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The three levels of Usui Reiki training explained in a brief summary

The three levels of Usui Reiki training explained in a brief summary

Mikao Usui, who formalised the modality of Usui Reiki in 1922 introduced the three levels of training for students who were learning Reiki. Although it is taught quite differently today to how it was taught over 100 years ago, the concept of a student progressing through each level is the same and still plays a necessary part in the training. 

Even though some students may feel like they have a lot of experience with energy healing, may be practitioners in other modalities, have been on a spiritual development journey for a long time etc., it is still necessary for students to begin at level 1 training. However, the approach to the teaching of content may be tailored to suit various audiences and this would be at the discretion of the Reiki teacher.

Reiki is much more than just a modality that is learnt to practice professionally on others. It is also much more than just something we can really ‘pick up’ in a single training session. That’s because it is a journey that involves integration for some long after the live training. As such, Reiki truly meets the student wherever they are on their journey of self growth and spirituality. 

That’s also why there is no harm in repeating training even after you have completed the Reiki Mastership and Teacher training. That’s because even though we may be progressing, our self growth is never a linear experience. Much like the rest of our human experience, it’s a continuous journey. And with each class and each practice, we always have the opportunity to learn so much more, to work through so much more, to uncover and heal so much more. 

Here is a brief summary of what each level of Usui Reiki training entails. Of course, there may be some differences depending on the lineage and teacher.

Level 1 – Shoden

This is a journey of self awareness and self connection  – to moving away from seeing ourselves as separate from the Universe, away from victim consciousness to a space where we can be open to giving and receiving (or holding ourselves and our loved ones in a space of) unconditional love. 

It’s about understanding and recognising our barriers to giving and receiving love. Understanding our barriers to seeing ourselves and others as anything but worthy of love and ultimately seeing ourselves as beings of light – expressions of the entire universe. When we understand that, we understand that we are Reiki – Universe’s life force energy. It’s not something that we do, but simply who we are. 

Level 1 is a reminder of this truth, it’s not something taught in Level 1, but rather something students are invited to remember. 

Level 2 – Okuden

This is a journey of trust and practice. It’s a significant step in the development of our understanding in how Reiki works. We move into a space of trust as we deepen the connection to our practice and our intuition. 

Understanding energy healing as a modality that works beyond time and space. Healing on all levels and because we are all connected, as we heal ourselves we also heal others and as we help others to heal, we also heal ourselves. Advancing our practices and inviting the use of additional tools – symbols of Reiki – to help support us as we continue to build up that trust and develop our healing ability.

Level 3 – Shinpiden

Our final step is the Mastership journey that invites students to delve deeper into their practices. Truly moving into the space of full acceptance that we are Reiki. We are the great white light of the entire Universe. We are one and connected to one another and all there is. 

A journey of continuously letting go of anything that holds us back from embodying the truth of who we are. Divinity. A commitment to one’s self, to have agency and to let go and to let go and to let go. An opportunity to also share the gift of Reiki with others, to guide others back to who they truly are. 

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In love and light, 

Loretta xo 

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