How Reiki Can Attract Abundance

Reiki is Universal Life Force energy, Source energy. In other words, it is the energy from which all is created. There is no limit when it comes to Reiki – an infinite resource that in fact expands the more that we use it! There is never any limitation to how much is available to us. A powerful healing tool, Reiki melts away blocks that are stopping us from opening up to a higher consciousness. Giving us greater access to all that is available to us – a wonderful reminder that abundance is always available to us and it is only limited by ourselves. 

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reiki practice

7 Tips to Start Your Business as a Reiki Practitioner

I know starting a business can be really overwhelming. Especially if you’ve never started a business before. I know because I’ve been there. But I want you to know when we break it up into small steps, it’s actually really easy… The tip is not to focus on the big scary stuff. You don’t need […]

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freedom to choose

What is Our Greatest Restriction?

Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right. That’s because regardless of what is ever happening outside of us, the biggest restrictions we ever face are our own limitations The ones we have created about ourselves. Outside, in the physical world, we are constantly faced with boundaries and limitation – we don’t have enough time, or money, it’s the wrong day of the week, we live in the wrong city, we don’t have a car, it’s against the law, we don’t have the ingredients… Whatever it is, there are many things that limit us from feeling like we can do or be what we want.

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Nourished Energy

How Reiki can improve your yoga practice

Reiki has been around since the early 20th century. It started in Japan, where “rei” roughly means “spiritual” and “ki” for “life force energy.” Today, this healing technique is now widely known and practised by over four million people around the world.

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Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Reiki

We all experience stress and anxiety at some point. It’s normal, but “normal” does not mean you should accept it as a regular part of your life. Dealing with stress or anxiety (or both) on a daily basis can be depleting. You can feel it all-encompassing and exhausting. You know it should not be this […]

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Crystals for children

Most children love being outside and playing with all of Mother Nature’s gifts and creatures. Crystals are part of this phenomena, so it’s no wonder that children are drawn to them – their energy, colours, and forms. Children are also much more confident than adults in trusting their intuition, so they find it easier to connect and select crystals to play with. As a mum, I find playing with crystals with my children a beautiful way for us to connect together and to teach them some mindful practices. But there are a few things to consider to ensure children are playing with crystals safely and effectively.

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79% of You Don’t Want to Go Back to Life as Normal… Why is That?

After speaking to many people over the past couple of weeks, it was becoming increasingly noticeable that more are enjoying life in forced isolation. So, earlier this week I ran a poll on my Instagram stories asking if you want to go back to “normal” life. In 24 hours, surprisingly almost 80% of you said that you don’t want life to return back to normal. So why are so many of you enjoying lockdown?

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Leaning Into Love

The tragedy our world is facing; unprecedented it would seem. But as Lawrence writes, fortunately humans refuse to take things tragically. Our resilience after all, is what makes us a species above the rest. So why then do we sometimes feel tragic? Why do we allow ourselves to get stuck in the heaviness, the shadows, the lowest vibrations? And more importantly, how do we get out of it? How do we move beyond fear and lean into love?

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Feeling Safe – by Eve Milford

In the past year I have committed to working on myself and also to deepening my practice for my clients. After completing my Reiki Mastership with Nourished Energy, I then completed Trauma Therapy (TRTP) and I am currently studying to become a coach in sex, love and relationships with the courageous and inspirational, Layla Martin. Throughout my learning, the heme of safety has continued to come up. What I have learnt is that to move freely in the world, safety is key.

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whole self

Loving the Whole Self

Everything is energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed. So if we are also energy, what then can we do about the ‘shadow’ parts of us we so desperately wish weren’t there? Perhaps it’s the way we behave or look, thoughts we have or things we say. How do we stop them, how do we change them, how do we get rid of them? Quite simply, we can’t. But we can do something… Energy can be transmuted. And the way we do that is through loving the whole Self.

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inifnite love

Breaking Up & Letting Go of Love

It doesn’t matter how long ago the break up, or for how long the relationship was for, letting go of a love can be painful. I see many clients who have experienced a significant love in their life or who are struggling with a break up. After working with so many women to try and ease the pain of a break up and let go of love, I am asking a new question – do we really need to let go?

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Letting Go Begins With Compassion

She feels like her parents are the source of her unhappiness. They don’t like her partners. They never seem satisfied with her achievements. They say they just want the best for her. But really, she just wants to feel like the best to them. And it’s not just to them, this idea of not feeling good enough affects every area of her life. And because of that, she also doesn’t feel like she’s deserving of a life she wants. Letting go of these thoughts and feelings is not an easy or quick process, but it begins with compassion.

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mum life

Losing Yourself to Mum-life

She walks into my treatment room, sits down and sighs. She’s exhausted, she feels alone, she hates her body, she is confused about who she is and what she wants to do. “I just want to go back to the old me.” But she’s also so in love with this little person she has created and marvels at what she has received in return for all she feels she has lost. This is a story of just one client, but a story owned by so many others. This is mum life.

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healing discomfort

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Since beginning this type of work, there is absolutely no hiding from the areas of myself I’d refer to as the shadow self. The more we work with people on healing their own wounds, we also cannot avoid shining a light on ours. But that’s the only way to heal and to reveal our true self, to shine a light on the darkness. So rather than hiding from the discomfort of healing, I have leaned into it (softly) and tried to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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7 Tips to Turn Your Dream Into Your Full-time Job

Just because you do heart-centred work does not mean you cannot make money from it. When I first started this kind of work, I was told many stories. And whatever stories you believe in are exactly what you give power to. I decided from very early on that I wasn’t going to listen to other people’s stories and that I was going to create a heart-centred successful business and I wanted to share with you some of the things that I believe enabled me to make my dream a reality. Here are my 7 tips to turn your dream into your full-time job.

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reiki prep

What to Expect During a Reiki Healing?

During my experience as a Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher, I have realised that just as much effort goes into preparing for a client as it does during the Reiki session as well as the client after care. It’s these details that create the best possible experience for both the client and the practitioner. In this post, I aim to share with you a behind the scenes look at a Reiki healing with Nourished Energy.

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How to Find Your Tribe

As you are navigating your journey of self-development, doing the inner work of uncovering your true self and finding your true path, you may begin to feel disconnected from some of the people in your life who you once felt closest to. Although this is a positive sign that you are growing, it can also be quite lonely. So, how do you go about connecting with people who will fit in with this new “you”? Here are 3 steps on how to find your tribe.

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program crystals

How to program your crystals

Crystals can be incredibly effective when used the right way. If you are really wanting your crystals to help you in some way, you need to program them – give them a job to do. Even though they have their own unique metaphysical properties, they still need you to tell them exactly how you want them to help you. The following exercise will help you to connect with your crystals so that you can use them to assist you when you need it.

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dream big

The Art of Dreaming Big

There’s a saying that goes ‘dream so big that it scares you’. If your dream isn’t so big that it scares you, you’re underestimating yourself. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to dream at all. The power of your imagination is wonderful and it’s capable of driving you to flaunt expectations and self-doubt as you journey towards a life where you are utterly content. Your thoughts are an extension of your vital life energy and when you shift them towards a dream, your entire life shifts to focus on making those dreams a reality.

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chakra healing

How to Balance Your Chakras

Each Chakra governs distinct aspects within these three states, but no one is more important than the other as they rely on synchronisation to work effectively. If there is an imbalance in one Chakra, it may affect your whole system. To reach your true potential and lead a wholly fulfilling life, it is important to know how to cleanse each and every one of your Chakras so that you can maintain this balance between them.

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chakras about

What you need to know about Chakras

Your Chakras are your energy powerhouse; the architecture of your soul. We tend to focus so much on our physical and emotional bodies but it is just as important to understand your energetic body. There are 7 main Chakras and each one governs a different area within us – mind, body and soul. This post teaches you to understand and raise your awareness of your own Chakra system.

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pasion and purpose

Is Passion Clouding the Path to Your True Purpose?

To find your true purpose, the thing that drives you, fulfils you and makes you smile when you wake up, you must look inside yourself and understand the difference between your life’s intention and a simple passion. This difference lies in the way the task causes you to think, act and process reality, all of which is managed by your brain. It’s important to understand the difference between the two so you can ensure you’re on the path to living the extraordinary life you were destined for. 

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How the Holiday Season Is a Time for Less, Not More

Instead of buying more junk this Christmas, I want to encourage you to give yourself a meaningful and empowering gift that you deserve. Take some time to look inside and reflect on all that has happened this year, all that you have achieved, endured and overcome, and the things that you’re still working on, so that you can remind yourself of what is truly important to you.

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distance healing

Creating Close Connections Through Reiki Distant Healing

Like all Reiki healing, Distance Healing soothes all the way to the source of suffering by cleansing and nourishing the energy at your essence. Energy healing is an extraordinarily complex but beautiful and adaptable treatment. It works wonders, even when you are not physically present, because everything, including us, is made up of energy, which exists independent of space and time.

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Why you should learn Reiki healing

Reiki healing is a hands-on energetic healing modality that channels Universal Life Force – the energy that surrounds and sustains us all; the energy of love and light. It is a gift that is within each one of us. By learning Reiki, we activate and open our hearts to this gift. and in this post I explain why everyone, including you, should learn Reiki healing.

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How to Love Yourself

Louise Hay said, “there is only one thing that heals every problem, and that is: to know how to love yourself.” It sounds so simple, right. But why is it that so many of us struggle with loving ourselves? So many of us wouldn’t dare to treat our best friends or loved ones the way we treat ourselves. And yet, our relationship with our self is the most important one we will ever have.

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How to use crystals during pregnancy and childbirth

Although every expecting mama will experience pregnancy differently, most women will agree there are some similarities – the physical discomfort, fears, anxiety about childbirth and the physical and emotional changes. After completing some research and drawing on my past experience, I have put together this list of my top 5 tips for using crystals during pregnancy.

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Crystal Rituals for Fertility

Falling pregnant is one of the most sacred experiences that life provides. But, for many it can also be a most challenging time. Despite the many variables here is a list of rituals you can use to help create a sacred environment on a spiritual and emotional level as well as in your physical space.

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Using Crystals With the Moon

We all know that the Moon can be used to cleanse and charge crystals. But the Moon is a powerful tool for crystal healing as well. The Moon passes through eight phases during its monthly cycle, very much like we do!  By understanding the Moon’s personality during these phases, crystals can guide us through our personal growth and healing.

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grateful af

Grateful AF – Why You Need More Than a Gratitude Diary

Being more grateful is becoming more common practise. You may be aware of the benefits of gratitude and perhaps you have even started using a ‘Gratitude Diary’. And the intention comes from the right place… But, how many of us are actually seeing these benefits in our own life? How many of us are really practicing being grateful AF?

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3 Steps to Access (and Strengthen) Your Intuition

Intuition is an ability to know something without evidence. Whether you believe it or not, we all have this ability to be intuitive. It’s just that some of us are just better at using this gift than others. Here, I share my tips on how to access (and strengthen) your intuition.

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I want to change, but where do I begin?

Once you’ve made the decision to change your life, it can be daunting to know just how to do it. Recently, I’ve been asked the same questions about taking the first step towards changing. “Where do I begin and how do I know what it is that I need to do?” So, as someone who has been on this journey and as a practitioner and coach, here is my guide to help you make this very important decision – to begin the journey to living your dream life.

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cleansing crystals

How to care for your crystals

Crystals are a blessing from Mother Nature’s spirit, Gaia. We are simply guardians of the crystals we come into possession. As their guardian, it is up to us to take care of them and in return, crystals will take care of us. Here is a simple guide to break down how to cleanse or clear your crystals and also how to charge or program them so that they are working as you want them to.

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Crystal Survival Kit for the Holidays

It can be the hardest time of the year. We are reminded of loved ones who are no longer with us, the stress of families and friends, travelling and the overwhelm of gift giving, keeping up traditions etc. To help you get through the holidays, I share my survival kit of crystals and some essential oils too.

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year reflection

A Guide for End of Year Reflection

As we approach the end of the year, we naturally start thinking about what has happened – the ups, downs and everything in-between. If you’re feeling like it’s been a particularly low year for you, it’s even more important that that you follow this guide so you don’t end the year on a slump and you’re ready to make 2018 your best year yet.

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How to Change Your Mindset

No matter how positive a person you consider yourself to be, we all have days when we need motivation. Here, I’ve put together my 7 tips on how to change your mindset so you can succeed every time.

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How to Create a Crystal Grid

A grid is an arrangement of crystals that focus on Universal Life Force energy for your intention or purpose. Each part of the grid plays a specific role in achieving that.

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Living With Anxiety During Pregnancy

My daughter recently turned two. Like most mothers, this time conjures up incredibly beautiful memories about being pregnant and giving birth. But it also reminds me of the internal battles I fought against – the ones that not many people talk about. This is my story about living with anxiety during pregnancy.

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How to use crystals – 5 tips for beginners

We are naturally attracted to crystals. And why wouldn’t we be! They’re pretty and sparkly and there’s something about them that makes us feel good. But for many of us, crystals are also a mystery…

So I’ve put together this simple guide to answer the top 5 most common questions I get asked about crystals.

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heal chakras (1)

Why It’s Important to Heal Your Chakras

Our energy centres are called our Chakras – in Sanskrit this means “wheel” because they are like spinning wheels, constantly moving and pushing life energy through and around our body. When these energy centres are blocked, it manifests into a physical, spiritual or emotional symptom.

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self doubt

How to Attract Love

How do you attract love?

Hmmm. Before we can answer that, we first need to explore how much of your love are you giving to yourself? So, grab onto a Rose Quartz and keep reading…

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self doubt

7 Steps to Master Self Doubt

Self doubt is one of the major challenges to living a meaningful and fulfilling life. But, that inner voice that tells us we’re not good enough to achieve really does have the best of intentions. It is there to protect us from making mistakes or from a dangerous situation.

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Protected: Resources

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letting go

3 Tips to ‘Letting Go’ When You’re Anxious

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, I’m sure you will be familiar with the idea of “letting go”. Some pretty sound advice… for the person who isn’t actually experiencing the anxiety!

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How to Live More Authentically

The definition of authentic according to Oxford Dictionary is: “Of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine”. This sounds fine if you’re buying a handbag, but what does ‘authentic’ actually mean for human beings?

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Beyond yoga

Beyond Yoga – What Self Care Really Means

Somewhere along the way, we decided that being busy was cool. I don’t know how many times the response I hear to the question, “How are you?” is “Good. I’m just really busy…”

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New moon ritual

New Moon ritual

For example if it is Libra, then it is a good time to focus on relationships. Even if you don’t know exactly what it is that you want, a good place to start is with how you want to feel.

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Guide for Empaths

How to Protect Your Energy – A Guide for Empaths

If you are an empath or a sensitive soul, then you tend to feel others’ thoughts, emotions and even physical pain. Empaths are beautifully perceptive people that can sense another person’s energy, emotions and intentions without relying on words and actions. Although it can often seem like a negative trait, being an empath can truly be your super power. All you need is the right set of tools and guidance to help you master it.

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cleansing the home

Cleansing your home of negativity

This is even more important if you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your life and want to attract higher frequency into your life. A good place to start attracting more positivity is with the space you live in.

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making decisions

Making Great Decisions

Whether you believe in fate or not, we are all on a path and every decision you make – big or small – has gotten you to where you are right now. Knowing this, it’s no wonder we feel a great amount of pressure and responsibility to make the perfect decision. There have been days […]

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6 steps to new years

Setting New Year’s Resolutions That Really Help You

The idea of making a change is empowering, but we all know that the real change happens when it is sustained. And when we fail to keep our resolutions, we then feel less confident about achieving our goals next time. So, how can we make the most of this incredible time that is the New Year – a time of new beginnings and change?

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