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Let it flow and then let it go.

Your feelings exist for a reason so let them flow; let them flow and then let it go. If you feel it come up, that’s not a signal to hide it, ignore it or suppress it.

It’s an invitation to allow yourself to feel everything you’re feeling and find a way to release it.

Many of us have been taught from a young age that feeling isn’t acceptable – not just for our own discomfort but it can make others feel uncomfortable too. When we were young we heard things like ‘don’t cry’ when we were crying, or ‘it’s okay’ when things felt as far from okay as they could be in that moment. We picked up on the body language of the people around us who were with us when we were feeling intensely and internalised that discomfort. Some of us even got teased or bullied for showing our emotions.

It’s bs.

Feeling is part of our human experience – feeling it all! The extremes of joy and ecstasy through to grief and fear. Most of us can name the six distinct emotions we feel, but did you know that recent studies have shown that the number of emotions we can feel could be as high as twenty-seven? 


That’s a lot of feelings to be feeling like we should suppress or hide from others.

Although some of them might feel uncomfortable for us (especially when we’ve been taught not to express any feelings), that’s okay. Whatever they are, your feelings are valid. You are not your feelings, you experience them and they’re there to be experienced.

Feelings are messages, on a basic level they tell you if something is aligned or not. They’re a way to help navigate us through life and keep us safe. But most importantly, they’re transient. Except when we don’t allow them to be. Suppressing feelings only suppresses the effects of them…

As the famous book suggests, your body keeps the score. On a cellular level and on an energetic level, we hold onto the memory. Memories are energy, as are our feelings.

The memories build up over time and manifest as physical ailments and illness, emotional and mental imbalance, and more. More messages for us to take note – there’s more to release.

Having a regular energetic practice  and seeing a practitioner regularly helps you to not only release and let go, but also to maintain balance so that your vibration is at its optimal state. Your awareness and ability to listen to the messages is strong. So when you feel things in the future, you’re better equipped to acknowledge and let it go.

You’re much more than your feelings, but they play a beautiful role in helping you stay and live a life in alignment Don’t be afraid of feeling them or releasing them. But learn how to do it in a way that comes from love instead of fear.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to do this and uncover the depths of your whole Self, I encourage you to check out my Reiki 1 training course.

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