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Setting New Year’s Resolutions That Really Help You

The idea of making a change is empowering, but we all know that real change happens when it is sustained. And when we fail to keep our resolutions, we then feel less confident about achieving our goals next time. So, how can we make the most of this incredible time that is the New Year – a time of new beginnings and change?
The great news is that your behaviour is in your total control.

You are in the driver’s seat to change every habit you have formed in your life but we just need a little bit of help to get there. I’ve put together the following steps to make your resolutions stick.


1. Reflect

Use this time to reflect on the previous year. Ask yourself what did you learn, what gave you the most joy, what is most important to you and what gives you a sense of purpose? This reflection will help you prioritise what is most important to you. Being aware of the things that are serving you and those that are hindering you from achieving your goals is an important part of being able to set new intentions that will stick. You can’t change something if you aren’t aware of it or it’s purpose in your life.


2. Set Intentions

Think about how you want to grow in the next year. Specify exactly who you want to be and what you want your life to look like. This will help you to break down things you can do to obtain this kind of lifestyle and start making transformations in your life. Most importantly, this sends a clear message to the universe that this is what you want!


3. Commit

If your desire is strong enough, you will succeed. Start behaving like you have already achieved your goals. The key to doing this is making a mental commitment to achieving your goals. Remind yourself each day of your end goal by repeating affirmations, writing down your goals repeatedly, leaving mantras or notes with your goal written on it around your home or workplace. Even change your password to be a reminder of your goal to something like: Iamamarathonrunner123


4. Replacing Old Habits With New Ones

If you have identified a current habit that is no longer serving you and helping you to achieve your end goal, then try to replace it with a new habit that will serve you better. Repetition is the key to forming new habits. Try to choose a way of introducing new habits that will suit you and help you commit. Perhaps meditating each day is too extreme for you and you know your lifestyle won’t suit it. Try and have ‘meditation days’ instead and take baby steps towards your ultimate goal. These ‘quick wins’ or small steps will continue to motivate you towards the result. These small steps are better motivators than rewards – ultimately you are doing something amazing for yourself and changing your life to be more positive and there is no bigger or better reward than living the life you want.


5. Be Patient

Don’t put a time frame on your new habit. Just because it took someone 21 days to stop having sugar cravings, it might take you 94. So much depends on how habits are formed and we are all unique. Be gentle with your progress and try not to compare yourself to others. Continue to remind yourself why you are making changes and remember your end goal.


6. Have a Strategy for Messing Up

If you mess up at 11:00 am today, don’t give up on yourself until tomorrow or next Monday. Don’t wait another moment, Every minute is a new opportunity to start again. Be kind to yourself, reassess why you messed up and try to understand what it was that triggered you to go back to your old ways. This will help you develop a strategy on how to cope when you do mess up so you can continue to move forward. Remember, each time we do revert back is an opportunity for us to grow and develop ourselves.


But first, YOU…

If you do keep failing and need some help moving forward, you may need to do some core work on your foundations. Ditch the resolutions altogether and just commit to making this year that you stop trying to change yourself and start accepting where and who you are right now in your life.

The underlying issues may not be clear or you feel stuck and unable to shift the negative energy within. Contact me to find out how we can unblock these imbalances that are stopping you to move forward.

In love and light,

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