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Nourished Energy student swap, share and connect (Online)


An opportunity to reignite, strengthen or advance your Reiki practice and training. deepen your connection to others and your self during this sacred 3 hour experience. Open to Nourished Energy students to share, swap, connect and heal.


An opportunity to connect with other healer’s and those on their healing journey no matter what level you are at.

During this three hour experience, you’re invited to share a practice with others or even to take the time out for your self-practice.

Students will be practicing under the guidance, teaching and mentorship of Loretta Carraro – creator of Nourished Energy and Stef Griffin from Glowing Soul Healing.

The evening is also an opportunity for advanced training, connecting with others and any mentoring/coaching to help you move past any blocks you may be experiencing with your practices and/or working with others.

All students will receive an additional Attunement – a beautiful ritual and sacred ceremony that can help you to reignite and strengthen your Reiki channel.

Limited spots available. Only available to Nourished Energy students of Reiki or Crystal Healing practitioner courses.

Ticket and Zoom details will be emailed to you to secure your spot.

June 13th 5.30pm-8.30pm (AEST)


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