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Why we make the wrong choices and crystal ritual for letting go

Why we make the wrong choices and crystal ritual for letting go

We live our lives based on what is familiar and safe for us. The fact is not many of us will make choices in our day-to-day lives under the influence of what is unknown, unfamiliar or unsafe. When we choose things in our lives that are familiar, what we’re actually doing is nurturing that desire within us to feel safe. 

All of us have this desire – from the moment we’re born we need to have our basic needs met, to feel safe in our environment, to have someone who loves us, to have food and our basic survival needs met. If we don’t have these basic needs met, we cannot evolve spiritually, emotionally or developmentally. If we don’t have these things, we can’t evolve, so we end up constantly looking for things that make us feel safe, because when we’re safe we then have the freedom to thrive. 

The problem is that we don’t actually thrive in the familiar, so we have to come up with some sort of way of feeling safe with the unfamiliar and unknown in order for us to really grow and evolve. 

As we become more aware, many of us see that our familiar habits  no longer serve us. But we keep them because of that familiarity, even though we know they’re not necessarily great choices or that they are hindering us from stepping into our full potential. We know what to expect with the familiar, we see the pattern in it and it becomes safe for us – it’s part of our survival mechanism. 

How many times have you taken the safe, familiar route? Driven the same streets to go to work, worn similar clothing, or chosen the same food at a restaurant? We know what to expect with these things and that feels good. It’s the same reason why many people stay in relationships or jobs that don’t serve them any longer. It doesn’t help them grow but that familiarity and sense of ‘I am safe here’ is so powerful. 

Even though there is the possibility that you may thrive and grow beyond your expectations, beyond your imagination and beyond your wildest dreams in an unknown environment, it doesn’t feel tangible. You can’t see, taste or know the unfamiliar, so it requires you to trust which can be really difficult. 

This is why we find doing something new, or changing something, challenging for us. There will have been times in the past where we have taken that step to try new things that haven’t worked out, and we end up taking a step backwards from that and telling ourselves ‘see, you can’t do new things. You’re not a risk taker’.  

But hold that compassion for yourself, because we’re not simple – we’re very complex and complicated. Our brains haven’t evolved all that much from trying to survive and we’re still quite primal animals with primal instincts.

But as our level of consciousness begins to grow and evolve, we see that these things that were once our comforts are now becoming uncomfortable. 

So how can you make the uncomfortable feel comfortable?

Practice. It’s really as simple as that!

When you practice and keep exposing yourself to the unfamiliar, eventually it starts to feel familiar and you grow to have more trust in it and eventually you feel safe in it. Once you start feeling safe in it, then you allow yourself to step more and more into the unknown and be more comfortable trying new things.

If you’re feeling stuck in the familiar, or hate change, it’s beautiful to practice connecting with something that’s higher than you. If you can allow yourself regular spiritual practices, you can connect to an expression of you that is much bigger and connected universally. 

And when you get to this point, you’ll eventually start believing that you’re ok, you’re protected and you’re safe.

Take time to connect to your body, to listen to where it feels afraid and what it needs to help it feel safe. It holds so much wisdom, it will help show you exactly what it needs to heal.

You are such a gift, the world is waiting for you. 


What you will need: 

  • A crystal that resonates for your practice – my choices would be either Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz or Apatite. Tip: You can also use a Clear Quartz to substitute any crystal
  • A glass of water
  • Lavender (either essential oil or dried) fo the first part
  • Orange (a squeeze of juice) from step 


This ritual is best done around the time of the Full Moon (up to a few days after full illumination is perfect). 

  1. Take a moment to think about what kind of habits keep showing up in your life that do not feel like they serve you any more. That don’t feel like they are in alignment with who you really are or want to be. Your habits could be a thought pattern, people or a person, behaviours and things you do etc. 
  2. Fill the glass with water and choose a crystal to put inside the water with your herb of choice. Hold the cup in your hand and close down your eyes to set the intention that you’re giving your habit to the water. You may even want to call in any of your favourite guides to help you here (if you’re Reiki attuned to Okuden Level 2, you can also use symbol 2 – SHK over your water three times).  
  3. When you feel ready, slowly pour your water down the sink and say, “May this habit flow back into the Universe and be transmuted into purposeful loving energy.”
  4. Wash the crystal and cleanse it along with the glass. Then fill the glass with filtered water. Place a squeeze of orange juice into the glass (or orange around the glass if you don’t wish to consume it) and the crystal also next to the glass. 
  5. Place your hands around the glass. Close down your eyes and set a new intention with this new water for the type of new habits you want to bring into your life.
  6. When you feel ready, drink the water with the intention that you are drinking the new loving and purposeful energy.


Loretta xo

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