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What is Reiki?

Reiki will change your life. It initiates intense personal growth. It is access to infinite possibility. To everything you want to feel or co-create. It is the gateway to reconnect you to your truth. It is love and magic.

Discover the freedom to truly be yourself, as you are and as you want to be. Reiki Healing is your gateway to access your infinite potential through the highest of vibrations whenever you want it.

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Reiki is unconditional love.

That may sound quite simple and that’s because it is. Everyone has the natural ability to give and receive love. Learning Reiki allows us to tap into that innate, natural ability and connect with it. Ultimately, Reiki is not something we do, but rather, it is who we are – pure consciousness.

Reiki is traditionally understood as a hands-on healing practice originating from Japan in the early 20th Century. Reiki comes from two Japanese words: “rei” meaning mystery or spirit and “ki” meaning life force energy. Life force energy is the universal wisdom that is referred to by scientists as energy or information. People have a unique way of feeling and viewing this energy. For some, it could be Creation or Source, and for you, it could be as plain as “energy” itself. It could also be Divine, Spirit, Love, or Prana.


Above all, Reiki is an abundant and infinite source that in fact increases the more we use it.

 Mikao Usui who formalised The Usui System of Natural Healing in 1922, believed Reiki could be accessed and is available to all. He also believed Reiki is a spiritual practice that enables you to reconnect to your Truth – to uncover who you you truly are. It is a path to enlightenment. Reiki is not affiliated with any religion; it is entirely secular.

But when someone asks you, “What exactly is Reiki?” you may likely struggle to answer this question. That’s because Reiki is experiential. One should experience what Reiki is to know what it truly is. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I simply give you the tools to lay your foundation on. From there, you can turn Reiki into something that works for you, whether it is for healing yourself or loved ones or as a profession. You may then want to add it to other modalities or find ways to incorporate it in your day-to-day. Its power is truly infinite.

Traditional Reiki meets a new paradigm...

Our Reiki courses are transformational programs that are underpinned by the traditional teachings of Usui Reiki. But there is a strong pull for us to step up to match the vibration of this new paradigm. Our offerings include traditional Usui levels of Reiki training combined with additional healing modalities, tools and support so that you can truly transform your life.

Reiki level 3a

When you learn Reiki with Nourished Energy, you automatically join our soul family - a high vibe community of lightworkers...

Learning Reiki is firstly a journey to reconnect to the self. And sometimes the path isn’t easy and sometimes we wish we had someone to guide us, support us and just to hold space and see us. This space is the Nourished Energy community. Whether you are a practitioner level or you have learnt Reiki for your self, the community is a safe space to connect with other like-minded beings of light.

Each Nourished Energy student is invited to join the private Facebook Group. There, we share our experiences, questions, lessons, tips and support for one another.

The Community gives you access to ongoing masterclasses and trainings for personal healing, spiritual growth, health and wellness, and heart-centred business. These trainings are relevant for holding space for others or just yourself.

You’ll also be invited to events throughout the year, access to discounts for workshops and other courses, as well as discounts to products and services from Nourished Energy partners.


Reiki Course Benefits:

Our Available Courses:


Reiki Level 1

An introduction to the life-changing modality of Reiki through the transformational program Awaken. This is a deep dive and great awareness into your Self and everything that holds you back from giving and receiving wholeheartedly unconditional love. Learn the basic foundations of Reiki and how to practice on yourself and loved ones.


Reiki Level 2

It’s time to deepen your intuition and harness its power through the Lightworker program. The complete foundations for having a greater impact with clients. Amplify your Reiki healing abilities learning to practice distant healing, work with powerful sacred symbols, read energy and hold space effectively for others. Includes a heart centred business course and advanced crystal healing.


Reiki Level 3A

It’s time to embrace the change being orchestrated by your soul through the Ascension program. For the healer who is looking for more, ready to uncover the truth of who they are. Ready to play with energy and sacred symbols on a more advanced level, building the confidence to embrace their unique healing abilities. Curious to take the next step towards self-mastery.


Mastership & Teacher Training

This is the second part of the Shinpinden journey. A 20 session mentorship apprenticeship style Reiki program that pushes you to dive into the depths of who you think you are so that you can become who you truly are… an expression of LOVE.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Reiki Level 1 transformational program, Awaken, is divided into 3 parts. Once students are registered, they have access to the precourse work as well as a library of resources with over 20 hours of content and trainings. 

The live training is 8+ hours, which you can complete either online (via Zoom) or a hybrid of online and in person (Armadale, Vic location). 

We also have a follow up Zoom call after 21 days, for questions and a group healing. During the live training, you’ll have opportunities for live coaching and mentoring.

Awaken –  Reiki Level 1 is $1100 (AUD).

The Reiki Level 2 transformational program, Lightworker is divided into 3 parts. Once students are registered, they have access to the precourse work as well as a library of resources with over 30 hours of content and trainings. 


The live training is 8+ hours, which you can complete either online (via Zoom) or a hybrid of online and in person (Armadale, Vic location). 


We also have a follow up Zoom call after 21 days, for questions and a group healing. During the live training, you’ll have opportunities for live coaching and mentoring. 

Lightworker – Reiki Level 2 is $1400 (AUD).

Ascension, Reiki Level 3A is divided into 3 parts. It has 20+ hours of live training and course work, including pre-course work, which is a combination of virtual videos and reading content. The live training is 8+ hours, which you can complete either online (via Zoom) or a hybrid of online and in person (Armadale, Vic location). 


We also have a follow up Zoom call after 21 days, for questions and a group healing. During the live training, you’ll have opportunities for live coaching and mentoring.

Ascension – Reiki Level 3a is $1100 (AUD).

Yes, you are able to complete all Reiki level’s online with Nourished Energy. We use the Zoom platform for online classes.

We offer a hybrid option for all Reiki courses. The hybrid option combines online training and in person training. The hybrid option splits the training over two days, both days are 9am-1pm, the first day being online and the second day in person in my clinic room, where you have the opportunity to practice in person with other students. 


If you are looking for a completely in person experience, there is an option to train with Loretta privately. And there may be some options throughout the year where classes are completely in person. But the reason the course is broken into a hybrid option is because Loretta has found that in both Level 1 and Level 2 there are incredible benefits and greater effectiveness learning the first half online. 


For level 1 this includes the self healing practice, which requires a beautiful level of vulnerability that is best held in the space at home. 


For level 2 this includes the distance Reiki component which is also so much more effective when it is taught and practiced via distance.

Yes we do! Please get in touch via email to organise a payment plan for your chosen course.

At Nourished Energy, we offer the option for both online learning and hybrid classes. The online classes are held in our sacred space over Zoom for a full day of learning, 9am – 5pm. You will learn all of the same information as the hybrid option.


The hybrid classes are spread across two days. The part 1 of the course is conducted over Zoom from 9am-1pm, part 2 of the course is conducted in person in my clinic, from 9am – 1pm. The hybrid option offers you the opportunity to practice on another student face to face.

Yes, all Nourished Energy courses are accredited by the IPHM International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. Nourished Energy is a global training centre for Reiki and is a registered training provider and practitioner with the Reiki Healing Association and International Reiki Association.

Yes I offer private classes, this option is available for anyone who prefers to learn in a private 1:1 capacity rather than a group setting. Please send me an email to inquire about learning privately. 

Yes! It is so common to not know much about Reiki, that is why we begin at the beginning! Often student’s have not even had a Reiki treatment before they begin Reiki Level 1, but they know it is something that they are meant to learn. 


Even if you only decide to only learn Reiki Level 1, you will still come out of it with a strong knowledge of what Reiki is, the history and how to do both self healings and healings on friends and family!

That’s ok! We all have the ability to heal ourselves, Reiki simply helps us to switch on that light and gives us the tools to support our own self-healing. 


You don’t need to be a ‘healer’ to learn Reiki, it is available to everyone to learn and practice. As long as you have an open mind, Reiki will help you to open your heart.

You don’t need to know anything about healing! During Reiki Level 1 and throughout the other levels of Reiki, we discuss what healing is and how to facilitate our own healing and others. Through the pre-course work, live training and transmissions you receive during the course, you will be empowered during the course to become your own healer. 

Yes! In fact, Reiki is first and foremost a self healing journey to reconnecting to your truth. It is about healing the self first before helping others. Many students learn Reiki just for themselves or they might start learning it for themself and then later on change their mind. You don’t have to know how you want to use the modality before you begin your journey. Just trust it.

My group classes are kept small to ensure the highest standard of teaching. It is an intimate setting, where everyone has the time and space to bring their questions and experiences. Each class is different and some classes will have more students than others.

Interestingly, there are quite a few students who learn Reiki before they have even experienced it for themselves. Reiki has a natural “pull” and when the time is right to learn, the time is right! Just trust it and you will experience a Reiki session during your training.

You will just know, just like you just knew to begin Level 1. If you are wanting some guidance in making the decision, you are welcome to get in touch. But, the best person to truly make that decision is you. WIth each level of Reiki, the student will naturally go through a spiritual “adjustment” or recalibration to help them ascend to the next level. So if you are ready for the transformation and the magic that’s ahead of you then all you need to do is say “Yes”.

Yes, I am available for private sessions but it is by application only. I work with clients for coaching, healing and mentoring. You can find out more about working with me here: https://nourishedenergy.com.au/one-on-one/

Work one-on-one with Loretta

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