Reiki Level 3A (Shinpiden)

It’s time to bring Reiki to full circle. You have now passed the manual phase (Level 1) and the creative phase (Level 2). Reiki Level 3A is where you reach your emotional-spiritual phase. It is where you can develop your Reiki practise on a much deeper, soul level and even continue to further develop your practice as a professional Reiki healer.

Reiki Level 3A (Shinpiden)

The First Part of Reiki Mastership

Before you reach the full Reiki Mastership, you will first go through this class. Reiki Level 3 is divided into two parts. This is the first one which introduces you to the foundations of the Mastership. You will receive an additional Attunement to learn the Master symbols.

The session is transformative and focuses primarily on healing your soul. It is essential in intensifying your energy, as well as your healing ability. You will receive a further two symbols, which give you the chance to work on a more spiritual level.

Prior to getting to Level 3A, you are already connected to your true Self. This time, however, we go more in-depth and strengthen that connection even more. From here, you can reach into your unlimited Self and stimulate Unconditional Love, which is the building block to healing. It is why this level is also known as Inner Master because it is about recognising yourself as the Master of your own destiny. It is the journey to unlocking the secrets of self-mastery. With this knowledge, you can find your true path in life.

We do not require you to complete Levels 1 and 2 with us. If you have already finished those levels and would like to proceed with Reiki Level 3A with us, you are more than welcome to do so.

Reiki level 3a
Reiki Level 3A (Shinpiden)

What You Will Learn

  • The Best Techniques in Intensifying Energy Healing
  • Chakra Healing and Reading
  • Deeper Understanding of the Energy or Subtle Bodies
  • A Deeper Focus on Intuition Development
  • Advanced Crystal Healing with Grids
  • Advanced Reiki Healing
  • Access to New Symbols
  • Expert Tips to Have a Successful Reiki Business

What You Will Receive

  • Crystal Gift Pack
  • A Comprehensive Guidebook
  • Reiki Healing Practise

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate from Nourished Energy, which signifies that you have finished the Introduction to Reiki Mastership.

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Your Reiki healing abilities can still be enhanced even after completing Level 3A. It’s not the end but is actually the start. Reiki is a practise that requires reverence and the best way to achieve it is to experience its utmost value. The ability to heal yourself, getting to know yourself better, and quieting the mind for that inner peace – all these can be attained with the help of Nourished Energy’s Reiki courses. Increase your joy, peace, and calm with the other lessons and workshops that we have for you.

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