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How to use crystals – 5 tips for beginners

We are naturally attracted to crystals. And why wouldn’t we be! They’re pretty and sparkly and there’s something about them that makes us feel good. But for many of us, crystals are also a mystery…

So I’ve put together this simple guide to answer the top 5 most common questions I get asked about crystals.

1. How do crystals work?

Crystals are types of minerals. They have a repeating crystalline structure and are recognised by their shape – the flat faces with sharp angles.

Crystals have been used for years as a form of healing. Crystal Healing is a type of alternative modality. Different crystals have metaphysical properties that are used for a specific purpose. Their properties are dependent on all sorts of factors – the shape, the colour etc.

2. How do I know a crystal is right for me?

Firstly, trust your intuition. Crystals have a strange way of speaking to us so if you are drawn to a certain one, then chances are that’s the one you need.

You may be drawn to a  colour of a crystal. These colours correspond with our Chakras (your energy centres). Chakras govern different aspects of our life – physically, emotionally and spiritually. As an example, a blue crystal will typically correspond with your throat Chakra, which is your centre for expression and communication.

The shape of a crystal can also attract you. For example a heart shape will be used to emit loving vibes in combination with the crystal’s properties.

3. How do I use crystals?

The options for how to use your crystal will depend on the type of crystal you have and what you’re wanting to use them for. Some examples below…

  • Protecting your home: You can follow feng shui and place black tourmaline outside around all four corners of your house. This is a hard crystal so it’s suitable to use outside. But if you’re using Selenite you can place it inside the four corners of your house because it is a softer crystal.
  • Raising confidence: Citrine can be carried around with you in your bra or your pocket. If you carry Citrine also in your wallet, it also has the added benefit of attracting wealth.
  • Sleeping better: Place an Amethyst next to your bed or use it while you’re meditating before bed. If you’re trying to help children to sleep, you can even place it in their pillow or under the bed.
  • Attracting love: You could create a crystal elixir by leaving a glass of water on your window ledge overnight to soak up the moonlight. Place a Rose Quartz next to or around your glass and let it be infused by the properties of your crystal. In the morning drink your water first thing when you wake up or before a meditation to start the day.
  • Fertility: Lay down and create a little crystal grid around your belly button with crystals such as Unakite, Green Aventurine, Moonstone and Rose Quartz. You could even place the crystals around a crystal grid and create scared space in your bedroom. Grids are used to amplify the healing through shapes (sacred geometry). Grids are included in the toolkits in my Shop.

These are just some of the things you can do with crystals! But the options are endless and they’re not just for people – crystal healing is also effective for pets and plants too.

4. How do I look after my crystals?

Crystals absorb both positive and negative energy. Negative energy is a natural part of life, but too much be unhealthy and also stop you from moving forward in your life.

When they are filled with too much negative energy, crystals need to be cleared or cleansed – this is the process of removing any excessive negative energy from the crystal and returns it to its natural energy balance.

We can cleanse a crystal by using the fundamental elements of fire, water, air, and earth. This returns a crystal to nature’s balance by immersion in the natural world once again.

Depending on the type of crystal, you can also damage it by cleansing it the wrong way. So to keep it simple and ensure the crystal is safe, I like to advise clients to simply use the Moon to rebalance your crystals.

During a Full Moon, lay your crystals out to clear and release any negative energy. During a New Moon, lay your crystals to charge them with new intentions.

5. How do I buy crystals?

Like jewellery, you can buy the real thing or you can buy not so real crystals. To keep it simple, find a trusted source and ensure you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

If you are wanting some more assistance with understanding the meanings of crystals and how they can help with a particular aspect of your life, then the web is a great place to start. One of my favourite websites to use is Crystal Vaults which has an abundance of crystals and their meanings listed on the site.

But if that is a little overwhelming for you or you have no idea where to start, you can also contact me for some ideas and I also create customised crystal kits to amplify results in your life.

If you’d like to know more about crystals, our Introduction to Crystals online course is available to purchase for $37 and is immediately accessible.  

In love and light, 

Loretta xo

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