Reiki Mastership

Becoming a Reiki Master is a deeply transformational journey to discover and reconnect with your truth (or authentic self). It also enables you the ability to teach others and attune them to Reiki energies. Complete the course to empower yourself further and connect with a deeper level of energy.

Becoming a Reiki Master is all about knowing who you are and living in your truth. By the end of the course, you will learn to love yourself more – unconditionally. As you reflect on who you are, you will understand more about your innate abilities and gifts as a healer for both yourself and others. You will also learn about and how to work with, love and accept the shadow parts of yourself – your ego, inner child, limiting beliefs and fears.

Reiki Mastership

You have now reached the final part of your journey in learning Reiki. This level will once again open your central energy channel, but you will reach a more significant depth. You will also receive additional Master Symbols.

With this course, you will learn all the required techniques so you can perform Reiki initiations. As a Reiki Master, you take on the responsibility of teaching this healing technique to other people. You will gain the ability to initiate or guide others towards Reiki Attunement. This way, other individuals can also use their energy for healing and self-discovery.

Reiki Mastership has a meticulous structure that has been around since the beginning of Reiki. But in spite of following the traditional path of learning, every student will have a different experience. What you take away from the course may not be the same as another student. It is what makes Reiki unique.

Self-mastery does not happen overnight. Recognise that it is a process, which is why the Mastership program is made up of a series of 20 sessions, each one lasting about 90 minutes. You can choose the most suitable schedule for you and can be taken either in-person or online.

At the end of the Mastership, it is about giving you the tools and awareness you need to set you up for living a life of self-mastery. To continue in your journey to being the greatest version of you. Many students say that the integration actually occurs after graduation – that’s when the real work begins or the transformation is applied.

Reiki mastership
Reiki Mastership

After the Reiki Mastership program, you become a qualified Master-Teacher, which is a distinctive title that symbolises your dedication to Reiki techniques and ideologies.

The last two sessions will include your Gradation Attunement. Additionally, you will learn how to pass on the Attunements to other people through Usui Reiki healing.

Becoming a Reiki Master is all about knowing who you are and being true to yourself. By the end of the course, you will learn to love yourself more – unconditionally. As you reflect on who you are, you will understand more about your innate abilities and talents. At the same time, you can use your Reiki healing to fulfil your highest purpose.


What You Will Learn

  • Attunement to the Final Reiki Healing Energies
  • How to Teach and Attune Others to Level 1 to 3
  • The Best Ways for You to Teach Reiki (if you like)
  • Usui Symbol and Other Reiki Symbols
  • The Advanced Tools and techniques to Get Better Results in Each Treatment
  • Self Love and Acceptance
  • Increase Self Awareness
  • Protect and Manage your Energy
  • Learn to Surrender and Let Go of Control
  • How to Manage the Ego
  • Inner Child Work
  • Managing Fears, Anxiety and Stress
  • Increasing Courage and Confidence
  • Shadow Work
  • Gain More Clarity and Focus
  • How to Have a Successful Business in Alignment as a Lightworker

More Courses

After becoming a Reiki Master, there are endless possibilities for you. Its nature and energies that are now available to you make it a continuous process. You do not need to stop learning. In fact, you can even improve your Reiki potential. It may be a healing modality, but you already know Reiki is more than that. It lets you tap into unlimited joy, peace, wisdom, and abundance.

A Reiki Master is a representation of deep commitment to the practise itself. Being a “Master” does not mean that you know everything about it because there is still a lot to understand. We have crystal courses that will help you refine and enhance your Reiki healing.

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Online Introductory Course

This is the ultimate course for beginners. We will tackle every single significant aspect of crystals, including their physical properties, history, and abilities. Their structures, colours, and shapes will tell you what they can help you achieve. Our course will also talk about how you can choose the right crystals for you, as well as ways to harness their gifts.

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About reiki courses level 2

Crystal Healing Practitioner Course

This one-day course will cover everything you need to know to become a crystal healing practitioner. You will learn how you can heal yourself and others through crystals, wands, and other tools. This course is created to help you become a part of an even bigger mission involving the crystal grid of the Earth.

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About reiki courses level 3

Crystal Gridding Online Course

Master crystals and create powerful grids through the guidance of this online course. You will start by focusing on the crystal’s energy on a particular intention. Gridding can amplify the natural power of crystals, and you can use it to raise the vibration of your home and space – and most importantly, your life.

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