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Why It’s Important to Heal Your Chakras

Our energy centres are called our Chakras – in Sanskrit this means “wheel” because they are like spinning wheels, constantly moving and pushing life energy through and around our body. When these energy centres are blocked, it manifests into a physical, spiritual or emotional symptom.

I had a client who was experiencing frequent sore throats. Delving deeper, during a Reiki treatment we discovered a need to work on the Throat Chakra. The blockage here was manifesting as a sore throat because she had issues with expressing herself. As a result, she kept attracting people into her life that took her for granted.

Conversely, even if you’re feeling awesome in every aspect of your life, over time your Chakras can inevitably become blocked or out of balance. This is because every experience is imprinted into our cellular memory, passing through our DNA. Experiences eventually build up and cause blockages so it’s important that we continuously work on opening up our Chakras.

Chakra female figure


Just like sweeping the floor, we need to give our Chakras regular attention so we can ‘keep them clean’.
When your Chakras are open and balanced, you will notice areas in your life improving. This is because you will be operating at a much higher frequency – a more positive state. Thanks to Quantum Physics, we know that everything is energy, including you! So you vibrate at a certain frequency level.

Every thought, experience, thing and person in your world is also vibrating at a certain level. You want to operate at your optimal and beautiful state. When you reach it, you can attract things, people, experiences at that same level. It’s important to balance your Chakras because this will fast-track you there. It will fast-track you to living a life you want.

You can read more about how to heal your Chakras here.

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