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Meet the Team

Loretta Carraro

Founder of Nourished Energy

Hi beautiful.

I am the creator of Nourished Energy, Loretta Carraro. I have supported over 400 students globally through my training courses and one-on-one experiences.

Combining my unique expertise and experience as a multi-dimensional healer, coach and intuitive, my clients and students experience high level activations as I channel wisdom, access knowledge and ground them into a strategic and powerful method of facilitation.

There are no coincidences in life, only synchronicity and I am so blessed that you have stumbled on my website.

Creator of Love and Magic…

I created Nourished Energy as a way for me to share my burning desire to empower others to live a life they love and be the best version of themselves they can be. I am here to empower lightworkers to be masterful practitioners for themselves and for their clients. I am passionate about supporting a network of illumined souls who know they are here to cocreate a new collective.

Every experience and every encounter is a lesson, happening for you.

My guess is you’re here because some of those life experiences haven’t been so rosy. You’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to cover up dealing with it all or the self-care and soul searching you’ve been doing so far just isn’t working…

I get it, because I’ve been there.

After spending my 20s battling disordered eating, depression and anxiety I finally found the right tools and support to get me on a journey of self-love and acceptance.

After spending my 20s battling disordered eating, depression and anxiety I finally found the right tools and support to get me on a journey of self-love and acceptance. I made a promise to make friends with myself and to prioritise my wellbeing and happiness.

These days I work with people, like you to make the same promise.

Since I was a little girl, I was always interested in the metaphysical, mystical, and magical. I spent my pocket money on books and crystals and have always been fascinated by holistic health, psychology, spirituality, science and philosophy and of course helping others. I have always felt there is more to this life than just existing.

After losing my way through my 20s, I did a 360 and returned back to reconnect with my true path, my soul purpose. I discovered Energy Healing and Life Coaching after seeing many therapists.

I felt like traditional western therapy helped me understand a lot about why I was the way I was, but I still couldn’t change. I still felt stuck in the repeated patterns and self sabotage that fed my guilt, shame and fear. No matter how much I was working on my mind and body, I just couldn’t move forward.

Energy Healing helped me connect and navigate the missing piece – my energetic body (which actually makes up 99.9999999% of who we are). I was able to work on releasing stagnant energy that was no longer serving me and ultimately make space for more positive and abundant energy in my life. The life coaching helped me ground everything into my reality. As my vibration shifted, so too did my life!

Despite all my fear and limiting beliefs, I found the courage to leave my successful corporate career to navigate my way as a lightworker.

I knew that I needed to do this, not for myself but for the collective. It wasn’t long before I had created a multi-6 figure business that was supporting me and offered me the security that my corporate job had given me. But without the limitations, restrictions and frustrations. And today, I help other lightworkers step into their light so they can also create the love and magic that’s available to them too.

My passion is ultimately helping women get out of that place of feeling stuck and helping them realise, see and access their highest potential. We are all an expression of love, and we are all lightworkers, here to step into and share our greatest light with the collective.

I have a holistic approach to working with my clients. I am a coach, multidimensional healer and intuitive – the perfect alchemy for enabling you to access the highest of vibrations and grounding them in the physical realm to make them manifest. The combination of natural energetic therapies with practical coaching tools means we can make real changes that will last beyond our time together.

Formally, I am a traditional Usui Reiki Master-Teacher (trained my Mastership four times under different lineages of both traditional and western/New Age Reiki), Reiki Crystal Master, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Sound Healing Practitioner, Mindfulness Teacher, Certified Life Coach and Wellness Coach and also trained in Tantra and releasing stress and trauma through Somatics, and Light Language. But I am always studying as I believe in always being the student. This all comes into play when I develop results-focused programs for my clients.

I believe we all have the responsibility to step into our highest potential. This is how we co-create a community based on love. It’s time to claim your calling, beautiful.”

You can read more about Nourished Energy and Loretta in an interview with Mystic Mag here. 


Stef Griffin

Reiki Master Teacher, Coach and Mentor

From a young age, I had a passion and calling for all things spirituality, being drawn to crystals, oracle cards and the power of the Universe. As I grew older, I learnt to keep this passion to myself and would rarely share my love for spirituality with others.

After working in both the not-for-profit and government sectors in front line support roles, in an attempt to follow my dreams of making a difference in people’s life, I quickly burnt out and realised I was not living in alignment with my true self. My burn out manifested into a chronic autoimmune disease leaving me searching for the best self-care methods to support my own wellbeing. This rock-bottom led me on a journey back to my roots and my true passions.

It was during this time that I leaned in and listened to my intuition, leading me to begin my Reiki training and stepping up to become a Reiki Master Teacher, at the time, this was a destination I did not know I had coming! In addition, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training, which further developed my understanding of the subtle body and eastern philosophy. My studies became a journey of self-discovery, that let me tune in to my soul’s true desire to be a healer and to support others navigating the ups and downs of life with the gift of energy healing.

During my sessions, I hold space for you to become your own healer, whilst experiencing the magic of energy healing and yoga. I use my intuitive gifts and crystals to amplify the healing and afterwards I utilise my coaching skills to support you to continue your self-healing journey and step into the greatest version of you!

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I take pride in holding space and nurturing your growth in becoming the best Reiki practitioner you can be – if you choose to study for yourself, or to take your practice to the next level and share the gift with the world. My classes are interactive, soulful and of course – fun! A safe space for you to learn, grow and become the greatest version of yourself.

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