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What to Expect During a Reiki Healing?

During my experience as a Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher, I have realised that just as much effort goes into preparing for a client as it does during the Reiki session as well as the client aftercare. It’s these details that create the best possible experience for both the client and the practitioner. In this post, I aim to share with you a behind-the-scenes look at a Reiki healing with Nourished Energy. This goes through what it is like for a face-to-face session. To get more information on distant healing, take a look at this blog post here.



Before you arrive, I cleanse the studio of any negative energy: preventing any interference during our session and ensuring that you will be in the safest, most nourishing environment possible. I use a cleansing ritual that combines aura sprays, crystals and smudging with sustainable Palo Santo to make the room as welcoming as I can.

Once the room feels ready, I take some time to prepare to connect with the Universal Life Force and to understand the kinds of wounds I may need to address during your healing. Like most modes of healing, every Reiki session at Nourished Energy must be tailored to the needs of the client so that we can provide the best quality of care possible. Before a Reiki session I will:

  • Meditate and connect with you energetically. This allows me to get a sense of any blockages or imbalances within your Chakras, though it is something I am only comfortable doing when I have the person’s permission.
  • Use Angel or Tarot cards to do a reading for you. Card readings are great for picking up on reoccurring problems or key characteristics of your personality that are being challenged.
  • Take time to select each crystal that will be useful in the session. During the healing, these crystals will act as amplifiers that help the nourishing positive energy of the Universal Life Force flow through you. This may mean using Blue Lace Agate to help soothe or Citrine to encourage confidence or any other combination. Not all Reiki practitioners use crystals, but as a certified crystal practitioner, I can’t speak highly enough of the powerful support and guidance that these little blessings can give.
  • Cleansing the room and attuning myself and the crystals to the Universal Life Force creates a beautifully warm atmosphere in the studio that will begin to shift your energy as soon as you enter. Many people have told me they noticed their energy reacting to the healing intentions within the room and its clear use as a nourishing space as soon as they stepped through the doors.



Once we have settled in, I like to check in with you to see how you are feeling and if there is anything you would like to focus on. We will discuss the energies that I picked up on during my earlier preparation. Using my qualifications as a wellness coach, I will help you to explore your goals and identify the problems at the core of your challenges so that I can help guide you toward healing and growth. This may mean focusing on your:

  • Muladhara Chakra, to help you let go of fear and feel more secure, grounded and courageous.
  • Svadhisthana Chakra, to encourage your self-confidence, creativity and pleasure in connecting with others.
  • Manipura Chakra, to help you know and appreciate yourself as a capable, unique individual.
  • Anahata Chakra, to fill you with unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance—something that we all should strive for!
  • Vishudda Chakra, to give you the strength to set boundaries, stand up for your beliefs and speak openly and honestly.
  • Ajna Chakra, to boost your intuition and realign your perspective so that you can see the bigger picture.
  • Sahasra Chakra, to allow your connection with your higher power to guide you toward faith, trust, love and fulfilment.
  • Physical wounds, to ease pain and allow your body to heal faster.

To read more about the Chakras, take a look at this blog post here.

If you have brought your own crystals with you, then we can chat about why you chose them and how you came to be their guardian.

Although most people find a consultation helpful, some clients prefer not to talk, which is perfectly okay. Reiki is all about making you feel safe and comfortable.


The Healing

During a Reiki healing, you need only take your shoes off. I have a massage table for you to lay on—whether you want to lay on your back, stomach, side or sit, is completely up to you. Soft music is playing and I will place my hands and some of the crystals on the parts of your body that correspond with the different Chakras. I may focus on some areas over others, depending on what we discussed in your consultation, the condition of each Chakra and your reaction to the crystals. While this is happening, you are welcome to chat with me, rest quietly or even sleep.

It is important that you try to relax. The negative energy that I am helping to clear from your Chakra channels often originates from emotional wounds, so it is vital that you know you are in a secure environment where you can openly explore what you are feeling, react to what you find and begin to let go of whatever is drawing this negative energy. The more you are open to the healing and the more you can relax, the more effective the healing will be.

If at any point during the session you feel uncomfortable, we can stop or talk about what is happening. However, it is very common to feel all sorts of things during the session – heat or coolness, energy moving, visualisations, nausea, headache, tummy grumbling, etc. Even though you may feel a bit strange, energy healing is very safe. It works on a vibrational level – a deep, soul level. Your soul will always protect you and there is no way it will ever allow something that you’re not ready to feel to come up.

A Reiki healing is often also referred to as a Reiki massage – this is because Reiki is like a spiritual or soul massage.

Reiki Healing is also known as Reiki massage.



If we didn’t chat about what came up as I was healing you, we will discuss what you felt during your session and why you think you may have felt this. A lot of negative energy stems from an emotional place and the imbalance it creates in your channels can cause a combination of mental, emotional and physical effects that you may have thought were separate. Using my experience as a wellness coach, I will help you explore ways to approach this core obstacle, including whether or not you would like further sessions.

Finally, before you leave, I will give you one of the crystals that we used in our session—usually the one that you had the greatest connection to. You can then take it home and allow it to help guide and support you as you continue to heal and grow.

A session like this will take around an hour, but I always leave plenty of spare time around a booking so that we can go over time if we need to. Reiki can’t be rushed: it is a personal type of healing that needs time and attention if you are going to get the high quality results that you deserve.

After you leave, I go through my cleansing ritual again, this time making sure to check in on the crystals that we used and cleanse them of any residual negative energy. The next day or two, I will check in with you to ensure you’re feeling okay after the healing and this is an opportunity to answer any questions or discuss anything else with you. Sometimes it isn’t until a while after a session that everything begins to make sense!

I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes peek at having a healing with a Reiki Master at Nourished Energy.

All my love

Loretta xo 

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