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What is Reiki and how does Reiki work?

Reiki is simply the Universe’s energy. It’s the energy that sustains us all. This limitless, boundless and infinite energy. It’s the Universe’s life force. Our life force.

We are all an expression of this energy. It’s within all of us and of all us. It’s not something a Reiki teacher gives you, but the role of the teacher is just to “attune” you, to help guide you and remind you of this truth.

That’s why so many students learn Reiki and comment that it feels like coming home, a returning… they know what to do because it’s innate. To play with this energy, to feel connected to its high frequency and to trust in its infinite wisdom is just so natural.

Reiki is the remembrance of this gift that helps you bring yourself back to balance and that also helps elevate others into this space. It’s a gift of hope, harmony and restoration.

It’s not invasive or intrusive. It complements… everything. No matter what modality, treatment, pain and suffering, medication, diet, lifestyle and so on. It knows exactly how to work. Because it’s not dependent on your physical condition. Reiki works with your energetic body. It works beyond the symptoms and connects to the root cause of our life’s manifestations.

And that’s why it works on all of Universe’s treasures – people, pets, crystals, our spaces and of course Mother Earth.

The facilitator only needs to hold a space of unconditional love and let go. It’s a beautiful lesson in trust and surrender, over and over again. To let go of fear and to believe in possibility, to believe in magic, and of course to believe in love.

It’s the reconnection of a single source of truth. Your single source of truth.

That you’re not your story or your past. That no matter what, you’re worthy of showing up, of being healed and being your very own healer. Because you’re more powerful beyond your own belief. Reiki is a gateway to show you how ????

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