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The Attunement is a ritual or initiation that is passed on from the Reiki Teacher to the student to instantly connect students to the Universal flow of Ki (life force energy). It enables the student to access or be attuned to unconditional love and its limitlessness. Put simply, the Attunement process was not just an initiation to Reiki, but to access a higher state of consciousness and awareness. The sacred Attunement is what differentiates Reiki from other healing modalities.

The Attunement is permanent. However, students can also receive Attunements as many times as they like – some believe it can help students to further amplify their connection and abilities, especially if they are not practicing regularly. There is no harm in giving or receiving additional Reiki Attunements. After all, they are magical opportunities to reconnect and return us to our true essence. It is important to remember though, no amount of Attunements can replace the need to practice Reiki!

Attunements are not received or given by the physical teacher or student. It is a process that connects the teacher and student at a soul level and it is therefore difficult to explain or understand. Because, the Attunement occurs at a spiritual level.

It is common for students to feel a number of different effects or symptoms following an Attunement. Similar to the symptoms following a healing treatment, an Attunement can shift energy, so a lot can be released or transmuted in order or connect the student to their next level of Reiki. There is no set period of time for the integration or response to awakening the Reiki energy. However, it is a Western belief that allowing 21 days after the Attunement for full is a good guide. As such, you may want to offer 21 days of support to your students.

The Attunement process is a sacred ritual and although there are variances between lineages and teachings of Reiki, its traditions should be honoured and respected as you learn them. Of course, like teaching, there is room to add in your own flavour and additional tools to assist in the process.

Some common questions about Attunements…

Can I just give Attunements to students?

While the Attunement process is one of the main elements of Reiki, it is not the only thing. Reiki is much more – it is a way of life. To “attune” a student to Reiki would be like giving them a car without teaching them to drive. Reiki is a gift and should be honoured as such. Therefore, Attunements and passing the gift of Reiki to another person should be done so with the utmost respect and honour. It’s so important for a student to understand that gift and how to access and use it properly.

Can I teach children Reiki?

Everyone can learn Reiki, but it is a great privilege and therefore up to the teacher’s discretion to who should learn. There are no rules around the ages of Reiki, but thinking about what it opens up and enables access to, it is widely agreed by many teachers that teaching children under 7 years old is not encouraged – at this age, the analytical brain is forming. It is also recommended that children only use it for self practice. Remembering that the energy body (Chakra system, auric field) is still forming until adulthood.

How long should a student wait before their next Attunement level of Reiki?

Different lineages also recommend different timeframes in between each level fo Reiki. But this may also be up to the discretion of the teacher. I think everyone is at different levels of consciousness and learning Reiki is so much more than a certification. It’s a transformational journey. And therefore so difficult to determine who should or should not have access to that. I wholeheartedly trust in the inner power of my students to listen to when it feels right for them, just as they were pulled to learn Level 1, I believe Reiki pulls us to continue at our own pace too.

If you have more questions about Attunements or you’re looking for more guidance on how to teach Reiki, take a look at my online self-study course “How to Teach Usui Reiki.” Or if you are looking for mentoring around teaching, get in touch to work with me privately. 

All my love

Loretta x

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