Introductory to Crystals Online

In almost any case, everyone has to start from scratch. In crystal healing, you may need to learn about the basics first before you delve deeper. This course is for you. It’s packed with essentials, in an easy-to-grasp format to introduce you to the enchanting world of crystals in a safe and effective way.

We are living in higher consciousness where seeking alternative ways to treat ailments is encouraged more than ever. With your newfound awareness and understanding of crystals, your healing powers will soon flourish. There is something magical with crystals, and this course will allow you to experience it for yourself.

The lessons include:

  • Learning about crystals and their physical properties
  • Historical background of the healing technique
  • The different types of crystals that you can use, including their abilities based on their structures and colours
  • How to harness the gifts of these crystals
  • Setting your purpose or intention
  • Understanding crystal gridding and its basics
  • How to care for crystals
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Guides and tips, such as how to choose and buy the right crystals for you
  • How to care for the crystals
Crystal Healing

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Gridding Course

Please note that this course is undertaken online only and at your own pace. If you wish to participate in a more immersive crystal healing course for beginners, you can be a part of our public or private workshops.

These workshops give you a chance to meet Nourished Energy’s Loretta Carraro. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn in a face to face setting where you can start a discussion or ask questions. It’s not your ordinary course because you can interact with other students with whom you can try the techniques you have just discovered.


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