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How to use crystals during pregnancy and childbirth

Although every expecting mama will experience pregnancy differently, most women will agree there are some similarities – the physical discomfort, fears, anxiety about childbirth and the physical and emotional changes. After completing some research and drawing on my past experience, I have put together this list of my top 7 tips for using crystals during pregnancy and childbirth.

1. Choose crystals that resonate with your own journey

Because your experience is going to be unique, you need to choose crystals that are most suitable for you. In general, here are a list of common crystals used during pregnancy and how they can help:

  • Amazonite: perfect for anyone with morning sickness or nausea.
  • Amethyst: protective and relieves pain.
  • Aventurine: for alleviating nausea and stabilises emotions.
  • Bloodstone: to prevent miscarriage.
  • Chrysocolla: empowering with its goddess energy. Assists with healthy childbirth.
  • Clear Quartz: the Master Healer works on every level to balance, stabilise and promote harmony. Helps release negativity absorbed from other people.
  • Hematite: for leg cramps and fatigue.
  • Lapis Lazouli: reminds you of your inner guidance and releases stress associated with pregnancy. Also used for preventing miscarriage. During childbirth, can help with back pain.
  • Larimar: encourages letting go and restores your innate connection to nature to assist with a natural childbirth.
  • Lepidolite: ideal if you’re having trouble transitioning emotionally with the idea of becoming a mama. Helps with acceptance of the situation and is a wonderfully calming crystal.
  • Malachite: to stimulate contractions and a safe birth.
  • Moonstone: for healthy childbirth and to help lactation.
  • Moss Agate: the crystal of new beginnings and helps to release any fears around pregnancy or childbirth. Also helps promote healthy lactation.
  • Orange Calcite: to promote happiness, clears negative thinking and helps restore reproductive system after childbirth.
  • Red Jasper: protection, vitality and strength.
  • Rose Quartz: a nurturing energy to help you remember to look after yourself. It also helps to connect and bond with your child.
  • Unakite: promotes the health of mama and child. Calming during childbirth.

2. Pack your crystal kit

Once you have chosen a few crystals from the list that resonate with you, you’ll want to program them to be your support team and then keep them with you throughout your pregnancy. You can find out how to program and take care of your crystals in this post here.

Once you’ve programmed them, they’re ready for you to carry around every day. Keep them in a beautiful little pouch or purse in your handbag. If you don’t want to carry them around, try and keep them in your bedroom or in a spot in the house where you will see them each day.

3. Baths, massages and a maternity wardrobe you like

During pregnancy, it’s easy to get into a negative mindset about the physical and emotional changes. So, you need to do things that will make you feel good. Taking a bath with some Rose Quartz is the perfect way to encourage self-love and nourishment if you’re having a bad day. Try to schedule regular baths each week so you can spend this time connecting with yourself and your belly. Rose Quartz is safe enough to place in water in your bath so feel free to hold onto it and place it on or near your belly.

Taking your crystals with you when you have pregnancy massages is also another wonderful way to encourage self-love and care. Doing these beautiful things with your crystals, helps them to become anchors or reminders of how to look after yourself and remind you of the importance of feeling good.

Lastly, make sure you treat yourself to a few pieces of maternity clothes that you actually feel good in! Even if it’s just some gorgeous flat shoes. You deserve to still try and feel your best inside and out.

3. Crystal elixirs to alleviate nausea and fears

If you’re having morning sickness or you have fears around pregnancy or giving birth, an elixir is a wonderful and safe way to help alleviate some of the symptoms.

During the Full Moon, fill a glass with purified water and put it on a windowsill to soak up the intensity of the Full Moon energies overnight. Around or next to the glass, place the following crystals…

  • for morning sickness: Amazonite, Clear Quartz and Aventurine
  • for fears around pregnancy and childbirth: Lepidolite, Moss Agate and Amethyst.

Focus on what you want the elixir to help you with and then visualise the energies of the crystals being infused into the water and charging it with their vibrations, removing any unwanted behaviours, thoughts or feelings.

Sip on the water the next day and continue to carry around the crystals with you throughout the day.

4. Crystal grid for protection

A general protective grid can be helpful throughout the pregnancy to help alleviate any fears you may have. The crystals to use to create a basic grid for pregnancy would be:

  • Amethyst as your centre crystal for spiritual connection and protection.
  • Green Aventurine for good fortune, health and safety
  • Red Jasper for vitality, strength and protection.

You can read how to create a basic crystal grid here.

5. Making a crystal affirmation chain 

One of the best activities I did during my pregnancy to help prepare with childbirth and becoming a mother was create an affirmation chain using crystal beads. I purchased crystals based on my intuition, their metaphysical benefits and their appearance because it’s important that you actually like the look of your chain!

All you need for the chain are crystal beads and some fishing-line wire or string that the beads will fit on. Before you begin getting creative, you’ll also need some paper and a pen for some soul journalling…

Find a relaxing space – turn on some music, light a candle and some essential oils (ensure they’re safe to use during pregnancy). Take a few deep breaths and gently close your eyes for a moment to connect with your higher self and your baby. You might find this easier by placing your hands on your belly or one on your heart and one on your belly. When you feel relaxed, ask your baby to guide you during this exercise and to help uncover any fears that you may have about pregnancy, childbirth or beyond. Ask for them to come to the surface so that you can address them today.

When you start feeling like you are receiving some clear messages with your fear or anxiety, open your eyes and start writing whatever comes to mind. Don’t think about it too much, just write, draw etc. You can try to translate it later in a more conscious state. The aim is to have a list at the end of your fears/anxieties.

Once you’re happy with your list, next to each one you want to come up with a positive affirmation that will counter your fear statement. Only you can come up with affirmations that are truly meaningful for you. Here are some examples to guide you:

  • “I am scared of the pain of childbirth” might become “Each sensation brings me closer to my baby”
  • “I am worried about money when I am not working” might become “The universe is always supporting me”.

Next, you will want to choose a crystal bead to represent each of your affirmations and say it as you place it on the wire/string. Choose enough beads to represent your affirmations at least once, but feel free to use as many beads as you like. Then use your chain as often as you like, during meditation to repeat your affirmations in the lead up to the birth and also holding onto it during labour will also remind you that you’ve got this!

6. Preparing your birth space 

Whether you’re planning to birth at home or a hospital, it’s important to create a beautiful space or an altar to help with your physical and emotional preparations. Giving birth is a sacred time for both the mother and the child so it’s important that you honour the experience.

1. Find a suitable space. You may be lucky enough to have an entire room to yourself, or perhaps a small section of a room or a portable sacred space for travelling.

2. Once you have found a spot, remove the clutter, give it a clean then smudge the area and clear away any negative energy.

3. Now it’s time to decorate. You need to love this space. After all, this is a reflection of your own relationship with yourself. You are deserving of this beautiful and positive environment, you are worthy of respect, you are sacred.

4. Write down some affirmations that will help you prepare for birth.

5. Add some crystals that align with how you want your space to feel.

6. Essential oils and salt lamps are another great addition to your space. I always recommend adding natural elements – feathers, plants, shells and other pieces you find and of course, flowers!

7. Have fun with creating your space and change it up as much as you feel you need to.

7. Honour the post-partum period

In most cultures globally, there is a great honour associated with “lying in” after a baby is born. Not only is it a chance for the mother to heal her body, but it is also a very important time for the family to bond together, especially the mother and her new child. I certainly didn’t do this after my first child was born and we all suffered for it. The difference that resting and lying in has made since the birth of my second has been incredible and has made all the difference to us adjusting as a family of four and creating a really calming and nurturing energy in our home.

Having more time at home has meant I am able to enjoy everything much more as well as be present. It has also allowed me time to bond with my baby intuitively. This is definitely the time to work on developing your intuition and trusting your instincts – learning to ‘read’ your new baby is something you will both benefit from. You can start preparing for this by connecting with your baby during pregnancy (and even when you’re trying to get pregnant). The stronger your connection with your baby during pregnancy, the easier it will be to birth naturally too.

The best crystal for connecting with your baby is a Rose Quartz. Place one (safely) in their sleeping space. I have a Rose Quartz stuck under the mattress of my baby’s bassinet next to my bed and also a bigger one in our bedroom and stuck on the change table. You can use it during bath time or keep a smaller one in your bra.

For developing your intuition, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst or Moonstone are wonderful crystals to use during this time. Place them over the centre of your forehead during meditations.

You can read more about the benefits of ‘lying in’ here.

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In love and light,

Loretta xo

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