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Reiki Healing is also known as Reiki massage.

The Science Of Reiki

In my years of teaching Reiki, I have noticed that the gap between spirituality and science is getting smaller. However, there are still many people who could benefit from understanding just how powerful and effective this modality truly is.

While some are not well-aware of their need for Reiki, others simply choose not to have anything to do with it. Why so? As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I have been long convinced of the benefits of Reiki through personal experience, above all else. But explaining the efficacy of the therapy is a great challenge that can be frustrating.

Reiki and Science: Do They Mix?

Reiki is an energy healing system, which is safe and gentle. Best of all, this treatment works! It benefits almost any condition, whether you are emotionally stressed or suffering from chronic pain. My clients prefer Reiki for many reasons, including the fact that it is a non-invasive treatment. And even though it works, it does not require the patient to remove any other medical procedure as part of the equation. Reiki complements allopathic (conventional) treatments.

There are no side effects and contraindications to worry about with Reiki. Instead, it alleviates stress, boosts the immune system, and jumpstarts the healing process of the body. Reiki is unique, with its benefits felt by most people immediately. And a simple training course can provide the necessary information, which can be used to treat family, friends, and more importantly, themselves.

I have witnessed this healing technique and the different benefits that it has given to many people. The ability to heal exists within us all. Reiki is an infinite source and always available to everyone.

But the holistic approach is often contested by science. Usually, it is difficult to put into words what Reiki is exactly –, and people are not happy with uncertainties. They want a clear, concrete explanation of what it is. On the contrary, because of the growing number of testimonials of how effective and beneficial Reiki is, some feel that it should be widely available to both therapeutic and mainstream channels.

Reiki may be met with scepticism, but the proof is in the experience. There is something in it that causes you to feel at ease and relaxed. Improving your health and wellbeing follows naturally with that peace of mind. It’s that positivity that creates a physiological effect on the body. Indeed, these benefits or effects are in no way due to your psychological belief. It is real and tangible – as Reiki is.

Reiki is a non-invasive treatment with no side-effects and contraindications.

Reiki as Explained by Quantum Physics

The body is made up of energy, and the quantum physics field discovered that matter is also composed of energy. Breaking up everything and going beyond the atomic level will bring you “superstrings” that are actually pure energy vibrations. The frequency of vibrations will depend on many things, but most especially the kind of matter these strings form.

The superstrings recognised as sub-sub atomic particles interact with one another. In doing so, they form atoms that create molecules and then form cells. Together, these cells, as you may already know, are what we are in our human form.

The resonance of energy from which we are formed is determined based on our bodies. Things can go haywire, which is when we go through the pain and emotional suffering. But don’t fret; just like a stringed instrument, these superstrings of energy can be in tune again. When in tune, these strings can once more provide frequencies and vibrations that benefit our wellbeing.

If, however, you do not pay attention to your energy vibrations and the energy itself, it will eventually create an unpleasant experience. Things are no longer in harmony, and these imbalances can manifest. People whose bodies are out of tune may feel depressed, anxious, and stressed as well as physically unwell.

That’s why Reiki is so effective – an energy healing system that helps you take control of the energies within and of the body. From then on, you will learn how to listen to the needs of your physical body and your emotional state. You will be able to sense disruptions, as well as the negativity around you and within your body, as well. With these abilities, you can improve your condition, as long as you utilise your gift of healing properly.

So, What Does It All Have to Do With Quantum Physics?

The answer is simple: it’s all in the process. Reiki is channelled through my (or any other Reiki practitioners’) bioenergy field, which is then shared with you through touch. Even without touching, my energy will still interact with your energetic or subtle body. And that’s why Reiki works from a distance. It helps remove energy blockages so that your energy will flow adequately once again. In Quantum Physics, this process is known as “entrainment.”

Entrainment is when the higher vibrations (from the practitioner) to you or someone with lower energy vibrations. The result of this interaction is entirely positive because the recipient’s (you) energy is raised to meet with the other person’s frequency. It is a phenomenon that leads to synchronicity between two different levels of energy. This harmonisation of vibrations helps to restore the wellbeing of the recipient. At the same time, it encourages the body to start healing itself.

Reiki is channelled through the bioenergy field, which is then shared through touch.

The Reiki and Nervous System Connection

Believe it or not, there is an actual physiological effect that energy healing provides. This particular effect stems from the nervous system or the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) to be specific.

What exactly is ANS? To summarise, it is associated with the bodily functions that we do not have direct control over. Even as the owners of our bodies, we cannot stop or even start certain natural reactions, including those that relate to our blood pressure, vasodilation, respiration, and sweating. The Autonomic Nervous System permeates every organ and all parts of the body with motor and sensory pathways. At the same time, ANS plays a crucial role in regulating our essential functions.

The ANS consists of two branches:

  1. Sympathetic Nervous System, which is actually our Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawning response
  2. Parasympathetic Nervous System, consisting Rest and Digest

So, what does Reiki have to do with our nervous system? The literature of different studies has observed a link between Reiki and our ANS. Reiki has many benefits, and one of them is reducing stress or inducing relaxation. ANS, on the other hand, is the motor system for our emotions. Perhaps you could see the connection now. Since Reiki reduces stress, it has some effect on our ANS.

Here are some sources to consider:

  • In 1995, a researcher investigated the Autonomous Nervous System, looking at blood pressure, heart rate, and how the skin responds to stress. According to the study, the diastolic blood pressure continued to decrease with the help of Reiki.
  • A 1999 research paper states that a human’s physiologic system is sensitive to energy therapies, thanks to ANS. Therapeutic Touch (TT), which is similar to Reiki, has incredible physiological effects. These benefits can be measured in several ways, including recording pulse, blood pressure, and respiratory rate.
  • A 2001 study focused on measuring Reiki’s effects on ANS, particularly in the biological area. The researchers found that there was a significant decrease in anxiety and systolic blood pressure. Meanwhile, upon giving the healing touch of Reiki to patients, salivary immunoglobulin A (IgA) levels increased dramatically. These changes showed that Reiki does have undeniable effects on the stress levels of the recipients.

What do these studies and others mean? Scientifically, the nervous system does respond to Reiki. Even in studies with control, placebo, and Reiki groups, those in the Reiki group respond better. It strongly indicates that this healing modality has a critical impact on ANS.

Surely, people will continue to look for evidence, for proof that Reiki really works. It is still inconclusive because more studies are required. A more extensive study that looks into more details and with a bigger number of participants will convince many critics. However, not everyone will stop asking questions. The body and the ANS respond to Reiki, and this response is NOT psychological or wishful thinking in any way. It is scientifically sound and brings energy healing into the mainstream and hopefully into general medical practice.

It’s impossible to eliminate sceptical minds. There will always be people who doubt the abilities of Reiki, even if it does have a connection with science.

But since Reiki is always focused on positivity, let us do the same thing. Millions of people around the world recognise the fundamental truths coming from the principles of energy healing.

The advancements in physics and other branches of science can justify the thoughts and beliefs behind the practice. But before the entire world sees Reiki as a validated medicine, what we can do today is to choose to believe in its power and efficacy and the power of Unconditional Love.

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