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How to program your crystals

Crystals can be incredibly effective when used the right way. If you are really wanting your crystals to help you in some way, you need to program them – give them a job to do. Even though they have their own unique metaphysical properties, they still need you to tell them exactly how you want them to help you. The following exercise will help you to connect with your crystals so that you can use them to assist you when you need it. This exercise is taken from the Nourished Energy coaching program – Transform your life with crystals. 

Start by thinking about why you need a crystal. What aspect of your life, career or behaviour do you want help with? Alternatively, are you unsure what you want and you just looking for clarity?

The answer to this question is called your intention. Crystals need to know your intention so that they can help you achieve whatever it is that you are aiming for. By forming a strong connection and presenting a clear and specific intention, you will program your crystal to work with you during this change in your life.

Take a moment to write down your intention so that it’s in your mind as you connect with your crystal.

Sit somewhere comfortable and hold your crystal up to your heart. Take some deep breaths. In and out. Relax your body and forget about your physical presence. Remember that, for the most part, you are simply energy. And so is your crystal.

Keep taking those nice deep breaths. You and the crystal are sharing space, think about how your energies are intertwining. Visualise the crystal’s white energy and feel it entering your body, then your energetic field. The high vibrations are lifting you up to your crystals level – the level of love.

Remember it is a gift that has come into your possession. It is your gift. You are truly connecting energetically. With each breath, feel its white light expanding throughout your body; filling you up with love and light.

Take a few more deep breaths as you enjoy that sensation. You should be feeling a little more relaxed.

Now, think about the intention you wrote down. Ask your crystal to help you make this change in your life. Ask it to take care of you – to guide and support you on your journey.

To complete the process, take a moment to thank your crystal for assisting you during this process.

When you feel ready, open your eyes.

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In love and light, 

Loretta xo

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