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What is Our Greatest Restriction?

Whether you think you can or you can’t you are right. That’s because regardless of what is ever happening outside of us, the biggest restrictions we ever face are our own limitations The ones we have created about ourselves. Outside, in the physical world, we are constantly faced with boundaries and limitation – we don’t have enough time, or money, it’s the wrong day of the week, we live in the wrong city, we don’t have a car, it’s against the law, we don’t have the ingredients… Whatever it is, there are many things that limit us from feeling like we can do or be what we want.

It’s true – the physical world does limit us, it is full of limitation. These ‘man-made’ limitations are created from fear and a place of lack. Fear creates boundaries and control. Love, on the other hand is a creative, infinite source that generates chaos. Fear makes us feel safe, because control and boundaries make us feel safe. Of course, safety is an illusion and with love, there is no illusion. There is only possibility, wonder, awe, joy and magic. Fear is the known, love is the unknown. But when we allow ourselves to tap into the unknown – out of the physical dimension and into a higher one, we have access to much much more.

If we base our level of capability on what we “see” in the world around us, we are limited. But when we close our eyes and truly see all that is available to us, we have access to an infinite supply of ideas, of love and joy. It’s in this higher dimension that we can. We can do and be anything – the only limitation there is our imagination.

It’s in this dimension that ideas are born and then it’s up to us to bring them to life in the physical world. But first, we must create. If we can see beyond the limitation, we have access to a different dimension – one filled with infinite  possibility. An unlimited paradigm.

So if we always have ‘restrictions’ in our world, why do these feel so much harder to deal with?

The short answer to this question is because the changes to our life have been so rapid; quite literally overnight. Whenever we are faced with ‘change’, we deal with it by responding with different emotions. Common ones are denial, anger, sadness, frustration and hostility. Given the fast rate of change right now, it is normal for us to be going through these responses rapidly too as we try to keep up and process what is happening. You may be feeling all of these emotions even throughout the same day.

But, we still have a choice

We cannot control the changes and what is happening outside of us. But we always have the choice to react, to feel and think and believe. Ultimately, we can choose whether we allow something outside of us to control our vibration.

I have been spending much time thinking about freedom and with so much ‘restriction’ in our daily life, the only true freedom we ever have is choice. Rather than trying to push against outside limitations, use your energy to focus on your true freedom – your choices.

Choose to feel it all, to understand more about your reactions – why you feel the way you do and perhaps how you want to feel instead. Choose to love and be loved. When the outside is full of fear, by choosing to be light you may just give someone else permission to choose the same.

When you are feeling anger in particular, underneath what appears to be ‘negative’ is the energy of desire and motivation. You get to choose how to use your energy. Use it to fuel your own change – to create change within the limitless field of the unknown. The place where ideas are created, the place filled of love and abundance. It’s from there you get to create change based on love, not fear. Change that is in alignment with who you truly are. Not based on your outside limitations. But rather, that is created from an abundant source.

A new paradigm

When we live our life within the constraints of the outside world, we are allowing something outside of us to be in control. Your power is taken away from you. You have then no ability to make choices based on what is in alignment because you have no idea what alignment means for you.

The more that you are faced with outside restriction, the more questions this should raise within you about who you are. Why does something feel wrong or make you feel angry or sad?

Isn’t our reaction a beautiful opportunity for insight into our truth and defining our alignment? Our feelings act as a sign post for discovering more about ourselves. It’s from building greater self awareness that we can actually create changes that are representative of our truth, our soul’s truth. The very reason we are here.

Your only limitation to living on purpose and in your truth is not any boundary or restriction from the outside world. Your true restrictions are the ones you’ve created. They are not the boundaries that have been posed on you by legislation. They are the beliefs you have created since you were younger. That you’re not good enough, you’re not worthy, you’re not loveable, you’re not ready, you’re not safe, you’re not pretty enough, smart enough or skinny enough.

They are your real limitations – your beliefs created from fear and lack. Beliefs you created to keep you under the illusion that you’re safe and that you’re in control.

It’s time to discover what these are, and move beyond them. You are a gift, here for a purpose. You are a light. You need to navigate your way now to share your gifts with the world. The challenges you think you’re facing are merely obstacles to shed your inner limitations and make you a stronger, greater version of who you truly are.

Your beliefs are your choice. It is your freedom, your birth right to choose beliefs that will help you create a life that is not bound by limitation, but one where you access and live from a place of love and abundance. Of infinite possibility.

It’s your time, beautiful. It’s time to choose a new paradigm.

In love and light, 

Loretta xo

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