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It’s your time, beautiful.

Co-create a life of love and magic through healing, soul coaching, training and events.

Reiki + crystal healing courses from beginner to master training.

More than just a Reiki or Crystal healing certificate. Our courses are transformational programs, underpinned by sacred tradition and co-created for this new paradigm.

With 400 students globally, our variety of courses are available online or locally in person for you or your workplace.

When you train with Nourished Energy, you’re joining a high vibe community of lightworkers who are fully supported to become thriving and masterful practitioners – whether it be for themselves, loved ones or clients. 



Learn the life changing gift of Usui Reiki from Level 1, 2 and Master-Teacher Levels.

Reiki is an infinite and abundant energy that is accessible to all. Just like Love, Reiki is easy to learn on a conscious level, but the magic comes when it is experienced and cultivated from within.

Nourished Energy’s Reiki courses are based on the traditional teachings and methods of Mikao Usui. But they are more than just a Reiki certificate – created to match the new paradigm we are shifting into.

There is a strong pull for us to now step up and move beyond our limitations. To reconnect to our true self. Reiki will take you there.

Crystal Healing

Learn to navigate the enchanting world of crystals.

Crystals are Mother Nature’s magical treasures. Here to help guide us on this magnificent and wild human experience. They have been forming on Earth since the beginning of time. Holding infinite wisdom and ready to share, all we need to do is understand how to use them safely and effectively.

Crystals offer possibilities of healing on all levels and all dimensions – whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health and wellness.

Check out the variety of crystal study options available, whether you’re beginning a crystal collection or you’re ready to heal yourself and others.



It's time to step into your light.

You’re a change maker and lightworker. Your soul has brought you this far, to uncover the truth of who you are and your purpose. But now the challenge is making sense of that to ground your unique gifts and radiance into a thriving heart-centred business.

Your potential is infinite and if you’re feeling ready to follow the pull to step into your light and share your gifts with the world, then Lightworker’s Lab is for you. A self paced course to help you build the foundations of a thriving soulful business that you love.

Holistic Soul Coaching

Create a greater impact in your clients' lives.

Our Holistic Soul Coaching course was created by Nourished Energy’s creator Loretta Carraro and Amanda Leigh Walker who is a passionate mindset and business coach and healer.

This 12 week course is for practitioners who are looking to create greater impact and transformation with their clients. It offers the foundation to add Soul Coaching practices to your service offerings. If you are looking to understand your clients on a deeper level, hold space more effectively and help your clients move forward then this is for you.



Work One-on-one with Loretta.

The work we do together is about helping you embody your truest potential. I am here to help you reconnect and fall in love with you, your soulful business and your life.

I am passionate about empowering Lightworkers – anyone who is on their path to reconnect to their inner light and live a life in soul alignment. Working with me is for anyone who is ready to uncover what is holding them back, desires to be held and truly seen in a safe and nourishing space. 
I offer a variety of ways to work with me privately. Whether you’re seeking private mentoring and teaching with Reiki or Crystal Healing, Soulful Coaching for practitioners or you’re ready to take your personal healing to the next level and cultivate a deeper intuitive connection to Self.

Abundance is your birthright. Just like love.

The only thing that holds you back from accessing your true potential is you.

The course includes simple explanations to understand energy and how you can work with it in your day to day. It includes 5 steps to manifesting and a bonus of 7 days of rituals to help you connect and play with the abundant world of energy.

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