At Nourished Energy, we delight in empowering you to be your best self and live the life that you love. Our passion is inspiring, guiding and supporting women who are ready to undergo the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional journey to their true self.

Imagine waking up every day and feeling confident, fulfilled and content.

It’s not a dream, it’s an actionable goal and you can achieve it!

You have your own story, challenges, and dreams, and we’re here to help you sift through them, so that you can let go of the bad and nourish the good.

Our approach focuses on:


Healing to restore balance, clear your mind, calm anxieties, and reconnect
you with your self.

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Coaching with bespoke strategies, refined from years of experience, that will
pave the way from your current state to your dream state.

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Mentoring for those in the healing industry to give you the guidance and
skills you need to create a positive and meaningful difference for your clients.

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At Nourished Energy we take pride in teaching you how to maintain healthy personal growth, so that you stay grounded, centred and balanced long after you finish our program. If you’d like more information or to know which of our services would suit you, contact us for a FREE phone consultation.

Thank you Loretta for such a special healing

Just had a crystal healing with Nourished Energy. To be honest, it was not what I was expecting, I thought I’d be zenning out (which can happen) but I spent it in tears… amazing how sometimes we just need to let go and trust what’s real in our own hearts.

Lola Berry - Aussie nutritionist, author and yoga teacher

Warm, welcoming and safe

A beautifully warm, welcoming and safe space and truly delightful energy to be around. I’ll be forever grateful for being an instrumental and inspirational part of my journey.


Im Blown Away

Thank you so much for the growth and wisdom you are enabling and imparting to me. Our work is doing what years in counselling couldn’t finalise.


Our Sessions are gorgeous

I feel so lovely – in a nice, gentle and empowered way. Our sessions are gorgeous. I keep reliving the beautiful warm flowing feeling. It’s just so peaceful and addictive. Thank you so much, you are such a special person to share what you do.