  • Self-Love: Look in the mirror and smile at your beauty, knowing that it is yours and yours alone.
  • Respect Your Body: Make healthy choices regarding what you put into your body and how hard you push yourself physically.
  • Affirmations: ‘I live life passionately, with good health and vitality. I am open to touch and closeness. I honour my body.’

A cleansed Svadhisthana will heighten your creativity, clarify your emotions, make you feel present in your body and evoke your passion and sensuality.



Your Manipura, or Solar Plexus Chakra, governs the flow of vital Life Energy throughout your body. It allows you to transform inertia into action and movement so that you can overcome challenges and move forward. Located between your rib cage and navel, your Manipura is connected to the health of your pancreas, liver, gall bladder, upper intestines, upper back and stomach. If you find yourself being excessively judgemental and stubborn, you should open and balance your Manipura by:

  • Meditation: Choose a place bathed in firelight, in the sun, by a campfire or surrounded by candles. Visualisations of Manipura energy are commonly yellow.
  • Crystal Healing: Hold on to Tiger’s Eye or Citrine or place it on your Solar Plexus to help your healing.
  • Yoga: Asana poses such as warrior pose, boat pose or any sun salutations.
  • Aroma Therapy: Essential oils like grapefruit, orange, ginger, chamomile or mint are great for healing your Manipura.
  • Digestion: Look at choices you could be making to promote healthier digestion.
  • Affirmations: ‘I am worthy of love, kindness and respect. I am free to choose in any situation. I am worthy of the life I want.’

Cleansing your Manipura will boost your self-esteem, leaving you confident in yourself and your freedom to direct your own life. It’s a great way to encourage proactive behaviour and promote love and value towards yourself.

Cleansing chakras is important for balance.



Your Anahata, or Heart Chakra, is the bridge between your physical and spiritual Chakras. It governs all your essential emotions, from happiness and joy to sadness and anger, and allows you to overcome them so that you can live in a state of pure, unconditional love. Located near your heart, your Anahata oversees the health of your heart, lungs, chest, thymus gland and circulatory system. When you feel you are losing your sense of self or becoming co-dependent, you can cleanse your Anahata by:

  • Meditation: Find a place where green plants surround you and you can feel fresh air on your skin. Visualisations of Anahata energy are commonly green.
  • Crystal Healing: Green Aventurine or Rose Quartz.
  • Acceptance: Practice acknowledging all parts of your personality without criticising yourself. Work at accepting that you, like everyone, are made up of many different aspects.
  • Music: Listen to songs that are upbeat and joyous.
  • Yoga poses: Heart-opening poses are great for the Anahata.
  • Mantra: The ‘yum’ sound is a good healer.
  • Affirmations: ‘I am an infinite being full of Divine Love, which I give freely and openly accept from others. Love is the answer to everything in life, and give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally.’

Balancing and opening your Anahata will leave you in a place where healthy boundaries, self-acceptance, self-care, compassion and kindness all exist equally. You will be at peace, having overcome past hurts, and become attuned to the unconditional love that connects everything in the universe.



Your Vishudda, or Throat Chakra, governs your ability to accept your originality and express your authentic voice. It will also help you to listen deeply to others. If you are being overly judgemental or having trouble with your throat, mouth, ears, neck or thyroid, you should cleanse your Vishudda by:

  • Meditation: Open your throat in a place outside, under the blue sky. Visualisations of Vishudda energy are commonly light blue.
  • Crystal Healing: Aquamarine or Turquoise will assist your cleanse.
  • Yoga: Camel pose, bridge pose, plough pose and shoulder stand are very beneficial.
  • Mantra: The sound that resonates with your Vishudda is ‘hum’.
  • Use Your Voice: Chant, sing, hum or read aloud to help clear your Vishudda.
  • Actively Listen: Pay attention to what others are saying and encourage them to explore their thoughts aloud.
  • Speak Your Truth: Consider what you are going to say before you speak. Is it honest? Does it resonate with what you believe? Is it unnecessarily hurtful or critical?
  • Cleanse Lower Chakras: Balancing your lower Chakras will prepare you to overcome your fears, seek knowledge and openly express yourself.
  • Affirmations: Will help you establish what you want to say before you speak. ‘I live in my truth. I learn to listen to myself and trust my inner voice. I speak freely and with confidence.’

When your Vishudda is open and balanced you will have no problem standing up for what you believe in, saying no when you need to and speaking honestly. It will encourage you to appreciate the positive aspects that you and others bring to reality, rather than the negative.



Your Ajna, or Third Eye Chakra, governs your potential for spiritual awareness through your intellectual and intuitive abilities. The way you see the world, what you focus on and perceive is connected to your Ajna. It is located in the centre of your forehead and, as such, is responsible for the health of your brain, eyes, nervous system and pituitary gland. If you are having excessively negative thoughts or you’re feeling insignificant, you should open and balance your Ajna by:

  • Meditation: Find a spot in the sunshine and feel the sun radiating through your forehead. Visualisations of Ajna energy are commonly indigo.
  • Crystal Healing: Lapis Lazuli or Labradorite will help you to open and balance your Ajna.
  • Yoga: Child’s pose, forward bend and shoulder stands are great healers.
  • Essential Oils: Anointing yourself with Marjoram, Frankincense, Juniper, Rosemary, Sandalwood or Clary Sage will assist your Ajna.
  • Breathing Techniques: Take long deep breaths in through your mouth and out through your nose.
  • Affirmations: ‘I am connected to the wisdom of the Universe. I create clarity of mind and unlimited vision for myself. I trust that my highest good and greatest joy are unfolding.’

Cleansing your Ajna will help you to see what is happening with clarity and understanding by tapping into the extraordinary potential of your intellect, wisdom, intuition and spiritual insight. The more you develop your Ajna, the more your spiritual awareness and insight will develop with it.



Your Sahasrara, or Crown Chakra, governs the gap between the Divine (the non-physical) and Humanity (the physical). This gap is bridged by the one underlying consciousness that connects every living thing in the Universe. Your Sahasrara allows you to feel this connection and be at one with nature. It is also connected to your muscular system, pineal gland, skin and skeletal system. If you are experiencing tension in these areas or feeling isolated with a lack of direction or purpose, you can cleanse your Sahasrara by:

  • Meditation: Use breathing techniques as you meditate in a place where you feel connected to the great energy of Nature. Visualisations of Sahasrara energy are commonly violet or white.
  • Crystal Healing: Clear Quartz or Amethyst will amplify your intentions with this Chakra.
  • Love Yourself: You must learn to love and accept yourself before you can truly love and accept those around you.
  • Confidence or Ego: Take time to examine whether you are being driven by self-knowledge and acceptance or insecurity.
  • Be Kind: Do a random act of kindness; give a compliment, help someone with a heavy bag, hold the door for someone or even do some volunteer work.
  • Intentions: Set an intention each day to be grateful or non-critical and to act from a place of love.
  • Affirmations: ‘I know that all people are in my life to teach me. I am grateful for all the goodness in my life. I trust everything happens for a reason.’

A balanced and open Sahasrara gives and receives energy to and from the collective pool of consciousness so that you may be guided by the higher power while remaining grounded in your Self. It reinforces the knowledge that your life is an extension of your consciousness, meaning that the thought patterns of your consciousness create manifestations in your life.



If you feel your Chakras are seriously out of sync or you’re in a bit over your head trying to heal yourself, you can always go to a Reiki Master for healing and guidance. At Nourished Energy we offer Reiki Treatments, as well as courses in Reiki if you would like to learn the skills to perform the treatment on yourself at home.
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In love and light
Loretta xo

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