1-1 Experience with Loretta

1-1 Experience with Loretta

Thank you for your interest in working with me. It’s one of the greatest honours to personally work with a small number of beautiful souls on their transformational journey.

Working with me might be for you if you are looking for one or more of the following:

  • Energy Healing and coaching: I help you move past what is holding you back and reconnect you to your highest potential. I am an intuitive multidimensional channel, read energy blocks and will clear energy. I use a variety of healing methods including crystals, Reiki, sound and light codes. At the beginning of the session I spend time understanding what it is you are wanting to work through to help set the intention for the treatment. At the end of the session I will share and go through what has come up as well as use coaching tools to help ground and give you tips to ensure all the energy work we have done on the day is integrated in your daily life.
  • Spiritual and intuition coaching: I help you unlock your own spiritual codes and deepen your connection to your intuition, your guides and your own healing abilities in a holistic and practical approach that helps you embody your truth and your soul connection in your day to day life as well as your dedicated spiritual practices.
  • Business mentoring: I help healers, coaches, naturopaths and other leaders in the health and wellness space who are heart centred focused and are looking at stepping into this work fully. Drawing on over 15+ years in marketing as well as my own experience as a “spiritualpreneur”, I have a strong passion for helping others share their gifts with the world combining the magical alchemy of both the masculine and feminine energetics of business to create a sustainable and thriving business that feels so good and aligned.
  • Private teaching and mentoring: I help you on your own private journey with Reiki and/or crystal healing. I teach all levels of Reiki privately as individual or private group courses. They are completed within a time that suits you. This is ideal for those who are wanting a private experience – particularly suitable for those who feel more advanced in their spiritual or ‘self development’ journey, have studied Reiki before or a sensitive/empathic to others’ energy, or are craving to be unconditionally held and supported exclusively through their journey.

The first step in potentially working together is to fill out the application below.

This gives me the opportunity to understand if I can support you and working 1-1 feels in alignment for us both. Let me know if you prefer to work with me in person in Melbourne (Australia) or online.

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    Before you hit submit, please note that working with me 1-1 is an investment.

    My single sessions begin at $444 for a 90-minute intensive ($333 for current Nourished Energy Reiki students).

    Thank you for taking the time to fill out the application.


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