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How to collapse time… and make it stick

There are a lot of coaches who talk about helping clients to ‘collapse time’ in their business to hit the big incomes and manifest whatever you want. They’re promising 6 figure months, multiple 6, 7, or even 8 figure years in the coaching industry. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But it does become a problem when it’s leaving many practitioners feeling less than because they’re not getting the results long-term that they were promised.

Collapsing time – what that actually means

I want to collapse time just as much as you do. I want to skip all the work and just go to the results!

In fact, most of our society and culture today is based on instant gratification. We have everything we want at our fingertips. So why can’t we just get the results we want then too?! Surely, there’s an app for it, right?

You can have instant gratification or collapse time for your business results but there’s a caveat.

Collapsing time refers to an idea that you can fast track your desires. You want 10 clients a week? Done! You want to lose weight? Done! You want to find your soulmate? Done! Anything you want? Done!

On a very basic level – there’s a secret you need to understand. That it’s actually not the end result that life wants you to achieve. 

It’s who you become on your way there and the work you do to sustain it!

There are many coaches promising results within a certain time frame. But the truth is collapsing time isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Think of the stories we all know of a someone who:

  • wins tattslotto but is broke in a few months
  • loses weight and puts it back on
  • meets their dream partner and does something to sabotage it

Why does this happen? Because you can’t collapse the time it takes for your nervous system to catch up to your results.

And this is why a purely mindset or even a 5D approach doesn’t work – because you still have a human body and you still are a physical being.

Creating sustainable results at a pace that suits you

Your body stores every experience that is either helping or hindering you from achieving the results you want.

It remembers that you don’t feel enough, or worthy. It remembers your beliefs and your feelings around money.

Don’t believe me? Take note next time of what your body does and how it reacts when it comes to money.

If it’s triggered in a way that is constricted, then it’s a sign that your nervous system is holding you back. And the only way to move forward effectively is through expansion. We expand only when we feel safe enough to do so.

Building capacity 

We all have a current capacity that enables us to not only receive, but to also hold a result.

If you’re “bypassing” the expansion that needs to take place for this capacity, you may receive the money but it will go out as fast as it came in.

So if you’re wanting to make money in your business, wanting to generate more clients you need to be balancing both putting in the human work of time and effort, as well as working on your capacity to hold your results.

And you can collapse time in a way that is healthy and sustainable by checking in regularly with your body. Does it feel comfortable and does it feel safe to stretch it further?

You should never feel pushed out of this level of comfort with a coach, but instead you should feel held and supported as you expand at a pace that suits you.

The coach’s role is to help you navigate your own healing journey through that expansion. But also offering you the strategy to ground what you are becoming into this world and to help you face whatever day to day challenges you face.

When you’re earning more money, your nervous system will protect you if it doesn’t feel safe. It will show up in ways that may be unconscious to you such as “sabotage”.

And it’s not just the bad stuff we try to avoid, but it’s also the good stuff! So weird, huh? The amount of effort we go to just to avoid being uncomfortable!

Think of every result you want as its own frequency level. Money is easy to understand because it has a numerical value.

So let’s say you’re currently earning $2,000 per month regularly, the frequency here is $2,000. You’d love to get to $5,000 and your ultimate goal is $10,000 per month.

So that’s 3 different frequency levels we have determined. 

(Now, if you’re having body reactions to these numbers – you can pause and just listen to what it’s saying. The tightening of the chest or the churning of the stomach, the restless legs, maybe you’re wanting to scroll down or click away. Whatever you notice, just notice it. Acknowledging your body’s reactions is a way of listening to its wisdom.)

The first level has a frequency of 2k and you’ve been doing this consistently for a few months. It feels safe but perhaps you’re struggling a bit to hold the money. It barely pays the bills and you find there’s nothing much left over for anything else.

5k is the next level. What does it mean? What does it take for you to leap to 5k? This is your personal story and will be unique to you. Here’s an example:

The good – It means I’ll have more money to play with, I can invest with a coach, have a massage every month and buy all organic produce. All of this stuff makes my body feel safe so in theory, I should be able to “handle” moving up to this next level. 

The bad – it means I have to work more or raise my prices (gulp!) and see more clients and I’m already tired. I don’t feel like I can afford to invest another day’s rent. This doesn’t feel as safe as I thought it would…

 Can you see why you’d sabotage something that might, on the outside, look like a dream?

So how do you make collapsing time safe?

In a nutshell, you need to ensure you’re doing the soul work to feel like you can handle the new frequency level. But you also need to balance this with the actual work – time and effort needed to get the results you want. 

Mindset coaching alone doesn’t allow for this, and this is why I love working with Reiki and crystal healing. Because we are mostly made of energy and if we are just trying to focus on the mind work, we forget about the frequency work which is exactly what we’re needing to boost. 

Energy healing allows you to connect with and tap into that higher frequency. It helps to make it something that begins to feel familiar and comfortable and most of all safe. 

Energy healing also helps to identify and transmute the energy that isn’t serving you or isn’t aligned with where you want to be.

Reiki is such a gentle method of healing that it helps us to gently work through the blocks at a pace that truly feels good. It plays within the quantum field and helps us access the timelines of who and what we want to be. It brings something that feels like the impossible into our awareness. 

But it also does it in a way that holds us through and works through the limitation. 

The best part? We don’t always know what our body is holding onto or why and that’s okay. We don’t necessarily relive moments that made us feel unsafe. Reiki doesn’t try to bring up everything. Sometimes things do resurface, but many times it just does what it needs to do and we are simply left feeling lighter. 

Crystal healing also helps us specifically manifest and work with new frequencies regularly. Cocreating a life we want across all dimensions – 3D, 4D and 5D and beyond. Crystals help tap into the blocks that hold us back and work through them.

Don’t just collapse time, but cocreate a new normal

Having someone to hold you through this journey will help you collapse time. Because when we work together with someone’s help, we always get things done quicker.

But we just need to be sure our goals are focussed on who we’re becoming rather than the 10k or the end result. So that when we get there, we’re able to fully receive and hold it. We are totally and wholeheartedly embodying the frequency of our desires and maintaining them as our new normal, our new level of safety and reality.



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