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Reduce Stress and Anxiety with Reiki

We all experience stress and anxiety at some point. It’s normal, but “normal” does not mean you should accept it as a regular part of your life. Dealing with stress or anxiety (or both) on a daily basis can be depleting. You can feel it all-encompassing and exhausting. You know it should not be this way.

Just a few important facts on stress and anxiety

An anxious lady looking out the window with green plants in the background. But first, let’s understand the distinction between stress and anxiety.

How do you know when you are stressed? What about when you’re anxious?

Many people tend to use these terms interchangeably – and that’s okay. After all, they are related to each other. They also manifest the same physical symptoms.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) defines stress as a response to a situation, particularly when we feel a threat looming. Anxiety, on the other hand, is one of our natural reactions to stress.

There is a fine line here. Stress and anxiety are both emotional responses – an external force triggers stress, which can be short-term, like when you have a work deadline. Stress is also what you feel when you argue with someone. Stress can also be long-term, which includes being in an abusive relationship or experiencing a chronic illness.

When you keep feeling stressed about a situation, it can often linger. It can affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your spiritual energy can weaken because of your ongoing worries. If you do not let it go, excessive worrying can stay even when the things that makes you stressed isn’t there anymore. That’s what happens when you have anxiety.

Let’s face it, though. It’s easier said than done to let go of stress or anxiety. But it can be done!

Many techniques now exist to help alleviate stress and anxiety. I believe Reiki is one of the best ways to manage our emotional imbalances.

In this blog post, I will tell you why you need Reiki in your life more than ever. With all the stressful happenings around us, we should take time to reflect, meditate, and heal.

Reiki Healing

I’m sure you have heard of Reiki and its benefits, that’s why you are here. Millions of people are believed to have practised Reiki at least once in their lifetime.

It is not easy to understand stress and anxiety. But these two can take a toll on our lives if we allow them to take over. Most of the time, we let this happen without even knowing. Unfortunately, everything suffers – from our health to our mental state to our relationships and work life.

When you feel that all hope is lost and you have no choice but to accept it as part of your life, Reiki may be able to help. Just like it has worked for millions across the globe.

Reiki is one of the ways to combat anxiety and stress. When you have fears, you need to take control of your worries. With Reiki, the focus is on energy healing. Its primary technique is to direct energy through the hands. A Reiki Master, practitioner, or even yourself can use Reiki to help bring a sense of calm.

The process is gentle and non-invasive and can positively affect your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional state. When you learn self-Reiki or a practitioner transfers the energy towards you, it will trigger your natural ability to heal.

Can Reiki Really Help with Stress and Anxiety?

This is a question that I get asked often. The short answer is “yes.” But it is essential to know that Reiki does not “heal” per se. What it actually does is that it clears away the noise and keeps it out of your mind. This way, your body can begin the natural healing process.

Now, another common question I get is, “How does Reiki do it?” If you are familiar with Reiki, you know that its centre is on the energy body, including the Chakras.

There are seven Chakras or “wheels” of energy. They work together to let your life force flow physically, emotionally and spiritually. With Reiki, these seven Chakras are opened up, allowing these energies of your being to flow freely and correctly.

Take a look at the palm of your hands. You probably see just the inner surfaces, but Reiki teaches us that they can be a major healing source. The palms have cell energy that helps in maintaining emotional equilibrium throughout the body. Think about when you bang your head or stub your toe – where do you place your hands? On the area of concern. That’s because it is our innate desire to use our hands to heal.

The seven chakras or wheels of energy.

But negative forces can affect the flow. When one of these Chakras is blocked or closed, your energy gets stuck. With the energy that’s stuck, you will eventually feel stressed or anxious. Many of us do not realise that we can do something about what’s taking place. This is where Reiki can help you when your life force energy is low or out of balance. Because it opens up your Chakras, it can guide you towards unblocking the closed Chakras using the Reiki energy.

What Happens Now?

When all the seven wheels of energy are open, it causes a chain reaction where the energy then flows throughout the entire body. Then, it helps remove and release your stress and worries.

A few studies have been done to see whether Reiki can help patients who are stressed and diagnosed with depression and anxiety. One study evaluated the effect of this healing technique in people who have chronic diseases and experience pain, which results in anxiety and depression. Twenty participants were assessed. Those in the treatment group that received Reiki were found to have significant differences from those who did not. Their mood, relaxed state, and even their physical symptoms improved.

Reiki has always been a way to reduce stress and invoke relaxation. It promotes well-being in all aspects, including physical pain relief. Best of all, it takes away blockages to keep the flow and balance of “ki” or prana or vital energy. It is why it’s quite common for people to go to a Reiki session feeling irritable and upset. But when they leave, they feel like they just got out of a spa. You will experience clarity and calmness. You will achieve inner peace with Reiki energy.

How to Begin

When I was pregnant, it was one of the times in my life where I experienced anxiety. Needless to say, it was a difficult time. But Reiki was one of the most effective healing modalities that allowed me to cope with the situation. If you want to know more about how it went, here’s a blog post that details my battle against anxiety during pregnancy.

To start relieving yourself of stress and anxiety through self Reiki, you need assistance from a Reiki Master or teacher first. Yes, there are books and online tutorials out there that are designed to help you learn Reiki. However, it is not how it works. Reiki thrives by the connection between the Master and the student. There is a need to transfer those healing energies from the teacher to the learner.

Learning Reiki does not mean you have to be in the same room as the teacher.

Distance Healing and learning is possible, especially with our technology these days.

If you have tried Reiki before, Distance Healing is pretty much the same. The only difference is that you will practise Reiki at the comfort of your home (or anywhere you wish). We are all connected through the same energy that flows through the universe. Therefore, it does not matter whether you are beside me or thousands of kilometres away.

When you are stressed out or anxious, Reiki healing, whether distant or face-to-face, involves directing life force energy through your body. Since your Chakra channels are not in their best form, they will be the focus of the session. This way, the result will be invigorating and will eventually lead to healing.

The sessions are different depending on the person and their experiences in life. In this case, the purpose of the healing is to eliminate stress or at least diminish it in levels that you can manage. The process begins with discovering what worries you. You may open up about your personal struggles or why you feel stressed out at the moment.

  • How long has it been going on?
  • What have you been doing to address the situation?

There are no judgements here. It is a simple way to open yourself up to me so we can better understand each other. Of course, you can select the things or experiences that you want to share or leave out of the conversation. But it is a part of our sessions to let go of this block.

What is the cause behind it? I use my gift to help you discover the root cause of the blockage. By ‘reading’ your energy, you can know and understand better exactly how you are feeling.

This openness leads to greater awareness, which is vital in each of our sessions. As your coach, I will then teach you how to manage your triggers so that you can move forward.

To begin, I will need to connect to the Universal Life Force. It is often achieved by entering a deep meditative state. This step will then allow me to reach positive energy. It is overflowing and ready for you to acquire.

Connecting to the universal life force demonstrated by plants.

The positive energy will be directed to your overall power, which is comprised of different layers. We will focus on your Mental Layer. You want to gain a clear mind and relieve stress. We will then approach the final layer, which is the Spiritual Layer. As your Energy Healer, I will guide you to the higher power. It is a reconnection that many of us do not even know we need. It will help you nourish your spirit. Soon, you will see just how beautiful life is.

After the healing session, observe yourself just a little bit. You will find that you now have ideas flowing. They are ways that can facilitate the situations that have been bothering you for some time now. Your worries also begin to fade. Problems that felt like trials now have a solution.

These results are palpable because you no longer have energy that’s stuck. Don’t expect it to happen in just one session. But surely, we will get there. Have an open mind, heart, and soul, so you can receive the Reiki energy and let it flow through you. When you have successfully unblocked your Chakras, you will see how wonderful it is.

Learning Self-Reiki to Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Learning self reiki to help heal from stress and anxiety.Reiki is the life force energy that you can harness and channel. It is spiritually-guided, making it easier to improve your level of energy – or even those of other people. You can also share and transport this energy to your pets. Everyone needs to have their life force energy back to balance.

Quite recently, there has been an explosion of people trying to learn Reiki. You can be one of them by discovering more about this energy healing and practising it on yourself. Anyone can learn how to do it because humans have always had the ability to heal themselves and others. You are not required to study rigorously for several years. It also does not need you to have a high level of spiritual development to learn and apply it to yourself. Instead, what you need to do is to allow Reiki to reconnect you with your gift of healing.

In fact, it has been taught for centuries. Many people think that Reiki has something to do with religion, but it’s a misconception as it is wholly secular and has no dogma. You do not have to shift religions or beliefs to practise Reiki, yet it has an essential role in your spiritual path.

Reiki is also often utilised to promote peace and harmony. Practitioners follow simple ethical codes that support peaceful living, balance, and synchronisation with the natural universe. When I direct and offer universal energy to you, this experience can give you a relaxing release of energy. It is why some people even think it is similar to spiritual meditation.

As you discover more about Reiki, you may have heard people saying, “I have completed Level II.” Others may have said, “I’m attuned to Reiki Level III.” It’s because learning Reiki is unique. It has its own style of training where knowledge is passed down from a teacher to a student during class.

You can have that capability to channel energy and serve as a conduit through that attunement. When successfully transferred to you, you can gain an unlimited supply of life force energy. You can choose to share that energy with other people as well. As you can see, it becomes an endless cycle that provides exceptional benefits to Reiki learners.

Just as stress is a normal part of life, Reiki can also become a part of your daily routine. Practise it regularly to get the best results and eventually shun those negative thoughts and feelings out of your mind and body.

In love and light,

Loretta xo

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