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Explore and access a range of resources that have been created for you by Loretta Carraro and some of the Nourished Energy students - Reiki practitioners, healers and coaches.


Transform your life with crystals

This program was created for you – the crystal lover and the dreamer. But also for that part of you that knows there’s something more meaningful to this life. If you’re feeling stuck when it comes to manifesting a life that you truly want and can’t seem to move forward, then this program is a transformation to return you back to who you truly are.

Designed to guide you through your own personal transformation at a time and pace that suits you, this program will help you to achieve your goal or intention, while also teaching you tools to apply throughout every stage of your life, long after this program ends.

The Energetic of Abundance

Abundance is your birthright. Just like love. The only thing that holds you back from accessing your true potential is you.

This course has been co-created with Universe to help you tap into the energetics of abundance so that you can manifest what is accessible to you.

There are no coincidences, only synchronicity. Sit back, relax and trust that this course has landed in your fingertips at exactly the perfect time.

There is a secret to truly mastering manifesting and often the one thing that most people forget about. The energetics.


Rituals with the Moon

Reiki and Crystal Healing for self growth, connection and love

I have been fascinated by all things magical and mystical since I was a little girl. But it wasn‘t until I formally started learning about crystals and Reiki in 2011 that my interest in the Moon also peaked. And what better way to connect all of these things together by weaving them into our daily rituals. I believe rituals are a beautiful way to honour all that is important and sacred to us. Afterall, where our attention goes our
energy flows.

6-page booklet of colouring pages

A 6-page booklet of colouring pages created by Loretta Carraro, creator of Nourished Energy. These colouring in pages can be printed out and enjoyed as a mindfulness and creative expression practice for both children and adults. Filled with magical elements, crystals and more, we hope you enjoy this fun and beautiful colouring in book.

FoodSpirit Sara Fieschi

Eat your way to wellness E-Book

Meet Sara Fieschi, the Founder of Food Spirit Wellness where she passionately supports women in their journey to self-empowered wellness.

Sara holds a Bachelor of Food Science & Nutrition (Honours), and a PhD in Nutrition. Sara worked for over 14 years as a lecturer and researcher in Health and Wellness at Deakin University. Sara has also co-authored numerous scientific research papers and has been the recipient of government and philanthropic industry awards.

identify blocks with a pendulum

Stef Griffin is a Reiki Master and Teacher, Akashic Records Practitioner, Crystal Healer and Soul Coach. Stef is a passionate teacher and healer, and works alongside Loretta as the Nourished Energy Student Support Teacher and Coach delivering transformational Reiki training and supporting the Nourished Energy student community beyond their training. Stef utilises her experience as a social worker and healer to nurture and support the Nourished Energy students to step into their role as lightworkers. Learn how to identify blocks in your Chakras using your pendulum.
Leanne The Connected Space Co

Chakra Immersion with Leanne

Leanne is an Intuitive and Transformational Energy Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She is passionate about living a life of purpose and empowering you on your journey to become more consciously connected to your mind, body and being. For most of her life, Leanne has studied, practiced and embodied many yoga, meditation, self-development, energy and spiritual practices.

She is now able to bring together all that has served her so far in her life and to share it with others through The Connected Space Co, where she shares tools and practices to help transform your life and way of being.

Guided Meditation with Laura

Laura’s personal healing journey is what led her to become a Reiki Master and Meditation teacher, exploring holistic healing techniques which inspire the mind, body and spirit connection.

Laura believes that true health and well-being is available to everyone; sometimes we just need a bit of guidance and support to find our way there.

Laura has worked in the community development field for over ten years, with experience in the sectors of youth work, mental health, disability, education and work-readiness. Her professional involvement with such a broad spectrum of the community has strengthened her deep understanding of humans and their varying needs and she brings this depth of experience to her healing work.It is her passion for empowering people to live happier, healthier lives that lies at the heart of her practice.


Akashic Records journey with Sarah

I combine reiki with journeys into the akashic records. Using somatic guided meditation I take clients into the higher dimensions where we open up their akashic records – their soul library. The soul library holds every thought, emotion, and experience that has ever happened to every soul that has ever existed! Wow!! Here, within the library, clients connect to their soul guides and highest self. Information and healing about past lives, present situations, and future possibilities are accessed. Only what is needed at the time and at the moment to be supported on life’s journey is provided.

Magical healings and high vibrational guidance that is full of unconditional love occur during these journeys and the results can be profound. People feel a sense of coming home, a sense of real love and support and an empowering connection back to themselves.

Journal Prompts by Bianca

This is a compilation of 40 beautiful journal prompts that you can use as inspiration to help you gain clarity, access your inner guidance and connect with your soul. The e-book contains journal prompts relating to a range of real-life situations, including gratitude, grief, manifesting, morning rituals and inner-guidance, 

Created by Bianca Brewer from State of Mind Therapies. Bianca is a counsellor, hypnotherapist,  Reiki practitioner and EFT practitioner and has worked with many clients to help them heal from their past, rediscover their potential and  transform their lives.

Bianca Brewer
Jacintha Field - A Family and Child Counsellor

Breathing Tips by Jacintha Field

Jacintha Field is a Family and Child Counsellor, Art Therapist, Level 3a Reiki Practitioner, Breathwork coach, Meditation teacher certified by 1 Giant Mind and Kids Yoga teacher. But most importantly, she is a very conscious Mumma to her son Axel.

Jacintha works with children (and adults) to support them to deeply connect with their inner selves. She encourages all emotions; anger, sadness, jealousy, joy, hope, happiness ect. She teaches humans that our emotions can teach us about ourselves if we give them the time and space to do so.

For more tips, she invites you to follow Happy Souls Kids on Instagram and Facebook. For her journey, you can follow her here, on Instagram, or on Facebook.

She would also love to offer you 10% off your initial child sessions (Child Counselling, Reiki, Art Therapy, Emotional Healing).

Watch her breathing techniques below.

Finding alignment with Amahlee

Lumi Reiki | Amahlee Carter

I am a Reiki Practitioner, dedicated to sharing the experience of Reiki and self-healing.

Reiki has expanded and enriched my life and it is a gift to work with people and see it change their lives too.

I have experienced a variety of modalities throughout my life and Reiki, although gentle, has had a great and enduring impact.
I offer in-person and distance healings from my lovely little space in Newcastle, NSW.

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Rituals with the Moon

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