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Lightworker’s Lab

You’re here to do more than just exist. You’re a change maker and lightworker.

Your potential is infinite and if you’re feeling ready to follow the pull to step into your light and share your gifts with the world, then you’re in the right place. My passion is helping lightworkers like you – practitioners in the health and wellness space to cocreate new consciousness.

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Loretta Empowering her clients
It's time to share your light with the world and I know that’s no easy task…

Your soul has brought you this far, to uncover the truth of who you are and your purpose. But now the challenge is making sense of that to ground your unique gifts and radiance into a thriving heart-centred business.

My philosophy centres around working with clients to dig deep, to extract the essence of who they are and then reveal that magnificent energy to the world. I don’t believe you need to change who you are, but I want to reveal the shining star inside and help you navigate sharing that with this world who needs you right now as you are. I want to give you direct access to that vibration – your true essence, your light and reconnect you with the best version of you.

There is no safety net when you take the leap to turn your passion into a career but getting guidance from an expert in the industry will minimise some of the risks.

No matter which way you have chosen to work with me – whether it be a self-paced course or one-on-one, I provide you with the proven combination of the masculine strategy and the feminine energetics of business to help you have a greater impact on our world. I bring my background in business and marketing along with my experience working with some of the best business coaches in the world. I also use my combined skills and experience in energy healing with proven evidence-based coaching to ensure a holistic approach to your business.


Are you ready?

Cocreating a thriving and sustainable business from your heart, is about having the conscious understanding, strategy and processes but knowing how to weave this with your art. 

I left my successful corporate career after just 9 months of creating a thriving healing and coaching business, earning 6 figures in my first year! And I know and believe that you can too. 

I help lightworkers create a business that helps them truly step away from getting caught up in the negative self talk or comparison.


What you have to share is extraordinary and unique, so let’s create a business to reflect that! I’ll help you move past the blocks of:

If you feel the pull to do more in this lifetime, then I want to help you to navigate that path. There is more, I promise and it’s waiting for you to access. All you need to do is trust, even a little bit that maybe it’s your time. 

The change you want to see begins with you.

With a radical self awareness and determination to be better and do better. To live in your highest expression unapologetically, empowered and with the courage to lead others to live in theirs.

Get in touch to talk about a customised program or a one-off intensive session.

I am passionate about working with Lightworkers who are beginning their journey or who are ready to take their business to the next level - moving away from it just being a hobby or side hustle, but ready to step up into living on purpose.

If that sounds like you, there are three ways you can work with me as your coach and mentor to help launch your heart-centred business.



Lightworker’s Lab self-paced online course for healers:

During this course you will learn to build the foundation for your successful, sustainable and soul centred business. This course covers the fundamentals of building a thriving business for healer. The course covers everything to help you build your business from scratch:


One-on-one coaching and mentoring for healers:

If you’re looking for more personalised support, I also offer the opportunity to work one-on-one with me to help you ground your unique gifts into this realm. Some of the specific challenges I can help with include:

My clients experience high-level activations as I channel wisdom, access knowledge, and ground them into your very own strategic and energetic business framework.

I offer one-off 90-minute strategy intensive sessions which are perfect if you have one thing you’re wanting to work through or an idea you want to manifest. But if you’re wanting to work through more than one thing, I also offer packages combining my unique expertise and experience as a multi-dimensional healer, coach and intuitive. 

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