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What is self mastery - A spiritual pathway

What is self mastery? A spiritual pathway

According to the Oxford definition of self-mastery, it’s just another world for self-control. In other words, self-mastery is about learning to take control of aspects of the self. Our limiting beliefs, fears, habits etc. Mikao Usui Sensei who formalised Reiki believed that the pathway to being a Reiki Master was through self-mastery. But to earn the title of Reiki Master has never been about control, or even mastering the art of Reiki necessarily. But we learn early on that in order to master Reiki, we must master the self. So what then does it mean from a spiritual perspective?

Reiki is light. It is love. It is life force energy and we are Reiki. To master Reiki, is to recognise that it works as you, it is an embodiment rather than a practice. Reiki is a tool, a pathway to the embodiment of the truth of who we are – this love and light.

It sounds woo-woo perhaps, fluffy even, unattainable and unrealistic. Because, the irony here is that for the Reiki Master, self-mastery is actually completely out of one’s control.

The more we surrender, the more we trust and let go. Then the more we no longer feel separate to all that is happening around us and to us. We reach a point, where all that is, was and will be is happening through us.

Self-mastery is awareness and consciousness. It’s the meeting point where the being and the body come together. In unity, wholeness and love. The being of all that you are – an expression of the entire universe. The divinity and the earth.

Self-mastery not only begins with awareness but it’s an evolutionary journey of awareness. It begins with the exploration of who we think we are, an infinite revelation of truth. The coming together of contraction and expansion. A breaking down of a need to control, but trusting in the infinite wisdom of all that you are – a powerful and luminous deity. 

Not so powerful because you’ve mastered the separate self, but powerful because you’ve connected to all that you are.

As a student formally learns through the levels of Reki, they realise that it’s less about following a formal training guide and syllabus. There is less structure and more freedom to step into the uniqueness that is you. The power that is you. In all that you are, do and have. At the final level of Reiki, the syllabus becomes you – where the Reiki Master trains to become the Self Master.

If you feel ready to break free from all that you think you are and connect to and embody who you are, the Reiki Mastership and Teacher training is for you. It is not a commitment to just learning a course, it is a commitment to the most important thing you’ll ever learn about. The wonder that is you. 

Find out more about the Reiki Mastership (Love and Magic) program here. 

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