Reiki Level 3A (Shinpiden)

With Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Alchemist and Holistic Business Coach – Loretta Carraro

If you’re ready to take your journey to a much deeper level, to another realm, then you belong in the Transformational Reiki Level 3A Program, Ascension.

Reiki Level 3A (Shinpiden)

We are awakening, evolving and ascending into a new reality and you’ve landed here because you’re a leader in this change.

You want more than just to help people. You’re ready to co-create a new paradigm. You’re incredibly gifted at what you do and you want to lead others through this extraordinary time.

You’re ready to integrate your learnings together. To accept your unique abilities and transcend what is truly holding you back from stepping up.
You know that if you want new results in your life, you’re going to need to embrace the change being orchestrated by your soul.

You’re ready to reconnect with your soul and access the wisdom within so you can confidently live out your highest expression.

You want to start exploring and facilitating healing at a much deeper level – a quantum level, beyond this lifetime and beyond the current paradigm.
If this is resonating, I’d like to extend to you an invitation to join Ascension.

Reiki level 3a
Reiki Level 3A (Shinpiden)

Ascension is more than just a Level 3A Reiki certification. It is the gateway between the physical and spiritual realm. Your launchpad on the journey of self-mastery and the path to enlightenment.

Designed to take your level of higher consciousness to another realm, we bridge the gap to understanding how healing works on all levels – truly beyond time and space.

Since your Level 2 Reiki training, you’re beginning to open up the channels to explore working with energy on a deeper level. Reiki is an infinite source, continuously evolving. In this next level, you’re invited to truly understand what it means to make Reiki your own.


Using Reiki to underpin your transformation, throughout Ascension you’ll delve deeper into working with Quantum energy – facilitating transformation beyond this lifetime and our present experiences. You’ll reconnect with your true gifts as a healer and embrace all that you truly are.

Imagine for a Moment...

  • Having clarity about your gifts as a lightworker and how to share those with others
  • Feeling a greater connection to your soul self on all levels of who you are
  • Facilitate much deeper and impactful sessions with yourself and others
  • Accessing and reconnecting to the secrets of who you are
  • Learning to transcend limitation and truly co-create a life you want

More Than Just a Reiki Certificate

Are you ready for a new standard of learning? One that maintains with the greatest respect and honour, the traditional Usui Reiki methods of healing but also matches the new paradigm we are shifting into.

There is a strong pull for us to step up and move beyond our limitations. This is my opportunity to step up to meet you there.

While this program is underpinned by the traditional teachings of the Usui Reiki natural healing method, I have also combined my expertise working with the alchemy of crystals, sound healing and my extensive skills and experience as a Life and Wellness coach and Mindfulness Teacher to bring you a Reiki course like no other.

Typically, Reiki students would need to wait until embarking on the Mastership training to access the energetic transmissions that are available during this course. But after teaching more than 400 students, I have seen the collective shift and the greater demand for deeper learning.

Ascension will help you fully step into your soul’s work and co-create a thriving business that is not based on hustling, burnout or grinding. This is in alignment with the new level of consciousness. One that is demanding you live and work from your heart – from a space of love and driven by your highest potential.

You Will Graduate With:

  • A deeper understanding into who you are and how you can truly co-create your own healing methodology and practices.
  • Energetic activation to raise your level of consciousness to continue your path of self-mastery.
  • New skills and techniques to amplify your treatment sessions.
  • Confidence and support to create a professional practice.
  • Access to the highest of vibrations whenever you need it.
  • Exclusive membership to the loving, supportive and empowering Nourished Energy Community of students.
  • Level 3A Reiki certification to be able to practice on a much deeper level with clients, confidently combining modalities and use an additional two sacred symbols of Reiki.
  • Access to training materials, ongoing support, training and opportunities for further practice.
  • Advanced level of crystal healing and able to use Reiki with crystals more effectively.

Course Breakdown & Overview

This Is the Future I Want to Help You Co-create

Are you feeling called to join over 400 Nourished Energy students and help raise the collective consciousness?

What Other Students Say About This New Paradigm of Learning Reiki...

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    December 2, 2020

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    December 1, 2020
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    November 28, 2020

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    November 27, 2020

Here’s the Program Breakdown

Duration 20+ hours of live training + course work. (This includes pre course work – a combination of virtual videos and reading content, live training and a follow-up call after 21 days. During the live training, you’ll have opportunities for live coaching and mentoring).
Prerequisites Level 2 Reiki certification (any lineage)
Delivery Online only or Hybrid option (Online + Face-to-Face training)
Your Investment $1100 AUD (payment plans available)

Are you feeling called to help raise the collective consciousness and help humanity transition from a culture of fear to a love-based community?

Register now to join the program and get access to all the resources to get a headstart on your transformational journey.

More Reiki Courses

Reiki is one of the world’s most powerful energy healing techniques. More and more people turn to this complementary therapy to achieve a more holistic healing approach. The premise is to activate and channel Life Force or Source healing energy, which enables to restore physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual wellbeing.

When you learn Reiki with Nourished Energy, you are graduating with more than just a Reiki certification. This is Reiki upgraded. Transformational life changing programs that will set you up for a thriving career as a lightworker and guide you on the path of self-mastery. After learning about the basics, you can continue your journey with the following courses. They are the keys to becoming a masterful Reiki therapist should you wish to become one. What’s more, they’re also the keys to becoming the greatest version of you.

Reiki courses reiki mastership

Lightworker - Reiki Level 2

After taking time after completing Awaken – Level 1, you may move to Lightwork – Level 2, which deepens your healing abilities and your self awareness. With this training, you will grow into an even more powerful spiritual being accessing the sacred symbols and other Reiki techniques. You will strengthen your intuitive healing connection, distance healing, and energy reading. You will also learn how to create a thriving business as a Lightworker. No other Reiki course goes into this much depth about how to run successful and impactful client sessions. This second phase will let you bring the healer within you to a higher level.

Reiki level 3

Ascension - Reiki Level 3A

Before you become a certified Reiki Master, you will first be invited to further your healing techniques and learn about how we heal on a deep soul level, one that transcends this dimension and this lifetime. Reconnect with yourself and refine your unique abilities as a facilitator of high vibrational transformations. Level 3A prepares you for the ultimate journey towards self-mastery – the Reiki Mastership program, Love and Magic.

Reiki courses reiki mastership

Love and Magic - Reiki
Master Teacher Training Shinpiden

The Reiki Mastership course from Nourished Energy combines the traditional practices passed on through this direct lineage to Grand Masters – Takata, Hayashi and Dr. Usui himself. But you will also receive the unique benefits of training directly with Loretta Carraro as your coach, mentor, teacher and healer. A 5-month apprenticeship style program where you will begin your lifelong commitment to your wellbeing. A deep dive into your self-awareness and learning the tools of self-mastery that will pave the way for you to be the greatest practitioner and/or teacher if you choose to be. But moreso, the greatest version of you.

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